Prozac and Paxil on the Same Day?

prozac and paxil on the same day?

Prozac and Paxil on the Same Day? 1

Yeah, you might benefit from waiting a little before you take it. Call your doctor. Generally, you are fine to switch between SSRI's but since Prozac has such a long half life (meaning how long it stays in the blood), you might benefit from tapering a dose before you switch or doing a short wash out period. This is especially true if you were on higher doses. Here's the reasoning to discuss with your MD: 1) Fluoxitine has a long half life and has an active metabolite. Its in the blood for days. 2) Serotonin syndome risk (this is dependent on your dose) and only is an issue because of reason above. 3) It is a potent inhibitor of CYP 2D6, and Paxil is also metabolized by 2D6. Since the half life of fluoxitine is a few days before its broken to its metabolite, this might be an issue. Should your doctor not think its necessary in his experience, just be vigilant of fevers or you notice you are shivering and getting hot or you notice your muscles twitching. Should you notice that, alert your MD right away and go to the ER. (This is not common, but its important to know just in case). Good luck.

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I thought the AFC and NFC Championships were on the same day?

i agree with the first answerers. the wild card and divisional games are having different days, but the two of four games in each conference play in the same day and as for the conference championship it is in the same day, but in the different time. for example: the even number years the afc conf. games play first and then the nfc conf. games to play. the odd number years the nfc conf. games play first and then the afc conf. games to play.

Prozac and Paxil on the Same Day? 2

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Getting a tattoo and going to a concert on the same day?

for $20 its going to be mighty small and i question how good they are that they have time to do $20 sale days my artist is booked for 7-9 months ahead as he is in high demand anyway not the point as it will be so small, you should unwrap after an hour and clean it and then put lotion on and pull your sock up over it dont leave it wrapped, that just makes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow if you cant wash, dry and apply lotion, and keep a sock over it, wait until the next time

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Can I dye and rinse my hair in the same day?

It depends if you dye your hair around 6am and probably dry it past 8pm lol

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Is it okay to wash your hair the same day you colored it?


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Is it possible to order DSL or cable internet and get it installed the same day?

There are other people who would be scheduled before you for installation. Once you call to order, the sales people will have a list of open appointments that you can choose from. It's usually about a 5-7 days or so after you've ordered it, that they will be there to install.

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Dying hair twice in the same day?

Try to just do the parts that did not get dyed or conversely go to a professional and get it done correctly

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wow...ok well u were wrong cuz u insulted her like a million times in the same day...jus beg 4 forgivness and buy her sum kind of jewlery (not the cheap kind)

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How do I buy and sell a car in the same day?

Take your old car to the dealer, many dealers take old cars in for cash, maybe not as much as selling it private but if its a decent car you can probably trade it in, in exchange for a few payments/down payment or whatever. If you sell your old car, use public transit to go view others. Taxi, bus, get a ride from friends. If you find a car you like at a dealer but its sold by the time you have made you mind up, they will ship another one in (My Mom did this). These are all based on the assumption that your new car would be financed from a dealer because financing a car from a private seller is unheard of

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