Will My Mobo Work with This Power Supply?

I got same mobo, GPU as you..My GPU's max power taken is only 219W's I think your fine. to shorten your PSU if its Corsair TX750 ATX PSU then its same as mine aswell. :D

Will My Mobo Work with This Power Supply? 1

1. Tattoo Machines & power Supply?

If you want a really good machine, and you've got three hundred to sink into it, the Martini 'headbutt' is a great choice. The large liner is what you want to go with. Warrantied for life, they are the best around for your cash. They weigh in at only 6 1/2 ounces. If you need to use it as a shader, you can tune it for that, too. The $500 machines you see on the Martini site are just fancied up headbutts. Get an inexpensive power source from Cam Supply or wherever, they all do the same thing. Type in 'Martini tattoo machines' on your search bar. And, if you need another application, just go with another spring, change it out for a greywash shader, ect. I am assuming you are an artist, and know about the buisiness and that your friend will help you. You can use a pressure cooker with distilled water for your tips and tubes, etc. , they sell steel baskets, that fit inside. Take care. P. S. The reason I give honest answers to these type of questions, is that there is a lot of pregidious and jelousy in the buisness. In the early days of tattooing in America, rival shops got burned down; hands got broken with hammers. And the badmouthing of artists by other artists is all still done wearing a halo of self-rightous indignation, while seated on a throne of contempt. A straight answer never hurt anyone. This is a Q&A forum. I sure wish someone had helped me, with the simple questions, when starting out. And that's the name of that tune

2. Unnamed power supply units...are they really that bad?

Problem is, that they may run at 700watts, but for how long at that rate. Thats your issue. Power is the one thing I do not suggest skimping on, it is the reason your PC turns on. Get a Thermaltake, or maybe Antec. Dont go wierd not heard of name, or no name. It's the same as buying a car that has no brand to it, but has a warrenty. Yay, I have a warrenty, how many times will I have to use it now? Waste or time to keep replacing over anything and could cause damage to other components

Will My Mobo Work with This Power Supply? 2

3. Mother Board or Power Supply?

I would buy a new pc. (An inexpensive one.) It's not worth wasting the money on repairs. Eventually you will spend more than you would if you just went with a new one, not to mention that your pc will be considered outdated in a few years. You can always have a shop install your current hard drive into your new pc (as a secondary data drive) so you do not lose any of your files Just be sure that you buy a pc with an extra slot for it.

4. Power Supply For Computer ...need help?

between the answerers above claimed a computer in use is like having on a 40watt bulb. nicely, in the journey that your 40watt bulb attracts approximately one hundred fifty-200watts, i could heavily ask for my money decrease back. i've got checked countless the desktops i've got owned with a capability-intake meter, and that they have got a tendency to apply between one hundred fifty-200watts. capability is measured in watt/hours, so a computer like this left on for an hour could use 200watt/hours of electrical energy. those desktops have had processors interior the a million.5Ghz-2GHz selection. in case you are utilising an exceptionally quickly processor and you do a superb variety of gaming with a fancy pictures card equipped, you will be able to desire to possibly stick yet another one hundred-150watts onto that. A CRT video demonstrate makes use of a honest volume of capability too - my old 15inch one averages approximately 80watts. lcd computing gadget screen contraptions tend to be much less capability hungry than CRTs. Leaving desktops on while they do no longer seem to be in use is not in simple terms a waste of money yet for sure additionally an uneccessary contribution to worldwide warming. yet another element to bear in mind is that digital factors have constrained lifespans, commonly measured in tens or thousands of thousands of hours. Capacitors (you will discover a lot of those on your capability furnish and on your motherboard) have shorter lifespans than many different factors, appreciably shorter in the event that they are run in heat or warm environments

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