What Size Forced Air Heater Do I Need to Use for an 1800 Sf House with 10' Ceilings?

Depends on your windows and insulation, but I would say probably a 2-1/2 ton. You do not want to oversize

What Size Forced Air Heater Do I Need to Use for an 1800 Sf House with 10' Ceilings? 1

1. can lp forced air heater work on natural gas?

Yes you can by changing the prifice

2. Replace forced air heater with electric radiant floors

800 watts/room is 2,400 watts, drawing 10 amperes total at 240 VAC. Assuming you need to increase it by 50%, as you suggest, the maximum current is still just 15 amps, still within the 20 A circuit capability.You must have a very mild climate and well insulated house if 800 W (about 2,700 BTU. hr) is sufficient to keep it warm. .. you are not up by Snoqualmie Pass. ;-).

What Size Forced Air Heater Do I Need to Use for an 1800 Sf House with 10' Ceilings? 2

3. can I heat my camping tent with my 170,000 btu propane forced air heater?

Sure, as long as nobody sleeps in it. CO kills


this depends on what kind of forced air heat you get ...if a heat pump you would need a heat cool ananlysis done on your house and depending on what kind of windows you have single pane or double pane the amoumt of insulation, what direction the longest side of your home faces...you could need a 3 ton unit..the better your home is the less it takes to heat or cool it. . basically a good home needs one ton for every 700 sq ft a bad home needs one ton for every 500 sq ft...if you just want an a electric furnace a 20 kw electric furnace or a 100,000 input 80,000 output gas or oil furnace...a 16 ft run for a single duct is a long way . ..what you would rather have if possible is a supply duct of about 12x18 with shorter runs of metal ducting going to each vent from the supply duct work

5. If just the blower is on in an apartment forced air heater/air conditioner is the Covid19 recirculated into the apartment or is the blower introducing fresh air to the apartment?

HVAC units simply recirculate the same air, you need to upgrade the filter or You can have an UV light in stalled or the more expensive would be an electronic filter installed

6. does anyone use kerosene forced air heater in the house?

Not recommended as a kero heaters eats oxygen. You could all fall asleep and not wake up. Open all windows if you are about to do this. It will also have a strong smell that may be leftover a long time

7. Is there any danger in keeping rat poison neer a Forced Air Heater?

I would not risk it. Move it away from the unit

8. Question on how a gas forced air heater in an apartment is supposed to operate...is the flame always visible?

from all the inf. it seems that you force air furnace is working as it should. The air is pulled from outside, heated in the furnace and then blown into the house. The flames are most definitely visible when the furnace is on and it is a scary thing to watch.

9. Why isn't my forced air heater pushing air to the vents?

The main blower crapped out for some reason, that is what pushes it out. If you know how to check out electrical stuff, you should have a slam dunk. Sometimes this stuff shuts off because other components have crapped out, such as thermostats. It is never as simple as it seems it should be! Oh yeah, it is never as inexpensive as it should be. Beware of the technician trying to get more money for Christmas stuff!

10. Forced-air heater cover safety switch - Is this a common problem? - Does this sound like the problem?

not common but it does happen. could just need adjustment to switch

11. Natural gas forced air heater for trailer home,?

With care and upkeep - it could desire to nonetheless be effective. yet frequently, in case you get 10, 15 or two decades out of one today, you may desire to be content textile. yet whether the furnace is working effective - the performance of a 1975 sort, while in comparison with a 2010 sort would be night and day. In different words, you may desire to wind up "saving" the substitute fee of the hot furnace. inspite of what you settle on - make *confident* you have it inspected as quickly as you may. you want no carbon monoxide leaks!

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