Why Are Toilets Only White Or Off White? Do They Come in Any Other Colors?!!?

why are toilets only white or off white? do they come in any other colors?!!?

Why Are Toilets Only White Or Off White? Do They Come in Any Other Colors?!!? 1

I've seen almond,blue,pink,beige,black,and green..yes they make many different colors

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Where can I find a wedding dress in red or other colors?

red to signify harlotry instead of virginity

Why Are Toilets Only White Or Off White? Do They Come in Any Other Colors?!!? 2

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What other colors should I add to my nail polish collection?

You have all of them :)

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Does the color black absorb color, or does it only absorb light so that other colors are harder to see?

None of the products absorb colour rather than absorb the light (visible ray). Visible ray has 7 parts of (colour) light according to their frequency such as Violet, Blue, Sky Blue/Indigo, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. If an object absorbs all the 6 lights except Red, that means it reflects the Red light, we can see the object as a Red coloured object. And thus the object which absorbs all the lights and doesnu2019t reflect any light seems to be black. And White objects reflect all the lights.Hope you've got the answer.Does the color black absorb color, or does it only absorb light so that other colors are harder to see?.

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Help with decorating my room?

Wow, let me say first of all you could not have picked a better object to design your room around. But, because the poster is so powerful and contains so many bright colors, you are going to want to go with calmer objects to use to create a focal point out of the poster. Therefore, the bedding that you selected would distract from the poster, also you never want to mix bold colors with pastel colors. So, I would go with white sheets, pillowcases, everything but the comforter, which should be one of the colors in the poster (particularly your favorite). Then, I know this sounds tacky but trust me its not, fake or real red roses in either glass or black glass etc. vases, containers, anything that will hold them. Then, the rest is simple, find solid color furniture and accesories (any color in the poster) and decorate it with other colors in the poster like red and orange. Hope I helped and good luck with your room.

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What makes my eyes pop?

Do a smokey eye using browns instead of blacks. Other colors that make brown eyes pop are green, purple, or white.

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what other colors then watermelon would look good?

Hi, You can use as many colors as you want. Most popular is two colors. But people use three, four, etc. Yes, Black will look very nice with it. Black and watermelon is very popular these days. Yellow & Watermelon also go very well together. So many colors you can choose to go with it. Good Luck!

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Pintos on color enhancing supplements? And I need suggestions for other colors too...?

For your pintos: Since Pocahontas is gray, you could use White As Snow, but another option would be Silver Horse Supplement, which is made by Cheval, the same company. For Evaire, you could use Black As Knight. It works for manes and tails, as well as coats. I doubt she would turn black if you used it. Look at the Cheval website for more info :)

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What other colors is the Game boy?

purpleish clear thats what i had yellow thats what my little brother had idk what else

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Does Mascara come in any other colors beside black/brown?

yea they have blue ones (which brightens up ur eyes, better if u just put the blue mascara at the tip of ur lashes) and theres plums or violet ones.

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Girls I need help with make up!!!!?

Wear what ever you like, Green eyes are so lovely (I have green contacts also) and also do not be ashamed of your natural color (most of these tips are transferable for any eye color) but i suggest -for an easy (no thought involved) look, try makeup palettes/products meant for green eyes (Try brands such as Physicians Formula, Almay, Covergirl (L'oreal may have an eyeshadow palette but I am not sure, I know they used to have one for brown eyes)) These brands all have eyeshadow that are made to flatter specific eye colors, also many of them also have eyeliners and mascaras. -Purples, greens (just do not use only green eyeshadow, add in other colors), neutrals, red tinted eye shadows (not reds, they are universally unflattering) Other products you should eventually invest in -White and black eyeliner (for your waterline, white is great for everyday to make your eyes look bigger and more awake/white. Black for intense smokey/night looks to add more drama and definition without a really heavy dark shadow (that apparently your sister does not like, but I am sure you can rock if you want to) -Black and brown mascara (for dramatic or natural looks) -eyebrow set (pencil/powder and a clear mascara) defining your eyebrows pulls your entire look together and frames your eyes. -A brush set (E.L.F. brush sets are wonderful for starters and eventually you can add other brushes you find (Sonia Cashuk, MAC, Sephora, Sigma ect.) -Any other color you want to incorporate into your eyeshadow looks (anything will look great as long as you add at least one of the products that is meant to bring out your natural colors) Look on youtube for inspiration on how to create different makeup looks, some great makeup gurus are Xsparkage, VintageOrTacky, Petrilude, MissChevious, JazzieBabyCakes are all wonderfull and hae extremely helpful tutorials. Other products for the rest of your face that you can start looking into would be -Blush -Light bronzer -highlighter -contour shade (a pressed powder 3-4 shades darker then your natural color -concealer -foundation/tinted moisturizers -Light/sheer lipsticks -lip glosses/tints Hope this helps

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