Why You Must Have Polyester

polyester will not shrink

Why You Must Have Polyester 1

1. Which material for clothing do you prefer: cotton or polyester?

cotton baby!

2. Is it okay to wear black polyester blazers?

black polyester will shine under a bright light, wear wool

Why You Must Have Polyester 2

3. does cotton or polyester ventilate better??

Cotton feels better because it absorbs moisture better

4. Why are dresses made of taffeta?

taffeta is a color, not a fabric. maybe the fabric is polyester, which is a horrible fabric. which is cheap

5. Swimming in my 100% white polyester shorts?

Polyester fabric is resistant to chlorine, so they should be fine in the pool. The bigger problem is that they are white. Once wet, they will become transparent. Wash and dry with similar colors and fabrics. Follow the instructions on the label.

6. What is the difference between 1,200 denier polyester and 600 denier polyester?

Mr Asad Rahamn Correctly sad U0001f44d

7. What is Blend?

The microfiber blend is the ratio of and . Polyester and polyamide are polymer fibers, most microfiber for cleaning is made of a blend of the two materials. "Nylon" is the DuPont brand name for polyamide.The filaments have different characteristics: Microfiber for cleaning and car care comes in a range of blends of Polyester/Polyamide: 70/30 yarn is the most expensive, the most absorbent and the softest. 100% polyester is the least expensive, the least absorbent, and the most abrasive. Why it matters for detailing For professional detailers, who are often working on delicate paint surfaces, the blend and quality of the yarn can make a huge difference in how the product functions. When working on soft paint, or when compounding, polishing, and doing paint correction, detailers want to use a towel with a fine, and soft yarn, which will not add defects to the clear coat (they are trying to remove them, after all). In most instances, professional detailers will choose a towel with a 70/30 blend, and ultra-fine fibers. For less delicate detailing processes, many detailers will choose a less expensive towel. When cleaning these surfaces it is okay to go with a towel with a lower ratio blend (and less expensive towel): Well, you can with us... our towels are labeled with the correct blends. but, Towel blend is not marked because it is the most important specification, it is marked because the fabric composition is required labeling, by US Customs. Many Towels are mis-labeled with higher quality blends, because no one is checking, and factories can get away with selling under-spec fabric. If you are a professional detailer you should always use your experience and good judgement to evaluate how each towel is working with your process. Polyamide will absorb dye in the fiber than polyester, so towels with a higer ratio of polyamide will tend to bleed more when they are darker colors (black, red, dark blue). The only way to make microfiber colorfast is to make it 100% polyester.

8. how do you get paint of polyester cotton pants?

There is a product sold at all paint stores called "Oops". Try that on your polyester & see if it does not take it out. This will only work on LATEX paint, though, so if it is an oil paint, you will have to go with paint "stripper" or paint "remover". (Also sold wherever paint is sold). Be sure to read all the label instructions before using any of these products. In fact, read before you buy!

9. Can I dye a light green irridescent polyester dress black?

No. There is no commercial enterprise anywhere that will redye a 100% polyester dress for you. The hour of boiling in disperse dye that is required to dye polyester would probably destroy the dress, especially if it's not washable. Dye Pro Services in Calgary, Alberta will redye dresses, but not if they are made of polyester.

10. Polyester Vs Cotton vests.. Which is better?

You do not really need to be worried about the vest losing its shape so much with these two types of materials; vests are fairly unconstructed garments, so you really ought to be looking at the differences in fabric quality. In general, I would tell you that anything is better than polyester. The main benefit that poly has as a fabric is that it does not wrinkle as much when it's new. However, over time, the poly vest will get wrinkles that are more set in, even permanent. The reason for this? It's plastic. Poly is also a lot hotter of a fabric, and not always comfortable. It will also show shiny spots when you do iron it to get some of the bigger creases out of it and it makes the fabric look damaged (because it is). The drawback to cotton is that it does wrinkle fairly easily, so it will mean more effort on your part to care for it (ironing and whatnot). But the wrinkles will always come out. It's a more breathable and flexible fabric, making it more comfortable to wear, and will, in general, last longer and look better for longer than any plastic will.

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