What Is the Difference Between Small Program and Official Account and APP?

The official account and the applet are all based on WeChat platform, and WeChat's own more than ten billion traffic is also directed to the small program and the official account. What is the difference between a small program and a official account? What's the difference between and app?

What is Wx applet?

It is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. It realizes the dream of "within reach" of the application. Users can open the application by scanning or searching.

What is the WX official account?

WX official account is an application account applied by developers or businesses on the WX public platform. The account is interconnected with QQ accounts. Through official account, merchants can realize the all-round communication and interaction with specific groups of texts, pictures, voice and videos on the WX platform. A mainstream online and offline Wx interactive marketing mode has been formed.

What is app?

App mainly refers to the software installed on smart phones, which improves the shortcomings and personalization of the original system. It is the main means to improve the functions of mobile phones and provide users with richer use experience. The operation of mobile phone software requires corresponding mobile phone systems. As of June 1, 2017, the main mobile phone systems are Apple's IOS, Google's Android (Android) system, Symbian platform and Microsoft platform.

The difference between the small and the official account is:

The official account is mainly used for information transmission to realize the connection between people and information. With H5, simple interaction can be maintained. The key is marketing promotion and information transmission, which are mainly supplemented by simple service items. The official account is developed and designed and operated according to the traditional H5. The traditional H5 running environment is browser. You can understand that the official account is a website.

The actual operation of small program sequence is very simple. You can enter it by directly scanning the QR code or clicking open. The Wx applet is developed and designed according to the language of the mobile phone Wx itself. The front-end framework and styles are stored in the Wx cloud, but the data is enabled for back-end development. Therefore, it can be opened quickly and provide a smooth experience like an app.

Differences between small process sequence and app:

App for all smartphone users, about 2.3 billion; The small program is oriented to Wx users, about 800 million users. In terms of function realization, app can realize complete functions and strong flexibility; The applet is limited to the interface functions provided by Wx. Small range sequence low frequency, non rigid demand, lightweight, single function, high frequency rigid demand still depends on app.

The advantage of small procedure sequence is that it is backed by Wx and the drainage method is easy to use. However, Wx has many restrictions on the small process sequence, especially at the level of traffic acquisition. Many applied marketing strategies are strictly prohibited by Tengxun in Wx small process sequence, such as three-level distribution. Tengxun is seriously banned and has no prior warning, so there is no way to appeal; The internal functions and contents of the app are fully controlled by the operator.

What Is the Difference Between Small Program and Official Account and APP? 1

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