Why Don't Fish Grow to Their Full Size in a Small Tank (aquarium, Fish Growing, Pets)?

Simple answer, it's not in their home ( the nature), from egg to hatching and growing, many parameters like stress temp. PH KH ammonia nitrite nitrate minirals, etc.. will affect their growing and their thrive.

Why Don't Fish Grow to Their Full Size in a Small Tank (aquarium, Fish Growing, Pets)? 1

1. Do you like the full size jack or the small ones?

Actualy hauling jacks extra wheel and lug tools add weight to your car. That is whay the flimsy jack and space saver tire rim you get these days. Fuel milage is whay we have to find just the right smooth place to mount a rim if we can get that light jack to work. Have a flat tire lately?.

2. What can you do if your full size (4/4) violin is too small?

Trade the violin for a viola or a cello.There really is just two things on how to go about it:complain that the violin is too small without putting in the requisite amount of practice, and eventually move onto a bigger instrument, orpractice like many other huge-handed people or some other biomechanical issue who play the violin just fineI am not saying that it is impossible for a violin to be too small for someone. The point is that one can manage playing a too-small instrument with practice. If that is not possible, then it is quite normal to complain about it and move on to a bigger instrument. After all, there is always a demand for violists

Why Don't Fish Grow to Their Full Size in a Small Tank (aquarium, Fish Growing, Pets)? 2

3. Would This Hitch fit a full size dodge roadtrek?

Not enough information in ad to say if it would fit your truck. I personally would pass on this one.

4. where can I get a mattress between twin and full size?

Ikea has odd sizes from what I remember

5. What is the average cost for adding on a full size bathroom to an existing house?

I think you need to provide more information. Are you planning to build on to the outside of the structure, or use existing space within the house?

6. I need help choosing fish?

Whn you say leaf fish, do you mean the little yellowy guys with brown/black spots? If so, how big? When they are little they can be kind of timid and a little bit of a victim. I woud not do any gourami with 2 needle nose gars. I only have one gar, so he claimed one sides surface and my gourami's live at the other end. Any other surface dweller would have problems interacting with the gars. A gar can be territiorial and may take umberage to others invading his space. Try some nice cichlids. My gar lives fine with 4 parrot cichlids and everyone gets along fine. I've also got one jewel cichlids who dose not bother them. Nice small ones should be fine for the gar and larger leaf fish, like peacocks, german rams, and parrots. Make sure the leaf fish have plenty of places to hide so they do not get too stressed. Do not get things like the bala shark, I tried and he just swam too much like food for the gar to leave him alone. You could try a rainbow shark, they stay about 4 inches and are actually very calm for a semi aggressive. No red tails as they can become very aggressive as they get about 6 inches long. Just make sure they are full size so the gar dose not try for them. Long skinny fish like that may be in danger depending on your gars size. Mines about 8 inches long. Eels are a good choice as long as you keep them well fed. My snowflake eel lives with my gar and cichlids as well as my random platy and no one fights. Just make sure to keep him well fed or he may become a danger to the leaf fish if they are small. I toss in lots of feeders for the gar and the snowflake, so they self feed. Also check out some bottom feeders, like catfish. I do not recomend spotted catfish with your pleco just b/c my pleco, about 6 inches, sometimes chases and attacks my spotted synodontis catfish, about 5 inches. But he leaves my halfmoon alone. Hope this helps!

7. When did gmc start making z71 series?

It first became available as an "off road" package for the 1988 model year and was only available on full size, four wheel drive pickup trucks. These days, you can order it on any full size truck, including 2 wheel drives. Since most of them will never go any farther off road than a gravel driveway, it has become more of an up-level trim package than anything else. The Z-71 package was never that great anyway. It included a heavier duty chassis, suspension, cooling and charging system, which all the 4x4's already have anyway, a 5.7L engine with a 6.5L diesel as an option later on, 265/75/16 tires on alloy wheels in place of the standard 245/75/16 on steel wheels, a few skid plates, Billstein shocks with different valving and a Z-71 decal on the side of the bed. It was really nothing that the customer could not install themselves, probably at a lower cost.

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