What Do I Use to Clean My Cat's Ears of Mites?

Saturate a cotton ball with oil and with your fingers squeeze it so that the oil drips into the ear. Discard the squeezed out cotton ball. With your thumb and index finger, close the ear and rub right under the ear to get the oil distributed. When you let go, your cat will shake her head, so cup your hand behind her ear to catch the spray. Gently wipe out her ears with clean dry cotton balls. Try to get as much of the gunk out as possible

What Do I Use to Clean My Cat's Ears of Mites? 1

1. Can I use tissue as a cotton ball?

well you could o.o) it would not work very well though!

2. Survey: What does it mean if you caught a rabbit but it turned out to be a big cotton ball?

I keep telling you dont eat heavy meals before going to bed. It makes you have that kind of dream

What Do I Use to Clean My Cat's Ears of Mites? 2

3. has anybody ever dipped a q-tip or cotton ball in clorox to get you clean?

I have not because I do not do drugs, but do not do it! It's probably poisonous!! Edit: Kim, at least we are smart enough to know how to properly spell! consequineces- is spelled consequences, and there- is spelled their, there is a direction! Seems like you being around potheads has rubbed off on you!

4. Can you use a cotton ball as a tampon?

If you lose one, you risk serious infection and toxic shock. Better to pad your pants with TP or tissues. Heck, even an hand towel is better than nothing (of course you wash it and throw it away). .......curiously, have you thought what women used before sanitary pads and tampons were developed? Cloth

5. What do you use a cotton ball for?

I glue some to the back of my pants and pretend it's my bunny tail

6. Has a dentist ever dropped the water pic,drill or cotton ball down your throat during dental work?

Never happened. Thank God! :)

7. Proactiv cotton ball substitute?

i use a tissue or kleenex when i do not have cotton balls. toilet paper, when wet, will leave residue on your face but kleenex is not made to break down so it works well!

8. is it okay to wash your face with cotton ball?

It's best to use your fingers so you can stimulate the skin cells on your face. I would not say a cotton ball is bad, if it can hold up and you really do not want to touch your face, go for it. But I would try using any gently cloth to gently wash away dirt and oil. In the shower your hands will be clean so there is no worry for spreading oil and dirt to your clean face. No worries

9. What should i do if my bf got a cotton ball stuck in his ear?

I would say-go to the Dr. ASAP--if he has medical insurance--to the ER he goes. Believe me, there are even little kids who stick small objects up their noses, Dr.;s in ER have seen it all. A Dr. has to take care of this, and for future reference, You Are Not Supposed To Stick Anything In Your Ear Smaller Than Your Pinky Finger Tip. Take care.

10. ingrown toenail? help?

Pull of a little bit of cotton ball, soak it with alcohol then push it down under the toe nail where it is digging and continue to add until the toenail in that area is not digging anymore. Then continue to do this and wear this until the toe nail is grown out long enough to not dig anymore. Do not cut your nails so short, that is what causes it.

11. how many calories does a cotton ball have?

Cotton balls are zero calories and fat free. Calories is a measurement of the heat units you must expend to burn up the energy stored in chemical form in food. As cotton is a non-digestible fiber to humans (we can not digest plain plant cellulose like certain rodents and insects can) it would (hopefully) just pass through your system. Otherwise you might need an appendectomy. However, you may be interested to know that eating cotton balls has now become the newest emo trend, starting to outdistance cutting or burning yourself as a form of self mutilation. So you are actually ahead of the curve as far as anti-social fashion goes. Even if someone needs to give you a biscuit!

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