The Evaluation of Kevos Sweeping Robot Dj35 Further Improves the Cleaning Efficiency and Higher Clea

As a giant in the field of household robots, kevos allows more sweeping robots to enter every household. The dj35 we got this time is a floor sweeping robot just launched by kovos. It adopts the new smart eye visual navigation technology and realizes more efficient and comprehensive cleaning through the effective planning of cleaning through visual navigation.


Kevos dj35 is packed in cartons

After unpacking, in addition to the Dibao dj35 machine, it is also equipped with many cleaning parts: water seepage rags (2), rag support, side brush (2 pairs), suction port assembly, remote control (including battery), floor cleaner, charging base and product manual.

Install the side brush

Install the rag holder

Dust box & water tank

Kovos dj35 adopts a round cake design. The whole machine is mixed with white, black and gray. On the top of the front is a wide-angle camera (166 °) for smart eye visual navigation planning, and the start button is on the right of the camera.

The bottom structure of kevos dj35 is basically the same as that of previous kevos sweeping robot products. Driven by two wheels, the universal wheel controls the direction, the side brushes are distributed on the left and right sides, and the spiral roller brush device is located in the center of the bottom.

Rear pumping large water tank

Open the cover plate on the front of the fuselage to see the reset key, main power switch and garbage box.

Spiral roller brush

Universal wheel

Side brush and drive wheel

On the whole, the appearance design of kovos dj35 is still very OK. It has pure white front color matching and smart eye visual navigation through the built-in camera. Compared with the LDS laser navigation planning that will increase the height of the fuselage, it has the function of global planning without affecting the appearance design of the fuselage.

The charging base of kovos dj35 uses the design of cable winding, so that the excess cables of the charging base are "invisible".

Remote control

Replaceable parts

Edge brush


The screenshot on the far right is the map construction of dj35

The kovos robot app can be downloaded directly by scanning the QR code on the package / fuselage. It is still connected through conventional WiFi pairing. After connecting, the kovos dj35 can be controlled in the app.

In the app, there are three cleaning functions to choose from.

Cleaning along the edge: kevos dj35 will clean along the edges of walls and furniture; Suitable for cleaning dust at edges and corners.

Automatic cleaning: through the planning of smart eye, automatic bow cleaning is carried out in the whole house

Fixed point cleaning: spiral cleaning with the current as the center, which is suitable for small-scale key cleaning

Kovos dj35 builds the map of the cleaning area through visual slam while cleaning. The dark blue indicates the edge area and the light blue indicates the area that can be cleaned.

In the kovos robot app, you can set functional options such as regular cleaning, turning off robot voice, setting do not disturb mode, and also provide after-sales and pre-sales services, equipped with mall, online customer service and other functions.


Automatic cleaning

Sweeping along the edge

Cleaning garbage

The biggest feature of the dj35 this time is that it is equipped with smart eye visual navigation function. Through smart eye, the author can obviously feel that the dj35 can clean at a faster speed, and the cleaning route is very regular, with almost no missed cleaning and repeated cleaning. Fast response and excellent performance.

In the daily cleaning process, dj35 will reduce the speed when encountering obstacles, and will accelerate to normal state after safely leaving obstacles. It is also very intelligent in obstacle avoidance operation.

Adjust the towing volume and start the towing mode


Dj35 is equipped with "blue whale cleaning system 2.0", which integrates sweeping and towing. Sweeping and mopping are carried out simultaneously, and the sweeping is in place in one step. The built-in blue whale micro control water tank can hold 300ml water, which can be used with the rag at the bottom of the fuselage. The water seepage intensity of the water tank can be adjusted in App, and it can be adjusted at low, medium and high levels. In the process of mopping, after dj35 recognizes that the rag support is installed, the app will have a "mopping mode" pop-up box to display the water volume adjustment and start water seepage. If the rag support is removed, the water seepage will stop immediately, which is very intelligent. A box of water is enough to mop the house, that is, drag and dry.

Remote control cleaning

Return charging

In fact, there are always two problems for the sweeping robot. One is that the winding machine will appear in the process of sweeping the carpet; Second, the charging pile is too far away from the machine, and the robot cannot return to charge normally; For the above two points, the performance of dj35 is satisfactory. During the test, the author has been cleaning the dj35 in the carpet environment. Even after cleaning for about 50 minutes, there is still no winding. In terms of return charging, dj35 can avoid multiple obstacles and return to the charging pile perfectly. The results are gratifying.


In fact, if we talked about floor sweeping robots two years ago, we might feel a little strange, but after the development of the past two years, the popularity of floor sweeping robots has been greatly improved. Compared with o2o door-to-door cleaning, hiring nannies and other human cleaning methods, the floor sweeping robot seems to be more reassuring, and its cost is lower. In my opinion, dj35 is an upgraded version of the previous kovos dd35, and the basic functions have not changed. On this basis, smart eye visual navigation technology is added to further improve the cleaning efficiency, with higher cleaning coverage, and almost no missed cleaning and repeated cleaning. It also continues the kovos intelligent micro-control large water tank, making the integration of sweeping and towing more practical. At the same time, the price is only 100 yuan compared with dd35, which is quite recommended.

The Evaluation of Kevos Sweeping Robot Dj35 Further Improves the Cleaning Efficiency and Higher Clea 1

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