RHH Fans: Is Hip Pop a Valid Art Form?

RHH fans: Is Hip Pop a valid art form?

RHH Fans: Is Hip Pop a Valid Art Form? 1

"And for those that say it's not, what makes you any different than a person that bashes all rap?" ^^^ Agreed.

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Is properly speaking an art form?

I am sure a lot consider it classy. Are you sure your question would not be more proper written:' Is speaking properly an art form?

RHH Fans: Is Hip Pop a Valid Art Form? 2

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Have you ever become wrought with emotion after looking at a photo of a place you've never seen?

Yes. Photography is an art form. The objective of art is to evoke an emotional response. Photographers do it with pictures, painters do it with brushstrokes. I am a writer and I try to do it with words.

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What art form is the most representative of Han Chinese culture?

Disclaimer: I rely on Wikipedia for my answer because it indicates sources from historian and professionals that it cited from at the bottom. No part of my answer is given as a self opinion. Most arts are actual historical arts taken from the museums. Rather than Han Chinese culture, I would just say Chinese. Chinese culture and arts were created and developed together by both Han and all other ethnic groups that reside in China during prehistoric times. They were considered as Chinese too.Han Chinese is an umbrella group that absorbs all non-Han cultures that came along with it. It's not surprising that some Han cultures have a non-Han origin that was absorbed into Han culture.Porcelain and Ceramic artsPorcelain making was an important Chinese art. It was sold to the wealthy throughout Europe and Asia. Porcelain making involves sculpting the porcelain and drawing decorations and designs on it.Buddhist figurines; by Qiao Bin; circa 1503;Statuettes of dancers; 8th century (Tang Empire); ceramic;Two flasks with dragons; 1403-1424; underglaze blue porcelain;Vase; last quarter 18th century; porcelain with openwork medallionsJar: 18th century; porcelain painted in overglaze famille rose enamels; height: 61 cm;Vase; 18th century; cloisonné enamel; height: 36.8 cm, width: 17.8 cm;Chinese moon-gate bed; circa 1876; satinwood (huang lu), other Asian woods and ivory;Chinese sculpture and teracottaChinese sculpture is a very old form of Chinese art. Chinese sculptures mostly draw important human figurines as well as Chinese gods and Buddha. Yes, the ancient Chinese actually believe in gods and so do some of them todayVotive stele with Buddha Shakyamuni; dated 542Statue of the luohan Tamrabhadra; 10th-13th centuryBodhisattva Avalokiteshvara in water moon form (Shuiyue Guanyin); 11th centurySeated luohan (arhat) in a grottoThe Flying Horse of Gansu, circa 300; bronze; height: 34.5 cm, length: 45 cm; width: 13.1 cmLeshan BuddhaChinese decorative artFolding screen and other objects in the house were often decorated with arts and pictures. Decorative arts can draw natural images such as scenery but it can also be combined with Chinese calligraphy that write words with deep meaning.Covered box with pavilion and figures, China, Yuan dynasty, 1300s AD, carved lacquerFolding screenSource:Chinese art - Wikipedia

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How do I use words to make someone heart beat? How do you use words so someone heart falls for you?

Thanks for the A2A. Ah yes... the language of love. Poetry - when done right - is emotion put to words. Poetry should be rousing (and in some cases arousing as well) and should feed the passions of the reader. In short, poetry should make you feel something. So how to target the poetry at a specific individual?First the bad news: There is no cookie-cutter formula or a one-size-fits-all answer that I can give you. What moves me may not move you and may do nothing either way for the object of your desire.Now for more bad news: Generally speaking, people will not fall in love with you because of a poem. They *might* fall for you if you've done your homework on the poem and it's just one part of your overall approach, however.So here's the deal... what do you know about the object of your affections? What stirs them and moves them? If you've written words that are geared for that person then they may be impressed that you took the time to truly understand them.You will notice I used the word "truly" there. It's important. Be authentic. If she is into, for example, environmental protection, and you believe in strip-mining the earth, she's going to know if you are not being sincere. You can not properly fake being something you are not in poetry. I could write a poem about brain surgery, but people would very quickly figure out it's not where my heart is at nor where my interests lie. Some women like raunchy limericks, others like brilliantly-crafted sonnets, some others like evocative and emotive passages, while others do not care about poetry at all. As I said earlier, there is no single solution here.In order for people to feel something in your poetry, you must feel it yourself as you write it. You are putting yourself out there - poetry is an art form, and like art itself, it's subjective. What opinions, feelings, and passions do you both share? Find out what those are and pen the poem.When it comes to "making" someone fall for you, there is no magic spell, potion, or poetry; there's just two human being making a connection. A nicely crafted poem may be well-received, but it's just a single part of your overall efforts. Good luck.How do I use words to make someone heart beat? How do you use words so someone heart falls for you?

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