What Are the Requirements for Connectors and Connector Systems in the Crash Test System?

Kistler group is a global leader in dynamic measurement technologies such as pressure, force, torque and acceleration. As an experienced development partner, Kistler enables its industrial and scientific users to optimize products and processes and create a long-term competitive advantage.

Thanks to its unique sensor technology, this Swiss owned company is shaping the future technology for the automotive and industrial automation fields and other emerging industries.

Kistler has made important contributions to measurement technology with its wide application technology and unremitting efforts to the highest quality. Its goal is to promote the current general trend.

This includes topics such as electrification drive engineering, autonomous driving, emission reduction and industry 4.0. Using the dynamic weighing system, Kistler can effectively monitor the use of the bridge and limit it as needed.

Collision test

With the increasing number of vehicles, the requirements for vehicle safety are also increasing. Crash tests contribute significantly to making cars safer to drive and significantly reducing the number of injured passengers.

Smooth transition to pre collision, collision or post collision systems: the most advanced measurement technology is required to achieve this goal.

Accurate sensors, reliable data acquisition system, customer-oriented service and modern application software make precision measurement possible.

At the beginning of the cooperation, Kistler needed a fast, flexible and reliable customized solution for their collision data acquisition system (Kistler data acquisition unit) called kidau.

Leo Greil is engaged in the production of cable and electronic data acquisition systems, and Daniel goubeau is the application and support engineer of Kistler.

Greil said, "We have been looking for a solution oriented supplier for kidau. With ODU, we have found a partner who is very easy to work with us and fully responds to our needs and specifications. ODU has always been open to special solutions and improvements to existing components. They have helped us design special connectors and sockets. This It's not easy, but it's feasible. "

What are the requirements for connectors and connector systems in the crash test system?

Daniel goubeau said, "the connectors and sockets we need must meet high quality standards, be easy to install, accurate and extremely reliable."

One of the most important characteristics of connectors is elastic stress release.

The mechanical requirements of automobile collision test are very high. Sometimes the acceleration force of up to 100g can be applied on the equipment. Even under such high acceleration, the connector cannot be released from the equipment.

Daniel goubeau analyzed that, "In our production, we attach great importance to the perfect fit between the connector and the cable, the elasticity of stress release and the accurate connection between the pin and the connector - the contact between the pin must be as little as possible. Because we use ODU MINI-SNAP series of various sizes, we can also adopt different mechanical positioning methods to prevent misplugging."

Where is kidau used?

Kidaus are mainly used for vehicle crash test. They are usually attached to the trunk, roof or hood of the vehicle, depending on the test item.

This means that they will be subjected to great acceleration and will eventually destroy the car - and they must remain intact.

Each kidau connects up to 32 analog measurement channels and 16 digital channels. If dummy and vehicle measurement points are included, the total number of channels is more than 100.

For such tests, some internal checks must be carried out before starting to ensure that all equipment and sensors are in perfect working condition and finally record all necessary data.

Armin wohlhaupper, ODU Sales Engineer

Armin wohlhaupper further said, "this includes checking whether the connection between the sensor and kidau is correct. Therefore, if a connector is proved to be defective or mismatched, we will even find it in time before the test starts."

The size 1 ODU MINI-SNAP is an ideal connector for complex kidau advanced test systems.

While the metal shell of the circular connector is firm, it is also reliable and easy to use. The plug-in self-locking principle ensures that once the mating connection is not accidentally disconnected, the ODU MINI-SNAP in the equipment will automatically lock.

The connector cannot be disconnected by pulling the cable, but once the connector housing is pulled back, the connector can be easily removed from the equipment component.

What Are the Requirements for Connectors and Connector Systems in the Crash Test System? 1

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