What Should I Do? I Want More Speed...?

What should I do? I want more speed...?

What Should I Do? I Want More Speed...? 1

For a minute there I thought you were talking about a different speed when I saw the headlines

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Hello which type of bicycle do you recommend for riding it everyday in the city & has more speed?

You probably want something comfortable if you are staying in town. This means flat handlebars, like a mountain bike, so you sit in a more upright position. You probably do not want knobby tires because of your emphasis on speed, but because you are going to be in the city, you probably do want wider tires than what a road bike typically offers. There are a lot of decent hybrid bikes that look like a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike; these bikes typically have wide, flat handlebars for a comfortable upright riding position and wide but less-aggresively treaded tires for shock absorption and a smooth, fast ride. Remember that speed comes from the rider -- not the bike. Try to find something that you like and that you are comfortable on and you will ride more efficiently and arrive at your destination a happier person. Do not make the mistake of spending too much money on a lightweight carbon fiber racing bike because you probably wo not be happy or fast. Go to your local dealer and ask for their advice and check out what they have to offer. Good luck .

What Should I Do? I Want More Speed...? 2

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Can I get more speed out of my Suzuki gs500f for cheap?

changing the sprokets is good but also a high flow air filter will also help and if you know about motorcycles change the main jets in your carb you gain some horse power. i think jets are about $15 - 20 air filter about $30 good luck

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How do I gain more speed on my fastball?

Pitchers pitch with their legs. Strengthen them with lots of running and leg work. Build a strong core, it will protect you back and augment the the power generated from your lower half.Work on the deltoids and lats; as Mr Dickens advises avoid bulk in favor of exercises that increase strength while retaining flexibility. Bands are ideal for this and swimming can help as well.Work on simple repeatable mechanics. Violent mechanics waste energy, are hard to repeat and increase the probability of injury Beware of those who claim you can strengthen a ligament or tendons like a muscle.Ligaments connect bones to other bones to form joints, while tendons connect bone to muscle. Ligaments gradually strain under tension then return to their original shape when the tension is removed. Unlike muscles repeated movement of the ligament does not make them bigger and strongerRemember that consistent pitch location is much more important than a marginal increase in velocity

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Traxxas Rustler - Looking for more speed?

dang thats pretty fast thou umm most likely they have an after market motor because the stock brushless are good but not as good as some that can be bought and yes if you do some searching you could probably find some new gearing but it might be tough and of course have one of the best lipo batteries you can get to max your car out

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i need more speed

lol he dident do mutch but its not that good looking, mest up the grill and front put dents in it, it still runs good though

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how to get more speed when i kick and punch?

When you kick rotate your hip and "follow through." The reason that your kick may lack in power when they land is because you kind of backed off at the last second. When it comes to kicks power is all in the rotation of the hips. A great exercises to do in order to gain speed in your kicks/punch is to wrap ankle weights on your ankles and do speed kicks on a wavemaster, and do the same thing with your punches. The point is, after you get use to the extra weight, do the speed kicking exercises again without the weights, and your leg will feel a hell of a lot lighter thus increasing your speed

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I have a 1995 Toyota Previa Alltrac/SC I have a vibration that begins at 80mph and gets worse with more speed?

The supercharger would not make it vibrate like that. It is most likely something to do with the suspension, and do not rule out the balance after all it was humans who balanced them in the first place. Depending on where the vibration is coming from its probably a worn out tie rod or something. Best way to determine is check everything out. Maybe it doesnt have as much get up and go because it needs a tune up, perhaps there is a sensor malfunctioning which could cause lack of power. Its obd1 so there arent as many things that can throw a check engine light.

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