What Are the Characteristics and Prospects of Blockchain Content Platform

Nowadays, fraud is impossible to guard against. More and more people are blindly pursuing the wealth bubble, and are almost lost in the essence of technology and value. This industry may need more quiet and deep thinking than ever before. Only summarize and analyze the observed content producers and the experience of platform use.

Current situation of content platform

Blockchain content platform broke out 17 years later. A few platforms survived 17 years ago. For example, Babbitt in 11 years and coin in 12 years. In the past, the information was more fragmented than the current content platform. Because there is no unified platform authority, the WeChat group and the official account become the double layer of leek learning and harvest.

1. The high group entry fee is the product of leek competition, not the formulation of the platform. Now golden finance, the charging standard for blockchain education and training at the head is largely affected by market charges. The impact on the formulation of charging standards is not the content platform or big V, but from the vicious competition among leeks.

Didi hit, everyone has used it. Didi app has a order grabbing mechanism. When there is a shortage of cars during the peak period, the usual fare of 30 yuan will basically add money to grab the order. For example, 5, 10 yuan. Those with higher prices have the priority to use didi taxi vehicles.

The existing big coffee companies in recent years or all have started from the free official account, WeChat group. At the beginning, it published market analysis and delivery trading in wechat group. In a bear market, the effect of making money is poor. When the bull market arrives, the credibility of the group leaders will soar. Water friends in the group, after seeing a prediction master, their first reaction is to chat privately, add friends and set more information. In order to make more profits, we will send small red envelopes and apply to the VIP group. Other water friends who make money in the group will also chat privately and send red envelopes into the group.

At this time, the suspicion chain works. In order to ensure that they can hold their thighs and enter the VIP group, the group entry fee is paid according to their own money, ranging from several hundred to hundreds of thousands. At this time, the former wechat group began to split into free group and VIP group.

2. The income difference between big V and new author is huge.

Because the large V has its own flow, the fan base is large. Big V with large traffic can not only operate independently, but also participate in the content platform, and naturally receive more treatment. In this big V crowd, there are not only elites with real talents and learning, but also big swindlers who deceive the world and steal fame. But the status quo determines the treatment.

3. Game of stock resources.

After the spring of 18 years, the price of random bitcoin continued to decline, and the market fell as a whole. Due to the poor effect of making money, the effect of attracting new people is naturally poor. Game of stock resources. The competition is bloody and shameless. The sharp decline of futures, the absorption of gold by platform currencies and the hot speculation are just the means for market giants to survive.

Of course, this excessive squeeze on stock resources has created a vicious circle. Fewer people enter the market and receive offers. The existing stock resources are deep set, which makes the market effect worse and new people will not enter the market.

For continuous bear walking, there are only two things that stock practitioners can do: speculation in futures, speculation in spot ultra short term and content platform learning.

The market is so large and the audience base is so large. This situation is very similar to the television industry. There are so many viewers watching TV. There are many TV dramas and movies. Mainstream content platforms will grab resources in order to compete for TV revenue. Grab scripts, stars, prime time and audience attention. Therefore, the formation of the overall industrial chain has promoted the hidden rules of buying and selling ratings. If you want to make money from your TV series, you should brush microblog, Douban score and TV ratings. The coin circle is the same. If you want to promote your project and reprint your articles, you need to hire someone to brush comments, likes and views.

4. Upgrading of content platform.

Each historical stage has its own task and role. The development of content platforms has its own cycle. The birth of new platforms and the disappearance of old platforms are all market laws, which do not need to be over interpreted. Some antiques in life, such as mobile phones. This thing is a burden for us to use now. But on the timeline at that time, cell phones were also best sellers. We can't use the present standard to criticize the past. That's unreasonable.

2、 We media authors' basic remuneration.

The article produced by the author can also be regarded as a commodity. After the products are produced, they are displayed on various content platforms to make money. Traditional newspapers and magazines. There is a basic contribution fee for columnists, and the regular contribution fee is equal to the salary, which is used to ensure the basic life of contributors. A simple understanding is that magazines sell money and authors sell knowledge.

The current content platform rewards authors through various forms of rewards, such as "soliciting articles with awards", "sending articles and praising is mining", which is essentially a commodity trading relationship. The platform sells money and the author sells knowledge. Under the spirit of the contract, both parties shall regularly (such as weekly, daily and monthly) submit the manuscript and complete the workload.

Here, due to the different levels of both sides, the benefits of both sides continue to expand. Even if the new writer is good, it is difficult to stand out if he can't continue to innovate. Here we have to talk about new problems.

The low remuneration of new authors also promotes a phenomenon - "multiple articles". It's just that there are many articles, and the basic survival of new authors is difficult to guarantee. Head we media and big V have their own traffic. They can also live on annual fees and advertising. However, new authors can only participate in part-time.

The style of writing tends to assimilate.

1. Article update status:

Dilemma: everyone is a prisoner of their own experience. The reason why the authors are fierce at first is the total explosion of experience, knowledge and experience. The style of writing is sober and refreshing, but if it can't be updated continuously, it's difficult to harvest fans continuously. What is more likely to happen is that talent dries up. After a period of time, it is difficult for new authors to continuously update with quality and quantity. This is also well understood. The depth of the article comes from the long-time observation and thinking experience of life. Even a high-yielding author like Li Ao can hardly write a book a day.

RI Geng --- the author of big V, is all market analysis. Market analysis is not only just needed by the market, but also easy to do. "Relaxed" is only relative to article creation. Market analysis is more about data collection and collection, which is professional and repetitive. The more you use, the more proficient you will be, and everyone will be happy to see that you can continue to be more proficient. Of course, simple analysis is very boring, so the Japanese style model of "data analysis current hot spots feelings of personal life" was born.

Weekly change - not necessarily in weeks, but also updated every few days or every half month and every month. For this kind of big V authors, the style labels include "technology, trend, in-depth analysis of events" and so on. The author of market category with novel angle, profound insight and obvious style is different from that of rigeng. Representatives include quantum school and lightning. These big V writers with distinctive characteristics are rare springs in the coin circle, and did not develop the content expression of the coin circle into a form and style of writing.

Although special effects blockbusters are the mainstream in the film industry, there is also a place for romantic films and horror films. On March 1, 2017, the law of the people's Republic of China on the promotion of the film industry, in the measures to promote the film going global strategy, the state has both the institutional guarantee of laws and regulations and the encouragement and support of funds. Of course, there is also the support of content diversity. In addition to war love films, the state will also encourage a variety of film expression forms to expand and strengthen the film industry.

The content platform of blockchain is getting closer and closer to market analysis, which is not a good phenomenon. Like blockchain cartoon popular science, these refreshing content expression methods are difficult to see on the home page of the platform and in selected columns after the platform is launched. The most is the daily line, the daily line. In the long run, it will limit the development of the platform.

Property protection.

Who gets fans gets the world?

As soon as the world's articles are copied, it depends on whether you can copy or not.

The public plagiarism of articles in the blockchain industry is the public information of the industry. Worse, change the sign, the name. The official account is called "wash", which tells you the purpose and core idea of your article, and uses his language to become his own article, and publish it to WeChat group and public address. Because his audience is basically wide, even if you are original, start first. Sorry, more audiences will see his article, so he has become an original, but you have become a plagiarist. The so-called "those who get fans get the world", your article is effective only when fans see it.

The whole market is talking about doing ecology, which is nothing more than expanding the base of retail investors. The ecology of the content platform is nothing more than increasing traffic. Traffic includes readers and authors. If you can read many readers, big V writers are valuable. Only when there are many small V authors and many new authors, can the big V authors have more weight. The ecological development logic of the content platform is similar to the development of the football industry. The base number of small teams determines the future of large teams. Small teams are not only the providers of high-quality athletes of large teams, but also one of the sources of audience. The author's development logic of the coin circle is the same.

Future trend conjecture

1. More options.

Different people have different opinions on the choice of platform. I just say my choice principle. "What can this platform and author bring me and help me? How much can I learn and gain", rather than blindly paying a membership fee and joining a charging group, everything will be fine.

2. Co prosperity and symbiosis.

The author of conscience and the author of cancer are like the positive and negative sides of a coin.

The birth of superheroes in American blockbusters must be accompanied by the birth of super bullies. So, it is the emergence of superheroes that leads to the emergence of super bullies. The meaning of superheroes is given by super bullies.

Even if there are super bullies such as clowns and swindlers in the blockchain industry. Similarly, there are conscientious writers who expose evil forces. In the early days of the blockchain industry, it was like sailing in the sea at night. There were neither maps nor guides. Everyone groped at night. Bitcoin, a cancer, is like a wave reef, which hinders the navigation of the fleet of people. The high-quality author is like a lighthouse on the night. Although the light is weak, it can guide the fleet to sail.

Personal understanding: don't ask the right and wrong of the article, focus on the truth of the event. Think independently and sneak alone.

3. Platform selection principle:

1. Whether there are regular article solicitation competitions and other physical rewards -------- income to ensure your life.

2. Whether there is a promotion mechanism. For example, the daily and weekly featured recommendations include both big V and new articles - success is the mother of success. Good encouragement will promote the take-off of your article writing.

3. Platform vision--------- The platform with large pattern and broad vision will go further and develop better. And we new writers choose to hold their thighs and grow with them.

4. Communication environment ----------- a good communication environment can inspire your writing ideas. At the same time, it is also the source of your learning.

At the end of the article

The bottom line of we media authors - thinkers.

Nowadays, fraud is impossible to guard against. More and more people are blindly pursuing the wealth bubble, and are almost lost in the essence of technology and value. This industry may need more quiet and deep thinking than ever before.

I wish the author of we media to be a good navigator.

What Are the Characteristics and Prospects of Blockchain Content Platform 1

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