The Best Hotels in Las Vegas!?

If you have the cash to spend these are the top three. WYNN- luxury from floor to ceiling BELLAGIO- italian renaissance Caesar-- but insist on the new tower- they have flat screens in every room Good stays-- fun places Luxor Westin Paris Aladin Cheap circus circus imperial place stratosphere Off the strip and lovely JW MARRIOTT in summerlin 10 miles form strip RED ROCK in summerlin 10 miles from strip Southcoast--south of the strip 5 miles Silverton-- a hunter paradise

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1. Why are London Hotels crap?

Of course there are good hotels in London. But there are a lot of overpriced places where the rooms have not been renovated since they were built. Airport hotels are usually overpriced and, because the average stay is one night, get scruffy very quickly. When I stayed in the Regent Palace Hotel in the 1920s, I was amazed to find the newfangled electric lighting! Pity about having to line up to share the bathrooms up to a few years ago! First. I would not stay in any hotel near any airport. Two. I would check with Three. Look for hotels in towns to the west of the Airport. Four. Budget hotels are often the cleaner of airport hotels because they are designed for short stays and are easier to clean. The major problem for visitors from the US is that thanks to George Bush, It takes two dollars to buy a UK pound. This means that Britain is very expensive for Americans. Thus the hotels are not good value. There is no excuse for a dirty hotel room. It is a pity that we do not have a government sponsored hotel monitoring / complaints system as they do in some continental countries. We need one.

2. Realistically speaking, how clean are hotel rooms??

from what i've seen on various investigative tv shows, hotels are not very clean at all. i would not worry about it too much, though.. i've been to many hotels and i am still alive, lol.

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3. Looking for Hotels in Orlando for OCT 2013?

stay at a disney world owned and operated hotel. you will get free transportation from the orlando international airport to your hotel and back. once on property you will have access to free and convenient transportation to all of the parks, water parks, and downtown disney. breakfast at the hotel food courts is quite cheap. there is a fridge included in each room. i believe there are microwaves at the food court (cannot recall for sure at the moment) depending on the hotel you may have a kitchen area. the value resorts start as low as about $100 per night. all disney world hotels have at least 2 pools and most have more. most areas of disney world have free wifi including hotels. there are usually some good deals on the disney world website. AAA offers a 20% room rate discount during non peak seasons but no other discounts may be used with it. depending on price level these are my recommendations... -value resort: pop century or art of animation -moderate resort: port orlearns french quarter -deluxe resort: disney's contemporary

4. Question about Las Vegas Hotels?

i would say hilton or mgm,both are good and i always use coupons to get my way through them ;)

5. How many hotels are there in America?

It is difficult to differentiate between a hotel , "motels" and bed and breakfasts. Even if you come up with a strict definition differentiating the difference between hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts, many have multiple characteristics. The correct answer is, the total number of overnight lodging facilities is approximately 50,000.

6. What are the best hotels in Dublin?

The Shelbourne is probably the poshest, a landmark hotel right on Stephen's Green.I am also a fan of The Marker on the Docklands development, next to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre and near the National Events Centre.If you want something a bit more boutique-y then The Dean is a good option. It is also near where a lot of the night clubs are so it would be a short stagger home if you want to party.But there are a load more

7. Any pets hotels in Egypt, Cairo?

Cairo is among the world's great megacities. As lovely because it is mad, and as full of ancient finery as it is half dilapidated, Cairo tends to be a town that tourists love and hate in similar actions therefore find out in which group you is likely to be with the help of that place hotelbye . In Cairo you will see, beyond the modern hubbub, a record that spans centuries. Packed with vigour, Cairo is where you actually get a feel for Egyptian road living and no trip to Egypt is complete with no stay in the town Arabs call Umm al-Dunya (The Mother of the World). The absolutely staggering collection of antiquities exhibited in Cairo's Egyptian Museum helps it be one of many world's good museums and absolutely a place for everyone's to visit

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How Do I Get a Centralized Air Conditioning System Like Hotels for Home?
How Do I Get a Centralized Air Conditioning System Like Hotels for Home?
How do I get a centralized air conditioning system like hotels for home?Centralized air conditioning system consists of a lot of components and system and is very costly and viable only for big spaces.You need to carefully analyze your needs and then go for centralized HVAC system.It is usually recommended for areas with cooling load of equal to or more than 100 tons. How do I get a centralized air conditioning system like hotels for home?— — — — — —air conditioning system stays on even when we turn off our thermostatIs there a small switch somewhere n the thermostat that says something like "fan" and has positions for "auto" and "on"? Is it in the "On" position? If what you mean is that the fan keeps blowing when the thermostat is not calling for cooling (but the air at that point is not being cooled) that could be it.Otherwise, look for a short circuit in the thermostat wiring, which would make the A/C think that the thermostat was calling for cooling all the time.If the latter, and it's too cold in the house, shut off the circuit breaker supplying the a/c with power.— — — — — —Study on microwave sterilization technology of humidifier in central air conditioning systemThe issue of fungal microbial contamination in central air conditioning systems is one of the main problems of biological pollution in building environment. In this study, through the basic experimental study of microwave sterilization under ideal conditions, considering the sterilization effect and energy consumption, the preliminary reference range of microwave sterilization effective temperature is 50°C-59 °C. Through the research of microwave sterilization experimental platform of humidifier in central air conditioning system, it is found that microwave sterilization has a slight influence on the air supply parameters of air conditioning system, and it can be considered under the operating conditions of air conditioning system with low accuracy of air supply parameters. The microwave radiation power of 1000 W and 900 W can quickly reach the effective sterilization temperature in 5 min, and the sterilization rate can reach 100%. The heating effect of the shielded parts is also very good. Considering the sterilization effect and energy saving, the microwave power of humidifier in central air conditioning system is ideal at 900 W for 5 min. Finally, the CST (a 3D electromagnetic field simulator) software was used to simulate and verify the power absorbed by the components, and the uniformity of microwave sterilization was also forecasted.— — — — — —Add Air Conditioning to your Old Car. It’s Easy.It used to be that one of the first things you would trash from your performance car was the air conditioning system, assuming your car had it, of course. It's understandable, too, because the parts for most A/C systems were huge and heavy: big cast iron compressors, massive condensers, and evaporators big enough to keep an industrial meat locker cold. Such is not the case any more. In the past decade or so, those heavy parts have been replaced with small, light aluminum compressors, compact lines, and more efficient heat exchangers. Better still, the compressors do not rob power from your engine the way the older units did, and the stuff is so good, many race cars like the Pratt and Miller built C6R and C75 Corvettes that compete endurance races like the 24 Hours of LeMans have air conditioning to keep the drivers and interior electronic components reasonably cool. So why not take advantage of some of this technology and add (or reinstall!) air conditioning to your older car? We followed along as Hot Rod Garage co-host, Lucky Costa, installed this Vintage Air underdash system in his 1966 Fury Wagon, and were impressed with how easy the job was.— — — — — —2001 Lincoln LS V8 air conditioning system question...?Sometimes the low pressure ports are located right next to the drier if not connected right to it. Not sure if your car is like that though— — — — — —Tips For Purchasing A New Air Conditioning SystemAt A.B. , we understand that buying a new air conditioner is an investment. That's why it is so important to find an air conditioning system that meets your particular needs. Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of options on the market today? If so, below are some tips that will help you narrow down the search. First and foremost, you must set a realistic budget for your new air conditioner. That way, you have an idea of how much money you can spend. It will also prevent you from breaking the bank! When it comes to air conditioners, bigger is not always better! An air conditioner that is too large will only end up wasting energy. It is important to find an air conditioner that is proportionate to the size of your home. Plenty of homeowners are jumping on the energy efficient bandwagon. Are you one of them? If so, you will want to buy an energy efficient air conditioner. Consider purchasing an air conditioner with a high SEER rating.
Whats the Best Hotels in New York City?
Whats the Best Hotels in New York City?
whats the best hotels in new york city?Conquering New York in a single visit is impossible since is a big city like you will find with Hotelbye . In New York you will see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and significantly more. Empire State Building causes it to be worth braving the long lines, high ticket prices and dizzying heights to see the town from a premier this storied building. Integrated 1931, the skyscraper may be the second-tallest making in New York and is one of the very immediate icons of Gotham, therefore much so that it's played a function in films such as for instance King Kong, An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle— — — — — —What is the best hotels in Las Vegas to stay at for teens?You would enjoy the Forum Shops at Caesars, Fashion Show Mall, Shark Reef, Madame Tussauds Interactive Wax Museum, etc. There are NO casinos for anyone under 21. That includes clubs and bars.— — — — — —What are the best hotels in new york city for under $150 a night?I did not know there were any under $200 a night— — — — — —whats the prettiest beach in Kauai and what is the best hotel to stay at?I think it's hilarious that someone thought you meant Kuwait when you so clearly wrote Kauai! LMFAO! Anyway, I do not know much in the way of hotels and you did not give us any sort of price range you are looking at. Hanalei and Princeville in Northern Kauai would be VERY expensive no doubt. You can find some cheap accommodations on the road between Lihue and Kapa'a. There's a lot to do around here and the island is small enough to still drive up or down the coast to some of the beaches. My favorite beach when I was there was Secret Beach or Kauapea Beach. It's near the Kilauea Lighthouse and Bird Sanctuary up north. BEAUTIFUL BEACH! WITHOUT A DOUBT! In the winter months when the surf is high on the north shore the beach is completed gone. But in the summer months you can head up (down, you will know what I mean if you go) to the beach and it's HUGE and practically empty. There are three sections and the whole beach is against a cliff backdrop. If you swim out far enough you can usually see and swim with dolphins. Really amazing stuff! Check this beach out!— — — — — —Top 5 travel destinations for Turkey, might be able to go next July!! Also best hotels and foods to try?Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Gallipoli, Ankara, in that order of priority. Try the hotel "Side Pension" in Istanbul. It's reasonably priced and close to the major sights. Turkish food is not too unusual for someone used to many different types of food - it has many similarities to Greek and Middle Eastern food. In little neighborhood restaurants and bazaars, there are many different types of kebabs and honey-soaked pastries, and of course the candy Turkish Delight. "Turkish coffee" is very strong, but most Turks today prefer fruit-flavored teas. More expensive restaurants use a lot of lamb and fresh fish, and Turkish cuisine uses a lot of yogurt, nuts, and spices (but more for flavoring - it's never really that spicy).— — — — — —What are some of the best Hotels to stay in vegas for a resonable price?I used them to book my upcoming trip to Vegas in May. As far as nice, reasonably priced hotels on the Strip. I am not sure what your budget is, but my top picks are Luxor, NYNY, and Treasure Island. I've stayed at all three and would let my best friend stay there. My Aunt hated the Tropicana and I HATED the Riviera.— — — — — —what are the best hotels in central amsterdam?Try Jolly Carlton Hotel Amsterdam. Right at the flower market. They will love the place. very near to all the shops n for the museums, u can walk or just hop on the tram. few stops away— — — — — —im plan on going to london this summer what are the best. hotels bars ,clubs etc?Leicester Square does not have it all. It's where they shoe-horn tourists into a hellhole full of lights, people, noise, Mcdonalds, cafes, bars and hideously over-priced-but-it-does not matter-because-we are -on-holiday-drinks and general places to spend money surrounded by other people desperate to have fun before their 7am flight back to the States the following morning. When you say 'best' it does not tell me much about what you are into. Because whatever you are into - latino clubs, insane drum n bass, uber cool warehouse parties or obscure gothic fetish nights London has a club, bar or district for you. Cool = Shoreditch, Hoxton, Hackney Check out Fabric, Old Blue Last and the bars around Old Street On Sundays hang out and drink cider with the beautiful people outside Rough Trade Records on Brick Lane and find out where the latest warehouse parties are. Google Corsica Studios..
What Is the Best Hotel Casino and Cheapest to Stay in Las Vegas?
What Is the Best Hotel Casino and Cheapest to Stay in Las Vegas?
what is the best hotel casino and cheapest to stay in las vegas?Imperial Palace is okay - if you just want a cheap place to stay, then it's fine. But do not plan on enjoying any amenities there - gamble elsewhere, eat elsewhere, and be prepared to be annoyed. But yeah, the price and location are great. Tropicana does not have as good a location, but it's in a fairly busy area and was recently renovated. It usually offers low rates. Excalibur is old, but clean and in decent shape. It tends to have more kids/families than other places, but also has good rates. It's right across the street from Tropicana. Again, not an ideal central location, but it's not bad. I would avoid Circus Circus - it's worse than IP. Stratosphere is a great hotel with great rates, but in an awful location. You do not want to be walking around there at night, and it's not really within practical walking distance of anything else— — — — — —i am sponsoring a trip to Chicago next year,taste of Chicago! can anyone tell me the best hotels for cheap.?I hate the Taste (too crowded and the portapotties, yuck). Check out priceline for deals. As for pools, Millenium park has a great water area for the kids (downtown Chicago). If you are staying in the city, look up the transit system (there is no reason to bus/cab it to a hotel with most of them within walking distance of the train stations, but you will find the bus routes too when you look up on the transit web page). If you are willing to stay in the burbs, the Holiday Inn in Elmhurst has an indoor water park, is about 2 miles from the Metra station (, has a hot tub, and also offers packages with children theme rooms (spongebob) and packages for the water park and the zoo or Kiddieland (a children's theme park).php Also, when looking up, you will notice they have a few different downtown train stations. If your group is coming into Union Station, look up which lines are based out of Union Station and see which cities are along that line. Then you can also consider looking up hotels in those cities also (Elmhurst is based off a line that goes to Ogilvie Station which is across the street from Union Station).— — — — — —What are the best hotels in San Diego for a family with a 13 and 11 years old daughters?it all depends on what you want to be close to... if you want to stay on coronado island i would recommend the coronado island Marriott resort and spa--it is a really nice hotel, great staff, decent prices, yummy food, and sometimes you can get a pretty good deal (go to their website or call for their packages...last time we went we got free room service breakfast every morning (you get to pick about 5 items each!) and free water taxi rides to downtown.) if you want to stay downtown i like the holiday inn on the bay..they are inexpensive and have everything you need and a great location! if you want to stay in la jolla i would say to stay at The Grande Colonial La is beautiful but a little pricey (as are most places in la jolla) if you want to stay near sea world i would recommend the hilton san diego is beautiful and quite large..they also have a restaurant that is very good— — — — — —What are the best hotels or inns at Vancouver, BC, Canada?Pan Pacific or the Hotel Vancouver (4 seasons). I like the Pan Pacific becuase its waterfront. the bayshore is nice but really old.— — — — — —29 BEST HOTELS & BEACH RESORTS in CANCUNThe 29 Best Luxury Hotels in Cancun The North (sometimes called the "beginning") of the Hotel Zone has the softest sand and the most pristine beaches. Because it is shielded in this way, it still has its original sand, worn smooth and powdery over the years, contrasting with the rest of the Hotel Zone, which lost its sand to a hurricane a few years ago and had to have the sand replaced. Its prized location also shields it from the seaweed that tends to collect in the Middle and End Zones. This is the closest portion to Downtown's amazing restaurants and cultural attractions like Market 28 and lucha libre at the Cancun Arena. With such proximity to dining, bars, and attractions, the Beginning of the Hotel Zone is ideal for guests who opt not to stay in an all-inclusive. The Best Cancun Hotels in the North Hotel Zone The Best Restaurants in the NorthHotel Zone • Sushi Go • $$-$$$ • Casual spot for delicious, fresh sushi. Bonus points for delivery. • Dag Dag • $$-$$$ • Kosher seafood spot, known for their fish and chips and singing chef/owner. Staying in the Middle of the Hotel Zone Playa Mujeres sits in the north end of Cancun, due west of Isla Mujeres and north of the main ferry terminals, Puerto Juarez and Gran Puerto. This is the newest resort development area in Cancun, with the oldest hotel here built in 2007. This area is designed expressly for leisure, mostly made up of resorts, beaches, and golf courses, with one dolphinarium on the main beach and campgrounds further north. Playa Mujeres is more accessible to the city and attractions than Riviera Cancun, but since it is so new, there are not many restaurants serving the area. The beaches of Playa Mujeres have soft white sand, vivid blue water, and gentle waves, thanks to the island acting as a buffer. However, there tends to be more seaweed than the more southerly beaches, especially when the wind is coming in from the east. To combat this, every resort in the area hires sweepers to clean the beaches twice a day. The Best Cancun Hotels in Playa Mujeres The Best Restaurants in Playa Mujeres • Flamingos Seafood Kitchen • $$-$$$ • Seafood favorite for over 40 years, with covered or beachfront dining, known for their octopus, lobster, and fresh fish.
10 Design Ideas to Steal From Hotels
No matter where we go on vacation, the hotel is admittedly the destination we look forward to most. But all of that four-star luxuriating might be the reason why we often feel less than enthusiastic about returning to the daily grind . (Especially on a Monday. Ugh.) What is life really about, after all, without a Heavenly Bed to cozy up into every night?It's a question we've pondered spring break after spring break, and one we might finally be able to stop asking, thanks to a couple of designers who recently outfitted two swanky New York City hotels. Their answer? To bring the hotel experience home. Here are 10 ways to do it.Start At The Door If the 1920s-inspired lobby at the WestHouse hotel in New York City isn't enough to have you packing your bags for a permanent stay, the entry to each guest room will. That's where designers from Jeffery Beers International (JBI) installed a small shelf to place keys and small items, and a small crystal chandelier similar to the grand chandeliers found downstairs. But while this hotel might have two shots at making a first impression, your home probably doesn't, so you're going to want to make that entryway count.Make The Bed No single item makes the hotel experience more than the bed. (Okay, room service is up there, but...) To achieve those ethereal layers of pillowy goodness (without going broke), JBI suggests skipping the pillow-top mattress and buying a featherbed instead. "A featherbed is much more economical and serves just as well for making you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud," JBI designers say. The same goes for super-high thread count sheets. "The maximum you need is 300 to 400 [thread count]," though going higher is totally up to you. Layer two flat sheets over the mattress, sealing them with hospital corners the way most hotels do, add a few down pillows, which JBI says are best for adjusting to heat and body temperature and conform well to body curves, and finish it off with a soft and fluffy duvet....And Keep It Neat "Keeping organized and maximizing storage is important for maintaining a clean look in small spaces," JBI adds. Hotels have housekeeping to take care of that. For you, we have two words:Cleaning service Save Space, Bedside And Beyond The design team at The William hotel -- a colorful extended-stay residence in New York City -- used space-saving floating drawers in lieu of bulkier bedside tables; JBI recommends finding furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes, such as a desk that doubles as a dining room table....And Use Mirrors To Open Up The Space Even More There's actually a reason for that mirror many designers like to hang right above the writing desk: "Strategically placed mirrors can make a small space look more expansive," JBI says.Put The Desk To Use It's the easiest spot to drop your room key or laptop, but that writing desk was actually used for, well, writing years ago. Why not pick up some stationery and tell your friends and family what a wonderful trip you had. (Aside from what they've already seen on Instagram, of course.) Splurge On Details ...Like the fogless mirrors JBI installed at WestHouse, so "guests can shave and do their morning routine without leaving the shower." Another simple splurge: A small cutout in the shower door that lets guests turn on the water without getting wet. Or, a set of super-luxe oversized bath towels.Cozy Things Up Underfoot Room carpeting not only creates a clear delineation between the hardwood entrance foyer of the bedroom area at WestHouse, it also "sends a relaxing signal to the guest," JBI explains. Copy the design trick at home underneath a cluster of seating in the living room or under your bed. White floors at The William feel equally cozy and clean.Keep It Fresh With Flowers Right there alongside a bellman to help you transport your bags, you'll almost always find a bouquet of fresh flowers in the lobby of a decent hotel. If you aren't lucky enough to live in this super-fancy Miami residence where management ensures that each unit is always filled with the owner's favorite flowers, check out one of our new favorite sources for fresh blooms:Flower Muse ...Or Bring In Other Yummy Scents Fragrance gurus 12.29 and DayNa Decker are responsible for the woody, verdant aromas that greet you throughout WestHouse hotel; these seven spring scents would stand in just as well at home.Have something to say? Check out HuffPost Home on Twitter Facebook Pinterest Tumblr and Instagram ** Do you have a home story idea or tip? Email us at . (PR pitches sent to this address will be ignored.)
How to Make a Hotel Bed at Home
Why are hotel sheets made of percale? On the loom, percale is woven tightly so that it has a structured and crisp feel; it's also more durable than flexible fabrics such as sateen, so it can withstand the frequent washing and ironing that hotels require. Our has that same crisp, structured nature, with an extra dose of comfort.AFFORDABLE HOTELS IN LAS VEGAS?the hotel mandalay bay flamingo luckzorany hotels in SEATTLE with rooftop decks?Inn at the Market has a nice rooftop and one of the best locations in the city (right at Pike Place Market). The rates may be lower than the 4 Seasons, but it's still not cheap at all. This is not the kind of amenity that is regularly included in less moderately priced hotels in this area. 3/4 of the year it's raining and cold, and a rooftop deck would get no use during that time.Do u LIKE STAYING @ HOTELs?ya who doesnt... nice poll nice suite nice hotel If it is like 2 star or some shyt, then **** no.What are the best honeymoon hotels in Paris?Well, I suppose that depends on your budget. Money no object? The Plaza Athenee.However - have you considered a wonderful AirBnB apartment? Live like a real Parisian. Walk the streets. Go to a local market and buy some fresh bread, cheese, a roasted chicken, a bottle of wine. Stop by for a pastry at the local bakery. There's no better life.What are the best honeymoon hotels in Paris?Hotels in Dallas Texas?That is a tricky question because of factors of budget and location. The All-Star peripheral stuff is in Dallas near and in the American Airlines Center where the Mavs play, but the All-Star Game itself is in Arlington 20 miles west of the AAC. I still would reccommend staying around there because most of the activity will be around the Dallas area and its more fun. If the money is not a problem, I would suggest the W hotel because its nery nice and in the heart of the Victory Plaza complex that the AAC is in. Others in that class is the Crescent hotel, Zaza, Joule, Hyatt, Anatole, Mansion on Turtle Creek, The Warwick Melrose. If you are more budget conscience, Springhill Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Sheraton Dallas.What are the creepiest things that happen in a hotel on a regular basis?Thank you, my friend, for asking me to reply to your question. Good Evening.Well, although hotels do not really advertise this fact, people die. In their hotel rooms. In the hotel beds. In the hotel bathtubs. In the hotel "gym."Yet, the hotel does not do anything more than rent out the same rooms, the same beds, the same bathtubs, and the same gym equipment. 'Creepy. No?I hope you have a lively Evening, my friendIce age cometh? Global warming, People, sprays etc. What did Gore say about this in the 70's?MOSCOW, Aug. 25 (UPI) -- A Russian scientist predicts a period of global cooling in coming decades, followed by a warmer interval. Khabibullo Abdusamatov expects a repeat of the period known as the Little Ice Age. During the 16th century, the Baltic Sea froze so hard that hotels were built on the ice for people crossing the sea in coaches. The Little Ice Age is believed to have contributed to the end of the Norse colony in Greenland, which was founded during an interval of much warmer weather. Abdusamatov and his colleagues at the Russian Academy of Sciences astronomical observatory said the prediction is based on measurement of solar emissions, Novosti reported. They expect the cooling to begin within a few years and to reach its peak between 2055 and 2060. "The Kyoto initiatives to save the planet from the greenhouse effect should be put off until better times," he said. "The global temperature maximum has been reached on Earth, and Earth's global temperature will decline to a climatic minimum even without the Kyoto protocol."Spring Break Hotels in Daytona Florida?Try checking out wyndham ocean walk, that's where we are staying! Its ideal because its attached to oceanwalk shoppes (google it) and a short walk to the pier, bars, clubs, etc. However, since wyndham is a timeshare resort it is a lot higher quality and has less of the too- crazy partiers. Let me know if you want more info!
The Best Hotels in York, UK
The city of York was founded by the Romans in 71 AD as a defensive walled settlement in the extreme north of England. The city is now one of the most historic and populous metropolitan centers in the United Kingdom and is considered the Capital of the North. York is quickly becoming a favorite getaway destination in England for its down-to-earth people, fascinating history and new influx of luxury accommodations.Hotel du Vin York is a luxury boutique hotel located in the historic center of York city, in an area known as The Mount. Formerly a 19th century private home, the hotel has 44 stylish and well-appointed guestrooms with features such as Egyptian cotton bed linens, hand-sprung mattresses, deep bath tubs and power showers. The hotel has an award-winning bistro and wine bar on the premises, which has an extensive wine cellar, full bar and a simple, unpretentious menu. The hotel is close to York Minster, Beingbrough Hall and Gardens, and other local attractions, as well as shopping and dining. The hotel is entirely non-smoking, but an on-site cigar store does allow smoking. Hotel du Vin York89 The MountYork YO24 1AX, United Kingdom01-90-455-7350hotelduvin.comThe Churchill is considered one of the finest hotels in York, located in the historic city center just blocks from many local sights. Housed in an opulent late Georgian mansion built in 1827, the Churchill combines historic charm with modern amenities. The hotel has 32-guestrooms, designed and decorated by Oliver Redfern and David Richard Mellor to complement the original features of the building while giving it a modern attitude. Wireless internet and satellite television are complimentary at The Churchill, and in-room continental or full Yorkshire breakfast is available to guests. The Churchill's Piano Bar and Restaurant is a refined yet casual eatery with an updated menu of Yorkshire dishes. The Churchill 65 BoothamYork YO30 7DQUnited Kingdom01-90-464-4456churchillhotel.comLocated across the square from York Minster, the Best Western Dean Court Hotel is a 37-room, 4-star boutique hotel standing in the historic heart of York. Rooms feature Egyptian cotton linens, complimentary umbrella, complimentary Harrogate Spa mineral water (on arrival day), cable television, secure, wireless internet, and a trouser press. Coffee makers or tea service comes standard in all rooms. Dining at the hotel is available at the DHC Restaurant or The Court Cafe Bistro, but the hotel stands within walking distance of many restaurants. The hotel is entirely non-smoking.Best Western Dean Court HotelDuncombe PlaceYork YO1 7EFUnited Kingdom01-90-462-5082
What Is the Difference in Luxury Bed Sheet Thread Counts? What Type of Bed Sheets Do 5-Star Hotels U
Sheet thread count is very important. A very high thread count, can be hot in the summer. A low thread count, 200 or under, is a cheap sheet and you will feel the threads. It is not just the thread counts but the type of cotton , like Egyptian cotton that makes the 5 star hotel sheets feel so good. The egyptian cotton threads have longer fibers and make for a smoother sheet, it also last forever. That link in your dryer is the threads breaking loose from the fabrics. The longer the fiber the less breaking of the ends . So if you are looking for a soft smooth sheet, look for egyptian cotton, in a 400 count, any more then that can only be used in the winter. 400 is a good all year around sheet1. How do I get rid of bug spray stains on my clothes?try a little kerosene on a small cotton to wipe them off - this will work only with cotton or cotton silk mix dresses. try the laundry - they misht give you some solution and you dont have to buy the whole bottle just for one shirt2. help with cotton?I am assuming you want fabric with stretch, and as mentioned most cotton is absorbent, so you will want to avoid a fabric with a high percentage of synthetic fibers such as polyester, so what you are looking for would be a 100% cotton knit or a cotton and spandex or elastane knit. Do not buy a woven fabric, it wo not have enough stretch and some woven cotton fabrics are chemically treated so they are no longer sift and absorbent such as the finish used to make fabric for men's shirts. As I said, I think what you want is a cotton knit.3. Poll: Pink Cotton Candy Or Blue Cotton Candy!?We call cotton candy "fairy floss"4. what is the difference between organic cotton and 100% cotton?Organic just means that no pesticides or any other chemicals were used when growing the plant. 100% cotton just means that there's no other fabric mixed in with the cotton when making a product. 100% organic cotton would mean the same thing but no chemicals or pesticides were used.5. How do I adjust a knitting pattern for different yarn and needles?Well, you can gauge it out, but if you have the light weight yarn, you are not going to like the hat because it wo not be the hat that's pictured. You will have something very open and lacy, rather than the solid, sock type knit hat pictured. And a heavier yarn, well, you might as well be knitting a winter hat (yes, cotton can be warm). If you want to get what you see, get the right sized needles6. I need help with my costume?Well... you could perhaps put on long johns put a lot of cotton in the back of the diaper. Your butt will stay warm and it looks like you took a poop in your diaper. haha make people laugh7. What shall I wear for a jog or cycling?When I mountain bike I wear Under Armor heat gear loose clothing. Either UA running shorts & shirt, or sweatpants in the cold weather. UA is expensive but it is so comfortable. Under Armor also rocks because it dissipates sweat so much better than cotton. Last thing you want is your clothes feeling like you are wearing a soaked towel right after a shower. You could wear biking shorts & shirts, but I personally am not a fan of skin tight spandex or lycra clothing, even though it DOES offer less wind resistance than loose clothing does.8. What am I allergic to?maybe your allergic to the type of cotton your bedsheets or clothing is made of. Try changing it. I would see a doctor or dermatologists also though9. My Dog's Ear stinks, How do i treat it?This is NOR normal. I really like the smell of my dog's ears. If you dog's ears really stink, then yes, it is an infection. How do you know it's not an infection? Did you get a vet's help? If not, you have no idea whether or not it's a fungus or infection. Get a vet's help. Do not listen to those who think it's alright to put a Q-Tip in your dog's ear, because it will just make it worse. Putting a Q-Tip in an infected ear leaves cotton behind, and can make the dog's ear horribly untreatable. See a vet ASAP. Talk to your parents, and tell them it's an emergancy. RL
Caged Beds, Champagne Glass Hot Tubs and Adult Toy Boxes 10 of the Wackiest and Coolest Hotels to S
FANCY something a bit different for a Valentine's break?If a luxury hotel room, with flowers and champagne, is a bit too run of the mill for your tastes, there are some weird and wonderful alternatives out there.Take a look at these unique themed hotel rooms around the world.Fancy a bit of erotic cage fighting, or even a dual podium dance?The Two Lions room at Propeller Island City Lodge might be the venue for you.The Berlin hotel boasts a twin set of cages on stilts, 1.5 metres off the ground, for a unique sleeping experience.Each one with a curtain to tease your audience with extra caginess.Think Cell Block Tango from Chicago - and have a wild night in captivity.If your idea of heaven is combining bubbly with bath bubbles, the Cove Haven Resort in Pennsylvania has it all.The Champagne Tower suite features a seven foot high whirlpool tub for two, shaped like a cocktail glass.Another of the suites in the hotel also features a heart-shaped pool so you can make a romantic splash with your Valentine.Art lovers get to sleep inside a Van Gogh painting in this unique hotel room in Chicago.The Bedroom in Arles room, at the city's Art Institute, is decorated to replicate the masterpiece from Vincent Van Gogh.It's a cheap and cheerful stay too - at £7 a night through Airbnb.The Maison Souquet in Paris, designed by Jacques Garcia, is a trip back in time.The boutique hotel is decorated to pay homage to the Belle Epoque period of the late 19th Century and is pure aristocratic luxury.For example one room, named Rita, boast thousands of peacock feathers.The BGX suite at Soho's Sanctum Hotel is one for the kinkier client.Billed as London's first 'luxury erotic suite' and lined with saucy pictures from artist Ray Burmiston, it boasts an adults only 'toy cupboard.'But it's not just the kinky accessories that will make your eyes water - the key to the cupboard will cost you £100.Man who was secretly in love with childhood pal for 30 years proposes in ALDIJeremy Kyle: Pregnancy joy for lesbians after they found sperm donor ... on FacebookMeet the six-year-old taking the beauty pageant circuit by storm ... by pretending to be Jeremy KyleNature lovers can get high on love in a treehouse in the woods, in this romantic woodland hideaway.The luxury treehouse for two, in the Theddingworth, Leicestershire, is in the grounds of Hothorpe Hall.While visitors stay close to nature, they still live the high life - with a king size bed, walk in shower and a wooden patio with views across stunning countryside.The Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho is the world's only Beagle-shaped hotel (we think).The rooms are decorated with pooch-themed furniture made by resident chainsaw artists Dennis and Frances and lucky visitors get to sleep in a loft room in the head of the hound.Barking mad.The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield tales its inspiration from the Moulin Rouge, the iconic Parisian club.The fifteenth century coaching inn has copper baths, dramatic gold beds and heavy drapes in decadent 19th century style.Their annual Valentine's party features dancing girls and romantic dinners in secluded booths - padded for extra, erm, comfort.If passions run too high on Valentine's night, the Ice Hotel in Sweden will cool the ardour.Founded in 1989, the frozen ice palace is 200 km from the Arctic Circle and sculpted from ice from a nearby river.The hotel melts every spring and is rebuilt every winter, with new designs.High in the trees in the rainforests of Vancouver Island, these spaceship-like spheres and perfect pods for lovebirds.The handcrafted spheres are made from cedar, Sitka Spruce and fibreglass but may not be ideal for seasickness sufferers - as they hang by tethers and sway in the breeze
Luxury Hotels in the Theatre District of London, England ...
The majority of London theaters are within an area commonly known as Theatreland, located in the West End. The area is bordered by The Strand to the south, Oxford Street to the north, Regent Street to the west and Kingsway to the east. Shaftesbury Avenue, the epicenter of Theatreland, is home to six commercial theaters. Several popular attractions are located nearby, including the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery and Covent Garden. For easy access to restaurants, nightclubs, quirky boutiques and numerous shows, stay in one of the luxury hotels in the Theatre District on your next trip to England.With fine dining, elegant guest rooms, a 24-hour business center and a location in the heart of the Theatre District, this West End luxury hotel is suitable for both business and leisure travelers. All 298 guest rooms provide plasma television, high-speed Internet access and a large desk with an ergonomic chair. In addition to the business center, the hotel includes the executive lounge and seven meeting rooms for up to 400 people. Guests may enjoy afternoon tea service in the Homage Patisserie, relax over a meal of modern European cuisine in the Homage Grand Salon restaurant or unwind with an evening cocktail in the Homage Bar. An indoor heated pool and fitness room give you the opportunity to maintain your workout routine, or you can venture out to explore the many attractions within walking distance, including Covent Garden. The Waldorf Hilton London Aldwych London, England WC2B 4DD United Kingdom 442-0-7836-2400 in the heart of Covent Garden, this privately owned luxury hotel features an urban, contemporary decor within an Edwardian building. With modern British cuisine and close proximity to the theaters, the Axis restaurant is a convenient choice for a pre- or post-theater meal; and the Lobby Bar offers an extensive list of original cocktails. Guests may also enjoy the modern European menu and healthy dishes made from organic ingredients, served at the casual Indigo restaurant. Artworks and sculptures from a private collection are exhibited throughout the property, including at least one display of original artwork in each of the 93 guest rooms and 12 suites. The stylish suites feature a private gym, kitchen and terrace. All accommodations include down duvets; Frette linens; complimentary Wi-Fi; and spacious bathrooms equipped with eco-friendly bath products, mist-free mirrors and a mini television. Guests receive daily deliveries of fresh fruit and flowers in their rooms and have access to a CD library and 24-hour room service. Additional amenities include a chlorine-free swimming pool with underwater music, a 24-hour 8,000-square-foot gym staffed with personal trainers, spa treatments from Natura Bisse and a private screening room equipped with high-definition Blu-Ray and Dolby Digital surround sound and blue leather seats. One Aldwych 1 Aldwych Covent Garden, London, WC2 4BZ United Kingdom 442-0-7300-1000 between the National Gallery and Leicester Square, this luxury hotel is in the heart of the West End. With a minimalist style featuring pale leathers and original artwork, the hotel creates a contemporary, tranquil atmosphere. All 60 guest rooms provide deluxe cotton bed linens, sleek plasma televisions and elegant glass and marble bathrooms. Hotel amenities include a fitness center, business services, three meeting rooms, a dedicated conference team and complimentary wireless Internet access available throughout the property. Guests may sample seasonal British favorites and selections from the seafood bar in the casual Leicester Square Bar and Restaurant. Although the hotel's location is quiet, a short walk past the National Gallery will bring you to Trafalgar Square, St. James's Park and Buckingham Palace, while a stroll through Leicester Square and the Theatre District leads to the restaurants, shops and nightclubs of Soho, Chinatown and Covent Garden.Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel 3-6 Martin St. London, WC2H 7HL United Kingdom 442-0-7930-8641 radissonedwardian.comBetsy Bender is a media consultant with experience in publishing, event management, media relations, digital media and television production. Specializing in entertainment, travel and sports, Bender has worked with high-profile personalities, facilitated publicity campaigns for network television programs and traveled to more than 100 cities in eight countries, including Russia and Australia.
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