What're the Benefits of Herbal Tea?

Herbal tea is just a infusions of different leaves of different herbs.this herbal tea possess unique properties due to its medicinal signicance.Commonly herbal tea is a complex mixture of Tulsi leaves,lemon grass leaves, Cinnomm ,Arjun leaves along with mixture of various spices. These herbal leaves have different aroma and unique taste,very different from traditional tea which we commonly use to serve.Either it is herbal tea or general traditional tea both are constituents of Phyto-Chemicals,Mostly these chemicals are with high percentage of Alkaloids,which significantly help to stimulate the Central Nervous System.Health and FitnessWhat are the benefits of herbal tea?.

What're the Benefits of Herbal Tea? 1

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Which is better for you: herbal tea or regular tea?

Herbal tea is not necessarily better for you. I prefer Earl Gray tea. There is caffeine-free tea and caffeinated tea, herbal tea, which can be made from mint or orange or lemon, chamomile which is supposedly good for sleep, but never has helped me. Try it and see which you like the best. Tea is supposedly good for you, and I enjoy it much better than coffee which I very seldom drink.

What're the Benefits of Herbal Tea? 2

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Making my own herbal tea, how can I avoid a bitter after taste?

try steeping the tea for less time. actually, the green tea might be making that blend bitter. Green tea should only be brewed in cooler water and for less time (180F for about 2 minutes). The other ingredients could be brewed with boiling water and up to 5-10 minutes. But not the green tea. Try a cooler water in a less steep time.

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good herbal tea to lower high blood pressure?

Green Tea or Oolong Tea both good for lower high blood pressure. Tks

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Is it true that drinking tea at night can make it hard to sleep?

Yes, at least for most people, due to the caffeine content as well as less active amounts of other physiologically-active alkaloids. Widyoseno Estitoyo lists reasonable numbers for caffeine content in his reply (tea, originating as a natural product, is variable in its caffeine content and processing makes it more so).That said, many people find a warm cup of tea relaxing, enough so to overcome the modest caffeine levels of a single cup. Only you can tell what works for you. Decaffeinated tea or most herbal infusions (sometimes called "herbal tea") are much less likely to interfere with sleep because they do not contain caffeine

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What are some good herbs for herbal tea?

Peppermint, chamomile, black current/red currant leaves

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Do you have any good herbal tea recipes?

mix coffee with tea

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what does herbal tea taste like?

There are lots and lots of herbs that you can make tea from: Peppermint, raspberry leaves, thyme, St John's wort, sage, chamomile, linden flowers, nettle, chrysanthemum, rooibos, daisy, bamboo, hibiscus... Each has its own taste so a general description is rather impossible. And of course there's an endless number of blends, and of course there are also many combining herbs with fruits or spices... One thing though. Many herbs have some effect on the human body. Pick one that wo not harm you. For example, St John's wort may be rather dangerous if you are using antidepressants...

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Kankunis Herbal Tea (Slimming Tea)?

beverage 3 cups of green tea extract inside a day experts point out it might boost power outlay

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What is your favorite herbal tea mix?

This time of year I like like half roobios tea and half orange juice on the rocks.... Of course this time of year, its 90 degrees with humidity the same here.... Hibiscus and most fruits are good in the summer when it warm as well - the tartness is refreshing... The rest of the year I like a lemon ginger blend...warming and soothing.

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what is better, taking herbal tablets or taking herbal capsules or just herbal tea??

Capsules are definitely better to swallow than tablets. Tea offers a weaker concentration of the herb and can sometimes be terribly bitter depending on the herb, however if it is an herb that tastes good then having a nice cup of tea is more pleasant than taking some capsules. then I guess there is the issue of the severity of the person's condition. It the condition is severe and they do not care about the experience of sipping tea but just want to get well, capsules again.

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