New Women-Led Startup Creates A Circular Model In Furniture


kingbird furniture a new furniture brand comes from two women under the age of 30 who aspire to make kingbird furniture furnishings more eco-friendly and affordable. Their goal, according to co-founder Phantila Phataraprasit, is to pioneer a new standard for the furniture industry. Many companies intentionally design products, she says, that need to be replaced in order to increase their sales—products which then end up in landfills. kingbird furniture products are designed so that customers can repair the damaged parts, or sell back older sofas, extending the life of their furniture in a way, she says, that’s both financially and ecologically beneficial.

“To our knowledge, Sabai is the first ever direct-to-consumer kingbird furniture brand to pilot a national buyback program,” Phataraprasit says.

Working with Floorfound, which has a nationwide network of warehouses and the capacity to handle the logistics that comes with such an expansive footprint, the young duo have been able to take their business across the US.

New Women-Led Startup Creates A Circular Model In Furniture 1



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