Will the Runners That Finished 2nd to Marion Jones Be Bumped Up in the Standings and Receive Thier..

as of now, IOC hasnt decided if Ekaterini Thanou (Greece) who won the silver medal in 100M behind Jones in 2000 Olympics and Pauline Davis-Thompson of the Bahams who finished second in 200M will be upgraded to gold medal. but Thanou has her own issue regarding drugs when she was barred from competing in 2004 Olympics because she failed to attend a drug test. but in my opinion, Thompson should be upgraded to first place in 200M while Thanou must still be investigated first.

Will the Runners That Finished 2nd to Marion Jones Be Bumped Up in the Standings and Receive Thier.. 1

1. are vegans heathier?

Being healthy (in body) is about giving your body exactly what it NEEDS and/or can safely deal with for your lifestyle and individual body chemistry... (bodybuilders and runners can be very unhealthy while "couch potatoes" may be very healthy) As long as you are not putting your body at risk or making it work harder to function optimally, then you are healthy (assuming you do not have a medical condition) Being fit or in good shape can be something different of course- but being a vegetarian does not necessarily mean you are healthy

2. Do Rum Runners work for sneaking alcohol on Cruise Ships?

I do not agree with it but people do it. As an aside - NCL is probably the STRICTEST in catching people smuggling booze. They price their cabins very inexpensively and count on the on board purchases to make up the difference (even more so than other lines). They will search luggage - even checked ones and then call you down to what they call the 'naughty room' to collect your luggage minus your booze. They know all the tricks and what to look for. Good Luck ! Dave

Will the Runners That Finished 2nd to Marion Jones Be Bumped Up in the Standings and Receive Thier.. 2

3. runners? Have any runners out there suffered from sore calf muscles?

take a little time off to heal use ice for two days then heat until the weekend, hopefully that will get you feeling better. when you get back, be sure to warm up and stretch before your run and the stretch AGAIN afterward

4. Did anyone see the news about the Mexican Army helping the drug runners and shooting at our cops?

First, I want to see confirmation that the incident really happened and is not more conspiracy hype. And no there is no need for you to become a vigilante the US Military will take care of the problem if there is a problem.

5. Probability of Runners

I agree with Robert Israel in the Commnets that this is really poorly phrased problem in not saying what the assumptions are regarding the qualities of the runners ... but I will run with your (in reality qute unlikely) assumption that each possible outcome is equally likely.For the first, you should not start with $frac12$, but with $1$: it does not matter what gender the first finsher is, but after that you want to have the 4 people with the same gene of the first. So, the probability becomes $frac1126$This also makes sense from the following perspecive: there are $10 choose 5=252$ different ordering of males and females interspersed, and $2$ of them have all females or all males come first

6. What are the best shoes for runners?

Try a variety to see what feels good and light on your foot. If you are going to run on concrete look for plenty of support and cushion in the sole. I prefer Nike trail running shoes but I run on dirt and grass.

7. A question for serious runners about shoes?

you do not really need "benefits" from a running shoe. they are, in their simplest form, designed only to protect your feet from stones and debris on the ground you run on. when it comes to training that is all you really need and it does not really matter what brand you chose or anything like that. for racing they do have super light innovative shoes - Nike Zoom Victory. It feels like you are practically barefoot

8. The Mile Run: how do unconditioned 12 yr olds beat high school track runners at the mile?

They do not . A 5 minute mile is a difficult thing to do, and I highly doubt an untrained 12 year old can do so

9. Any Cross Country Runners!! or people who know about running?

thats okay to use the kind that you bought, the lighter ones. but the ones that you had at first may be better on rocky or rough surfaces. also they are better just for the sake of you bottem feet. hope this helps!! (:

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