What Can I Do with My Room?

Put some bookshelves on the dresser and put one on each end and a shelf in between to store more items. Just taking care of any clutter will make a difference. Set your animal box at the foot of the bed put a pillow on it for extra seating. You may need to organize and make some separation with your posters and pictures, that is what may be making you feel claustrophobic. Hope this helps. Roxanne

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This is what we are eating for dinner this week.. Are we eating healthy or bad?

Your diet is extremely high in fat and sodium. You will want to add some fresh fruits and vegetables to your menu and consider eating more poultry and fish. Canned and prepared food items are very high in sodium, so you may want to prepare more items from scratch. Good luck!

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why does it seem like breastfeeding requires more items and money than bottle feeding?

Not for me. I needed the cream and shields: that's $15. I bought a hand pump that's $30 and the bags to freeze $5 and my baby drinks from a spoon not a bottle. So that's $50. I burn 300-500 calories a day so that's gym membership and babysitting money I am saving. The health costs are priceless. It's faster. And cheaper. I nurse and only pump once a week.

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New to looking after a house - staying on top of chores?

Keeping a house tidy becomes really difficult when you add another person into the equation. I live in a house with 5 other people, and the house can become a disaster in a flash! What we do is divide the chores up and alternate the chores each day or so. For example, on Friday I do the cooking and Ben cleans the dishes. Jeanne does the laundry while Jeff mows the lawn. That sort of thing. It also helps if you put things away as soon as you are done with them, rather than laying them down do later. If you leave one article of clothing on the floor, then it's very easy to add another article of clothing later on. After all, it's just ONE piece of clothing, right? But if you think about it, one out of place item along with 30 other out of place items becomes a mess! Beware of counter tops, and open book shelves (and even refrigerator doors!). These are great places to cram a lot of papery things, which makes any room look disorderly and cluttered. Try storing papers, and magazines in places that you do not see right when you walk into a room. Magazine files are great for this, because you can still utilize your bookshelf, while hiding all your loose papers and mags. You can also hide more items by using storage bins that fit under your bed. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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Baby items, #1 things that helped you most?

There is so much that you do not need or that you will barely use! Wipe warmers, crib bumpers, special monitors, bath tubs are a waste of money especially when you are short on it and have to stretch it. I say the car seat is the most important! Hospitals will not let you take the baby home without the car seat! Instead of a crib, get a pack 'n play - cheaper and way more versatile!! The majority of them even have a diaper changer attached so you wo not need to buy a separate one. The top bassinet part holds up to 30lbs and when baby outgrows you can just take that out and use it on the bottom. By that time you will probably have a crib... Instead of a swing get a bouncy chair or something like that so that you can have a break every once in a while...some babies do not like swings at all. Definitely diapers and wipes! Store brand wipes are cheaper and do the same job. I chose to spend the extra money and I've always used Pampers because we like them. I would buy 1 pack of newborn, 1 pack of 1's and 1 pack of 2's. This way you are covered no matter what size the baby is. Then once baby gets here you can figure out what size is best and buy more when you need to. The boppy is great if you plan to breastfeed and you can even use it for tummy time. It will also help support baby when they are learning to sit up on their own. You will also need some receiving blankets, cloth diapers can be used as burp cloths, a few baby towels and wash clothes, onesies, gowns and maybe some sleepers. It all depends on when you are due and what climate you live in. I would not buy a ton in 0-3 month size because they do outgrow this size quickly. Once baby gets here and you get in your routine you can buy more items that you think you may need and this is a good way not to buy what you wo not use. Congrats and best of luck!

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