Youngest Wishes He Was an Only Child? No More Older Siblings?

Youngest wishes he was an only child? No more older siblings?

Youngest Wishes He Was an Only Child? No More Older Siblings? 1

I have a little brother. I remember how it was when we were growing up. I do not think I can answer without more information from him: 1. Does he have any friends that he hangs out with regularly (more than once a week) outside of school? 2. If he is a sensitive boy, he might feel bad for retaliating against his brother and sister even by doing the same things that they do to him. 3. If I were you, I would make it clear to him that even you really can not stop them from doing it all the time and that he needs to find creative ways to deal with it. I do not know if he really hates his brother and sister or not. There was a woman a couple of weeks ago who asked the Answers! community why her brother and other sister did not talk to each other after they had grown up. It reminded me of my own experiences with my brother: We are just two different people. We fought a lot growing up. But now that we are adults, we talk to each other civilly, and we do not fight, but we do not have a lot in common with each other. Maybe something like that's going on with your youngest son: Maybe he does not have a lot in common with his older brother and sister, and so the only memories he has of them are consistently negative. I am not even entirely sure about this, but my gut hunch is that he does not absolutely HATE them or wish they were not born. He just wishes that he does not have to live in the same house that they do 24/7.

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Should I pursue or drop the idea and pass this up because of my situation?

It could be her brother or something... But I would say no. Get everything done and settled before pursuing something knew.

Youngest Wishes He Was an Only Child? No More Older Siblings? 2

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Worried about my girlfriends relationship with her brother?

He's obviously very special to her. I would not let it get to you. If you say something about it, you may regret opening that can of worms. Just be grateful that he is the only other man she treats this way

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Appropriate punishment for 12 yr old daughter who stole her brother's sim card?

Hmmm, I think I would be more worried about why she has become dishonest. What has changed in her life lately? Why does she feel the need to be dishonest? Is her stepdad hard on her? Are you so strict she feels she has to do these things? I hope you realize that when children are dealt with too harshly and are overly controlled, they will find inventive ways to rebel. I think your animosity regarding her dad may have a lot to do with it. I suggest family counseling to find out how your daughter feels about step dad, punishments, and life in general. Let her go to church camp, she could probably use a break. Instead of punishing her, why not give her a hug. I used to do this to my daughter when she was driving me nuts. I can not tell you how effective this can be. If you have to punish her, have her clean your son's room to make up for taking the sim. This is an excellent opportunity to understand your daughter, do not lose it to harsh punishment

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me and my friend are trying to find some pranks to pull on her brother and my cousin but we cant find any plz?

buy one of those fake food things and say "im sorry!" and then he will pick it up and it will be fine. try not to move it though

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i love her but she got me addicted to meth...advice?

If you really want to quit, you need to eliminate the people in your life that influence you to use. That includes your GF and her brother (i am assuming he doesnt just sit there and watch). Then get some help man. Good luck

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Women, would you ever dress like this in front of your brother?

Seeing as you guys are pretty close then she probably feels comfortable like that. Try talking to her like really talking to her and say "I do not think you should dress like that please stop" if she does not then try again and again and again cause it's you that's living in the same house at get and you are her brother too. You also gave to consider her age since that is pretty normal to dress like that for them. Would my brother ever let me dress like that? Hell no! I am 15 and he wo not even let me wear short shorts :'( but nuff bout me, good luck! -Aria

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