What Are the Advantages of Piston Ring?

Pull the piston,hone the cylinder and replace the rings,this should solve your problem.When putting the piston back,just make sure the cap on the rod is tightened evenly.Replace the ring's just like you take them out,otherwise it will still smoke.

What Are the Advantages of Piston Ring? 1

1. What exactly is a "knurled piston”?

Knurling is a process where a cross-hatch stamp is pushed into metal. By doing this, the metal is compressed in some areas and raised in others. Here is a picture of a piston with a knurled portion in the side skirt:The main part of the piston (as in the picture) which gets knurled is the skirt. The reason someone would knurl a piston is one of two reasons. First, if they want the piston skirt to hold more oil while running. This can provide better lubrication to the cylinder walls and with the piston skirt. Second, and is more often the reason, people will have old pistons with worn skirts knurled to take up the slack where the worn part of the piston is at. This allows the piston to fit in the cylinder better than it would otherwise. This is only done during a rebuild where the engine builder is trying to skimp on parts. Since there is relatively little surface area on the piston skirt where the knurling is done which will actually touch the cylinder wall, this area will wear away fairly quickly (in the grand scheme of things). Knurling pistons is an "old school" technique which I do not think is used much in the modern era. Piston manufacturers are able to produce quality pistons at a cheap price so affording new pistons to replace old ones is a lot easier to accomplish. This is doubly so considering getting old pistons knurled costs you money ... the difference between new pistons and knurling is not that great.Besides decorative knurling, you can also find knurling done to valve guides to get a worn guide back into spec. This too, has ran its course and has fallen out of favor. One of the possible side effects of knurling your valve guides is if it's not done just right, can make your valve guide act like an oil pump and actually push excess oil into the cylinder. The guide also wears out rather quickly for the same reasons I talked about for the piston. Besides, you can get a valve guide insert done for a relatively cheap price. Inserts work far better than knurling, last longer, and there's no risk of making an oil pump out of your work. It's also much cheaper than having a new valve guide put into your engine.

2. Baja DR90 (90cc) piston size?

Remove cylinder, measure piston, measure cylinder bore. order rings to fit. Could be anywhere from 40mm to 70mm bore or even wider range, depends somewhat on engine design family- is this a old long stroke Villers copy or a over bored 50cc scooter engine?

What Are the Advantages of Piston Ring? 2

3. There is 1 kg of ice at 0C inside cylinder under piston?

1 kg of ice = 2.2 lbs of ice water Im lost on this one what the cu in disp and comp ratio etc.. please help

4. Is it possible to make a standard piston engine run off hydrogen?

Sure. Lots of engines can be refit to run CNG, mainly this is done in fleets (trucks, taxicabs). This is supported by the manufacturer, covered by warranty etc. It's a way that automakers and corporate fleets meet alternative-fuel mandates. CNG is very similar to hydrogen, so it should not take much more than a regulator adjustment. It would probably void the warranty on the engine and conversion, though.

5. How tight or loose should a New SBC 350 Piston Fit at .030 over?

You would need an .030 oversize piston and rings plus hone the cylinders what the piston manufacturer recommends for skirt clearance. *You absolutely can not drop a standard 4.000 Chevrolet 350 Chevrolet piston and rings in a sloppy 4. 030 bore. The motor would not last 3 minutes.

6. Top Overhaul Guide

Parts: 1) Head gasket 2) Valve seal 3) Valve cover gasket 4) Valve guide? valve seat? 5) Intake manifold gasket 6) Other cheap2 oil seal and gasket (oil sump gasket, crankshaft oil seal)

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