Why Is Salt Water Salty?

Gosh Cheryl, what a complex answer. Why not reverse the question - why is fresh water fresh? Because that will answer the whole thing. Fresh water has been evaporated from the oceans. That is basically a distillation process - the salt is left behind. So, the answer is that saltiness is the standard - minerals from volcanic ocean vents and rock erosion. Rain is distilled water that fills the lakes and rivers/

Why Is Salt Water Salty? 1

1. What's the difference between granulated salt and sea salt?

Sea salt can be coarse or fine. The fine sea salt is granulated. Mined salt is granulated, too. "Finely granulated" in this case refers to the texture, not the origin of the salt

2. How is Sea Salt any better for you than regular Salt?

less iodine, and it's suppose to be healthier for you, but do not forget what is healthy for someone is bad to someone else,

Why Is Salt Water Salty? 2

3. Why is Salt Water Taffy called "Salt Water" taffy?

Salt and water are some of the ingredients in it. But it's not why they call it "Salt Water" taffy. "The taffy was sold near the ocean, so it began being called "saltwater taffy." (eHow.com)

4. Why do salt substitutes still have salt in them?

I cannot lie. I've never even heard of a salt substitute

5. How does the salt in salt water end up there?

the amount of dead animals and vegetation increases the salt content not sure why though

6. Salt or pepper? [20 characters]?

French Fries with Pepper. :D

7. What's the difference between kosher salt and normal salt?

Big difference. Kosher salt is flaked salt where sea salt and table salt (mined salt) is granular. So, by volume, kosher salt weighs less. In other words, a cup of kosher salt weighs about 20% less than a cup of sea salt. One other clarification. Kosher salt is not kosher because it's been blessed by a rabbi. Kosher salt is so named because it's used in the preparation of Kosher foods (mainly meats). ALL SALT is kosher. Lastly, Kosher salt is best for salting meats because of its shape. You get more salt flavor from slightly less salt. By the same token, kosher salt is a very poor choice for baking when accurate measurements are needed and when the salt dissolves into the food. I keep kosher salt for meats and vegetables. I use sea salt for baking and in spice blends. I use a finishing salt at the table. Finishing salts are more flavorful and even though they cost 3 times as much as sea salt, It still only costs me $5-$10 for a years worth.

8. where is epson salt used for?

I find the best use of epsom salts is when I take an enema, it seems to give me an excellent cleanout and I feel it makes it easier to retain, I take enemas about once a week and have used epsom salts for a long time with great results

9. How much salt should I put in 4 cups of water for a science project?

Sea water (5%) salt will no doubt kill them, so choose say 4% & 2%

10. Do you like sea salt or regular salt?

It all burns my tongue

11. Using salt or secret for Hmac

Salts and secrets serve different purposes when you are creating a MAC. The secret (the key) is used to prevent existential forgeries, or in other words, to prevent an attacker from creating an equally valid MAC on a tampered message. Without the key, you have no integrity, and you've essentially turned the MAC into a hash. So, you need the key. A salt, on the other hand, is only useful with a MAC if you are creating signatures for identical messages and need to prevent information leakage. If you create signatures for the same message twice, using the same key, then the MACs will by design be identical. If you do not want attacker to be able to discern whether the messages being signed are identical or not, then you need a salt. If the messages are not identical, as would be the case with encrypt-then-MAC, for instance, where you might rely on an initialization vector to make the ciphertext you are creating the MAC for unique, then you do not need a salt

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