Why Does My Cat Want to Eat so Much?

Why does my cat want to eat so much?

Why Does My Cat Want to Eat so Much? 1

Try leaving a high-quality dry food down all the time, and feed him small amounts of canned food (like a quarter of a can) at set times. He could have sensitivities to something in the canned foods if he still throws up after a small amount. If so you can try adding a digestive enzyme for pets or a probiotic. (Yeah, I know, all my posts mention probiotics now. I can not help it, it's like miracle stuff.) You can also try giving him attention instead of food when he meows, or a pinch of catnip.

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What brand of canned food should I get my kittens?

I work in the food industry and I can tell you that Friskies is looked highly upon by Vets, Pet Owners and Cats themselves. I would suggest buying the 24ct of Fancy Feast, depending on how much your cat eats. twitter. com/foodfitnesslife.

Why Does My Cat Want to Eat so Much? 2

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Does anybody else's cat do this?

Canned food is more flavorful, so feeding canned may actually encourage her to eat more. Canned is also generally lower fiber than dry, so it may not stick with her as long. Adding some water to the dry can add bulk and make it more satisfying. You could also get her a kitty kong and put a little dry in that while you are away, gives her something to do and a bit of exercise as well. You can also put her dry food in a milk carton with a hole in the side, big enough for her to get a paw in but too small for her to get her head in, so that she has to fish it out to eat-another way to slow down her meals and trick her into activity.

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My cat has Inflammed Bowel Disease...is there a cure for this?

I do not know if this is a solution, but it might be worth a try. Probiotics may aid in your kitty's digestion. You can purchased probiotics in most health food stores in the supplements section. Probiotics have the same good bacteria as in yogurt. You can open the capsules or buy it in powder form and add it to canned food easily. I've been using it with my cats and have noticed that the IBS has improved greatly (bleeding stools). Would recommend.

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What do you think of the food in Britain?

Are you American? maybe they call it something else in England. I live in Britain and I seriously rather eat canned food than what people here eat. Gross.

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Is it okay to feed 4 month old kittens human food?

Allow me to put your mind at ease-this is not necessarily a bad thing. Vegetables, fruits, and RAW meat and fish are much better for your cat or dog than kibbles or canned food. Kibbles and canned food are made with meat products which are labeled unfit for human consumption due to being low grade or even rotten, and are often soaked in kerosene, citronella, charcoal, and other chemicals. Kibbles and canned foods also contain things such as ground bones and poultry feathers, blood, and other by-products which are chemically processed, ground, formed into kibbles, then dried. Consider this: what are some major things that wild felines and canines known for? Their gleaming fangs and eyes, and their healthy coat. What do they eat? Raw meats and plants! Feline and canine systems are designed to be able to digest such foods, and they have a good bacteria in their mouths and digestive systems that destroys the bad bacteria found on raw meats. How can a solid pellet of chemicals and meat/plant by-products be healthier for them than something natural? More often than not, the foods in kibbles, especially the vegetables and fruits, have been so over-processed that they no longer hold the nutritional value they did in their raw state. The reason most veterinarians promote kibbles and canned foods is because if they do not , they risk losing a healthy amount of income. I've worked with them, I know. Things to avoid would be sweets, spicy foods, and anything containing caffiene. Chips and salsa may not be such a good idea either :) When feeding vegetables, steaming them is best, and you can even mix them in the blender to make a tasty veggie puree for the animals! Meats should be given raw. Fish and poultry are best for the feline diet, though beef products can be given as well. Best wishes!

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