Order for Piece of Furniture When There Is a Qualifier

Stylistically, I prefer: DIY-assembly furniture to self-assembly furniture or flatpack furniture. Those are titles one sees in advertising, etc. and would be: Self-assembly furniture no piece; DIY-assembly furnitureHowever, the sentence (which you posted in French originally) about a single piece of furniture would be written differently in an article about furniture. Adjectives like beautiful would only be found in a description. Not in instructions or titles.As writing, there are many ways to actually write the idea.Description in an article:

- This beautiful piece is self-assembly furniture.

- This self-assembly piece is beautiful.

no need for furniture as the article is about furniture, for example.

- Other ways I can't think of right this minute.Having said that, in English, one would usually avoid: This is etc. for this context. /This is etc./ would be "stylistically" and "descriptively" weak.So, context is everything. "Resistance is futile".Added later: In English, we would tend to name the piece of furniture in instructions: DIY-assembly table or bed or chest of drawers. DIY-assembly of bedroom set (bed, dresser and whop-knows-what)

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What is software? How does it tell the computer what to do? Computers and other electronics are just a bunch of circuits. How was the first program written?

First programs were written by directly setting bits in memmory. Takes the effort, yes, thats why people invented loaders.Altair computer, a diy set, used this approach. Basically, you would punch a card so to represent a binary state of internal memmory, put it into loader and switch to programming mode, so that machine reads that card and setup bits in memmory according to punched holes on a card - if there is a hole there is a contact of two surfaces separated by puched card. So much for loading process.This was later improved by using tapes and disc drives but the general idea is the same- load into memmory from the start of the drive.Then, put internal address/instruction pointer to first field and start copying bytes into processor registers, decode the loaded inatruction, and execute. This part is mostly hardwired inside a processor unit.There are computers with separate memmory for instructions and for data, and with one memmory for both (harvard and von neumann,respectively) and latter is used in PCs.Things got complicated through all the years, and there is BIOS, loaded from CMOS on motherboard etc. to enable multiprocessing, OS monitoring and all, but general idea is the same - copy initial memmory state from external memmory device into RAM and move instruction pointer to first byte, load ibto registers, execute, load execute load execute etc


Can I set thresholds for 74HC14N (6 NOT gates)? and use as schmitt trigger

The thresholds for the 74HC14 can not be modified externally from the chip. The thresholds actually vary quite a bit, as shown in the following table from the datasheet:With a 6v supply, it appears the maximum low threshold VT- (3.2v) can supposedly be greater than the minimum high threshold VT (2.

1v), however this is actually overridden by the last parameter VT - VT- which guarantees the minimum separation of 0.5v. However as one can see, there is not much control over these values.However you can add a precise amount of hysteresis to a comparator using the following circuit:where V2 is the high threshold value (turn off) and V1 is the low threshold (turn on).

The resistor values are calculated using the following relationships:$$fracR3R1 fracV1V2 - V1$$$$fracR2R1 fracV1Vref - V2$$The calculations are made much simpler using this online calculator.And here are some additional circuit notes from TI about adding hysteresis to comparators.If one doesn't have a comparator available, an op-amp can be substituted, but it is not as satisfactory as discussed here. Nevertheless, the datasheet for the LM324 even includes a circuit for using it as a comparator with hysteresis:quite similar to the one shown earlier (just no resistor from the input to ground)


Scary moments - what temperature for broiling?

From what you say, it sounds way too hot. I don't know about temperatures, and it seems odd to try to measure, since the element will be "very hot" and the actual temperature you get will depend on distance. But in my experience, most broilers especially at a healthy distance of 3 inches from element to food will take a minute to really brown the top of an already cooked dish, and after that it'd more likely char than ignite. And things like broiling peppers (with plenty of turning) can take 5-10 minutes.

I think some of the suggestions in the comment are your best bet. First just try cooking something and watching carefully, to see how long it takes to brown. Maybe you had a fluke - some unexpected spatter. (I know you said no, but mac and cheese can have plenty of goopy stuff that'd be just right for a big bubble or glob to pop up and catch.) Maybe it's not actually as bad as it sounds. But if it is you might be able up fix it somehow.

Failing that, I think GdD might be right about the torch. You could try cranking it all the way up - 550F on the top rack will definitely brown things - but it won't be quite the same, and you'll probably cook the bottom too much on some dishes


Concerned I'm being made accessory to fraud and unsure what to do about it closed

It may be possible to take an approach where you aren't the accuser...for example, ask what the procedure would be to add the partner as an employee or supplier, and since it's for tax purposes, is there any tax implication to the company. Let them know the new manager has already informed you of the 10% monthly profit sharing in his contract and just wants to change the payout details. Maybe separately, ask the same person if there's some way to protect or insure the bank account that multiple people currently have unfettered access to. Maybe mention that you could use guidance on a few things, since up to now you've been following a particular comfortable set of rules which have more checks and balances than the current style.This allows you to bring some of these things to the attention of somebody who can verify the details of what this guy is claiming without actually accusing him of wrongdoing. If the home office sees no problem with it, they can tell you how to do it, and you have documentation of the approval (or complicity) that largely absolves you of blame for things you don't actually know for a fact are illegal


Do you prefer a purchased hydroponics system or a DIY hydroponics system?

Thanks for the A2A. It depends on the level of expertise, time devoted and the level of hassle you are willing to take. You can go with either a fully-built Hydroponics setup or build one yourself. Here are some pros and cons -DIY HydroponicsYou can get your own hydroponics system made for very little money. This is advised if you have some prior experience in Hydroponic systems. You basically need three things - a piping system with holes for planting, full-spectrum LED lights, and a water pump to cycle the nutrient solution in the piping. Setting this up is not exactly easy, nor is day-to-day maintenance, sanitation, cleaning and sterilization. But you have full control over the quality and scale of the system you build.Fully-built Hydroponics SystemsGo with a fully built unit if this is your first time doing Hydroponics. You get an expertly made stand-alone device that does everything you need while staying fully hands-off and automated. This usually costs similar to a DIY unit, and can be good for you if you do not have much time to devote to building and day-to-day operations of a Hydroponics garden.Ultimately, the decision is yours. There are a companies like Herboponics that build both, fully-built units and sell you parts for a DIY setup. Good luck with your farming endeavor!


Should I replace old wooden siding with brick?

Adding a brick facade to the lower front of your house may not be as easy as you may think. Your contractor may have issues with installing a footing to support the weight and proper backing to attach the brick ties, not to mention building out all the window and door jams to match the new depth. This could be a very expensive change. As far as adding value; value is in the eyes of the beholder when it comes to cosmetic choices. A brick veneer will not have the same value as a structural brick wall. Exterior sidings do not command as much value as a new bathroom or kitchen would. The question you have to ask yourself is, "Would a new buyer want to spend the additional $$$ on a brick veneer as opposed to traditional matching siding?" Don't get me wrong, curb appeal is very important, but the style of siding is rarely the "WOW" factor that drives a substantial increased value. Having a clean and neat exterior appearance is the first step in getting folks to walk through the front door with a positive attitude. What people see the first minute once in the door makes all the difference with perceived value


Microchip DIY starting from Verilog

From your description, I'm getting the hint you are looking to physically construct the HW with discrete components from a Verilog description so I'll address this first:Taking on the task to build your own hardware really isn't a useful or practical task to take on. The reason is because your understanding in microcontroller hardware and architecture won't be that much greater if you can physically construct the hardware or architecture. Also, it would get so tedious in doing even trivial things. Constructing HW physically also has no functional benefit. Above is an example of a single "NAND" gate constructed physically. I'm showing this as an example. You would need 5 components simply to accomplish the most primitive logic.

If you are interested in building HW, you should make your HW designs through FPGAs (the field programmable gate arrays you mentioned). There are plenty of development boards that hobbyists can interface with. These boards can help you get started in HW design very quickly. An FPGA is (for sake of simplicity) an "empty" microcontroller, with no architecture or hardware. You design the hardware through some sort of design environment, and the design gets uploaded to the FPGA. This is a great hobbyist style FPGA board that I've personally used: Mercury Nova FPGA.


What kind of car jack do I need for DIY maintenance?

analyzing comprehension is the applicable device you've got. definitely asses your point of vehicle acumen and purchase some analyzing cloth. do not likely understand a timing belt from a serpentine belt? Then commence with between the "dummies" or "finished Idiots" classes. No offense, those are properly written books that create a commonplace beginning of expertise. From there you are able to source a restoration handbook on your make and variety. interior you will discover stated fluids and different significant reference values on your automobile. maintenance schedules, strategies and pictures to steer you. those manuals even assume an ordinary point of skill and make strategies on whilst to hunt for a professional for confusing maintenance. The "production facility" shop handbook would assume training and kit that in simple terms broker experienced mechanics have get admission to to so those may well be of constrained use for us mere mortals. Armed with some e book expertise and a elementary device kit there are various elementary projects you are able to hold out on your individual to shop some funds. 2 bits of advice for you. would take various tries contemporary in a Haynes handbook A mans have been given to appreciate his limits Clint Eastwood action picture line

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