Sony Spent Five Years Building Toys?

Sophomore went to Japan some time ago. On the day I came back, I always felt that something had not been completed at the airport. Then I thought - my God! Another achievement has not been achieved: taking photos in front of Sony Dafa.

Coincidentally, on the day the sophomore came back (children's day on June 1), Sony released a toy robot - toio at the Tokyo Toy Exhibition

It is said that Sony spent five years to develop this set of toys. Execuxe Me? It looks like a few small circles and squares. It will take five years. It's strange that Sony won't go bankrupt.

However, the sophomore is too naive. After reading the introduction of toio, the sophomore, an old teenager, can't help but: "I want, I want, I must buy..."

Toio is a "stem" toy created by Sony for children. The purpose is to better enlighten children's programming thinking and develop children's programming ability through daily toys.

Popular science time: stem is the abbreviation of the English initials of four disciplines: Science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The composition of toio is very simple. (one host, two rings, two squares)

Simple, fun and interesting. The most important thing is that Sony integrates AI functions to make toio have unlimited possibilities. Two small squares are connected with paper, and they have the same life in an instant. Why do I think of caterpillars.

Run, big pants. Sleep you MB, get up hi.

It's also good to clip a ball.

Spin jump, I close my eyes.

Get out of the way. Something's coming to me. It's amazing. Sony calls these "working creatures" capabilities. Using this toy kit, we can simply imitate the actions of at least 15 creatures.

It's so creative. Leave a video for the poor friends to see for themselves. It's not over yet. It just introduces the playing methods of two small squares. Two small rings are used as remote controls, which can control small squares in space.

Children can give play to their creativity and practical ability.

Play with a greedy snake.

Let's have a relay race.

Even a duel with a good friend. While playing games, it can also cultivate children's hands-on creativity. Cultivate children's programming thinking without touching any complex code..

Yes, after all, it's faith. It's really Sony. So, don't look at it, bad friends. Go chop your hands! Toio's official website has been open for reservation, but it can only be delivered around December this year.

Twenty or thirty thousand yen, equivalent to more than 1000 yuan, is really not expensive at all.

Uncle's smile was handed over to his friends.

Sony Spent Five Years Building Toys? 1

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