This Book Is a Camera (really) : Kelli Anderson

Thinking with your hands—and showcasing the wonders of the physical world—turns out is addictive. I got hooked on the slow (but varied) thrills of paper engineering. In pockets of time between projects, I've devised fifteen functional, but rough prototypes for lo-fi pop-up devices that I hope to one day make real. Six of these contraptions will appear in a forthcoming book, which is being mass-produced by Chronicle. This Book is a Planetarium morphs from being a planetarium, to a spirograph, to a musical instrument, to a perpetual calendar, to a decoder ring, to a speaker. The pop-ups are supported by text connecting the dots between form and the hidden forces at play in the physical world. It will be at Barnes and Noble and Wal-mart and everywhere come Spring.

This Book Is a Camera (really) : Kelli Anderson 1

How do I decode a encrypted password?

You can not .Mostly the hashing algorithm is one-way, meaning you can not de-hash it.Only way is to take a bunch of potential passwords, hash them and compare with encrypted password.That is brute-force (try all possible combinations with letters and numbers) or dictionary attack (try words from special list).

How decode xfs lostfound directory

The files names in lostfound are just the inode of the file. There's no way to map this back to a filename; they are in lostfound because the directory entry for these files could not be located. An inode is just a number and does not have any intrinsic meaning. However, if your files contain Extended Attributes, and these Extended Attributes could point to original path, then you can reconstruct the directory/file structure by decoding Extended Attributes

This Book Is a Camera (really) : Kelli Anderson 2

FFMpeg Error While Decoding Stream Cannot Allocate Memory

When converting the .webm files to .mp4 you are converting the audio from opus to aac. It appears that when you attempt to create the picture in a picture overlay, that the conversion is having a problem decoding the aac stream.I suggest trying to convert the .webm file to .mp4 with a different audio codec. Then try your overlay command again.Example:

How to decode tread patterns?

There's not really a science to tread pattern the way you are hoping for. Sure, there are some basics that you've already caught on to. But there are many, perhaps infinitely many, variables involved in how a tire will handle once you get it into the real world. Yes, most of the wording on a brand's web site is just marketing speak. Even so, you are better off just trusting what the manufacturer recommends the tire be used for ( downhill cx/ wet/mud/gravel etc ) rather than spending so much time picking apart the details.To make things easier on yourself, find someone you know that's done this before or ask this site for a recommended and reliable brand. Once you've got a brand you can trust, use their web site to narrow down your selection and just give some tires a try. You've got to start somewhere

DECODING GUY SPEAK: Is he still interested? (10 pts best answer)?

im sorry to say i think he is married or has another or a few others on the go as well as you. you say he just moved into a house,thats probably with someone all seems dosgy thats all,conveniently working AWAY all the time so you dont see him for weeks at a time. move on ,thats what i would do.

Is the Bible just a riddle no one has yet decoded with the right key?

The Bible is a collection of late bronze age fairy tales. It is NOT encoded. It is no more encoded than the Manhattan phone directory or Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

Movie Player requires additional plugins to decode this file

did it for me

Decoding base64 images and saving to a file

There's a number of tools out there that can help you decode base64. How best to download something like that largely depends on how you are getting to it.Not much of web-traffic is base64 encoded. .. largely because it's not very efficient, and it's not at all secure. (base64 is not encryption... it just obscures the data to make it not-human readable) If you can get the raw stream data to a text-file or some such... there's several ways to re-assemble it. Additionally, the data will not contain information about the file. .. i. e. file-name, size, type, etc. .. it'l be a stream of data. .. and it's up to you to determine what it is.Any chance we can peek at where the data is coming from? would really help to give you a more appropriate answer.

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