Spot Cat Information Technology Intelligent Door Lock Demonstration Wuhan Ocean Manor Villa - Jiang

Project Name: Wuhan ocean manor villa intelligent security project

Completion time: July 13, 2015

User requirements:

Mr. Jiang, the villa owner of ocean manor, is a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry. For professional reasons, the owner pays special attention to the security system around the villa. He hopes that the villa intelligent security solution we provide can protect the surrounding security 24 hours, realize the functions of visual intercom, security monitoring and intelligent control, and create a high-quality and humanized family environment.

Project introduction:

Ocean manor is located on the Bank of Townsend Lake in Optics Valley, with scarce lake scenery resources. The manor adopts a four door design, which is composed of the main entrance door, the project entrance, the courtyard door and the entrance door, which fully reflects the privacy and respect of the community. The building of the community is in Spanish style, and the facade adopts cultural stone and high-grade waterproof coating. The garden adopts the new Chinese garden, which makes the perfect integration of architecture and garden.

For successful entrepreneurs such as owners, family security is the top priority. We designed two security lines. All windows and entrances of the villa are the first perimeter. Wall mounted passive infrared curtain detectors are installed in all entrance doors and window areas to form the first line of defense;

HD surveillance cameras recorded 24 hours around the villa form a second line of defense. Once an illegal intrusion is found in the area, the security alarm will give a harsh warning sound. The system will take the initiative to call the alarm number and send text messages to the owner and his family's mobile phones to remind the specific area where the alarm occurs. The owner can immediately check the situation at home through mobile phone monitoring, and can remove / deploy defense remotely. Everything is under control.

User comments:

Since we installed the spotted cat's safety suit, we don't have to worry about family safety. We only know that with it (spotted cat), we are safe. Because of the need of work, I am often away from home, but with this set of equipment, I can know the situation at home at any time, such as when and how many times the door has been opened, which saves me a lot of unnecessary worries and troubles.

Spot Cat Information Technology Intelligent Door Lock Demonstration Wuhan Ocean Manor Villa - Jiang 1

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