What Type - R-value to Use for Insulation?

What type - R-value to use for insulation?

What Type - R-value to Use for Insulation? 1

the higher the # the higher the rateing, any where from 13 to 19 is best, foil faced or paper faced, foil or paper goes toward the area being heated, or use a blown type or batt, foam is the best,

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Can I import a UK spec Integra Type R to the US?

Integra Type R Carpet

What Type - R-value to Use for Insulation? 2

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Is it possible to fit a k20a 2007honda civic type r engine in a 2008 honda civiv LX???

if you have a k20 it should match up. if not all you pretty much have to do is weld in the mounts in the right places

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is anyone selling a 1995 acura integra type R? for under $8 thousand?

Dude, dumb question for this site. Check sites like Auto Trader.com and Ebay.com. If they were selling, they would not put it here, and would not sell it through here

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what is the difference with a type-s nsx and a type-r nsx?

poserrrrrrr, what kind of diapers do you wear?

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which subwoofers are better kicker 12"cvr"s or alpine 12" type R"s?

i would take the type R's over the cvrs anyday they handle 500w rms compared to the cvrs 400 and they have been known to be underated on power handling meaning the can handle 600-700w rms

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How do you define what a C Type print is?

Modern color papers are termed chromogenic. Each of the dyes is missing an ingredient. In their incomplete state the dyes are colorless or nearly colorless. When these materials are developed, the developer step supplies the missing dye ingredient. The dyes then blossom forming full blown cyan (blue-green), magenta (red-blue) and yellow dye. These three dyes make up the image. At Kodak, a color paper was fabricated to make color prints from color negatives, It was a chromogenic type paper and prints were made at a division of Kodak called Color Print and Process. The paper was designated Type "C". Another paper was fabricated to make color prints from slides. To accomplish this, the developing process made what is termed a "reversal" or positive and the paper was designated Type "R". After a time the Type C was renamed Ektacolor Paper and the Type R was renamed Ektachrome Paper

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excuse my ignorance but which car is faster integra Type R or acura rsx type S?

they are about the same the gen 3 typer is lighter plus lsd transmission and the gen 4 typer has a slightly bigger engine but it weights more than the previous teggy overall both are nice and fast

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is 100k mileage considered high for an 03 Honda Civic type R?

Eh, that seems about average. I have a 1999 contour and has about 102k miles on it. For a 2003, 100k sounds a little bit higher, but it really just depends on what the condition of the car is in. If the previous owner beat on it or neglected to repair it, Id be more worried. But nah, 100k miles doesnt sound too bad at all.

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I Want 1 10" Alpine Type R Subwoofer and I Want to Give It The Full RMS Wattage From An Amplifier?

your amp puts out 500 watts at 2 ohms. so you need the 4 ohm dvc subwoofer. all you have to do is wire both positives and both negatives of the subwoofer to the corresponding positive and negatives on the amplifier. this is called wiring in "parallel" and will result in a 2 ohm load. and put it in a sealed box to get the type of bass you want.

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Which is more better : Honda B18 Type R or Toyota Supercharger engine?

They are both good however with the toyota your insurance rates will be less by a wide margin. The honda you will be able to modify more and its easier/cheaper

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Honda Civic Type R — лучший спортивный автомобиль 2019 года

, TCR, Seat Leon Audi S3 LMS , TCR. , , WTCR, . Audi S3 LMS, 2018 , 9 483 , Honda Civic TCR 169 . 2019 Hyundai i30 N (8 720,75). Volkswagen Golf GTI (8 529,75), CUPRA (7 784,006) Alfa Romeo Giulietta (4 247). Civic Type R TCR 2,0- 340 . . , 1 265 . , , 380 , - 258 , 18- OZ Racing . , Honda - JAS Motorsport - 133 Civic Type R, TCR . Defender: ,

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