What Would Be a Good Price for a Used 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250r?

Nada Pricing Suggested List Price Low $1,980 Average $2,605 However I do not usually see them that cheap I would think more in the range of 3000 to 3200

What Would Be a Good Price for a Used 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250r? 1

1. Whats a good price to rebuild front wheel drive automatic transmission?

Depending on the sensors,,,$around $900.00 to $1300.00

2. Looking for a nikon d90 with 18-200mm VR II. Does anyone know where I can get a good price on these items?

The Tokina eleven-sixteen two.eight or the Tokina 12-24 four lenses are quite well. The eleven-sixteen runs round 550, the 12-24 375. A lot of execs use the eleven-sixteen, it is a first-rate lens. The 12-24 is quite well, simply no longer relatively as well as eleven-sixteen

What Would Be a Good Price for a Used 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250r? 2

3. Is selling my 2004 pontiac grandprix gt for $4,200 a good price?

Yes. Considering it does not have power seats, leather seats, alloy wheels, sunroof, monsoon system, you should at least get $3600. I usually prefer NADA than KBB. KBB usually gives higher values and hopes. Good Luck.

4. Is $103 for both front pads and rotors for a 99 Honda Civic a really good price? Do brakes have bearings?

sounds like a good deal. now who is going to do the work? there is always the possibility of the pads and rotors being the wrong ones. rotors tend to be a bit heavy, hope the shipping aint too much. have you looked at the prices at you local pep boys or auto parts store? calipers rarely need to be replaced unless you drove your car way way beyond when the pads wore out. the bearing would deal with your wheel and there is a good chance it doesnt need to be replaced. normal brake jobs is replacing the pads, resurfacing or replacing the rotors and it would be advisable to change the brake fluid like every 30k

5. What is a good price to pay for a 2008 Impala with 83,000 miles on it?

Just off the top of my head, I think you could find a lower mileage vehicle for $14.000. I would find blue book value (on the internet) and offer something like $4000 below that. If the dealer does not budge, trust me, there's thousands of other cars out there dieing to be sold. And a carfax should just be expected.

6. Is $8,995 a good price for a 2002 toyota celica gt?

NOOO. thats asking a little much

7. have you ever seen a swimsuit that looks like this [pic] for a good price?

Not my taste. Sorry. Peace.

8. what i a good website to get a car stereo for a good price?

Amazon.com is great and you almost always get things cheaper than in stores

9. Where can I get a good flat iron for a good price?

my step mom has a ceramic straightener. it works really well with her hair (thick and really curly) and mine (medium thickness and a little curly.) they make our hair smooth and straight with almost no effort. they usually run from about 90-120, but it works better than the one i have from conair. it has a plastic outside covering.

10. Did I get these cleats for a good price (check out link)?

you got at regular price they are not the total ninety laser, or strike. they are the total ninety shoot look at the bottoms of the boots.

11. Is the yamaha YAS-01 alto saxophone a good instrument? Is $750 good price?

Yamaha makes excellent saxophones. If you choose to switch to another horn later, like a Selmer for example, your fingers will have to adjust slightly, but it's not that difficult to do. I played my Yamaha YAS-21 (the YAS-23 came out later but is just about exactly the same horn) all through junior high and high school and college, and it was just nothing but a great horn for me. I still have it and play it occasionally and it's still great as ever. When I take it in to have it serviced, the guys at the music shop always tell me what a great horn it is. I would not stick with the stock mouthpiece though. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a better mouthpiece. Try a few out and see what feels best to you and easiest to blow. You will be happy you did yourself that favor. I use a Claude Lakey mouthpiece, and it made a huge difference. Totally worth the investment. Good luck :).

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