My Neighbor Beats His Wife?

I would call a woman's shelter and get advice from them. Maybe someone from there will come and talk to her. Don't give up on her. Keep calling the police if you think she is in danger. Someone must help her. What's with these women who just won't leave. I don't get it. Remember he might hurt the baby, maybe she is protecting it at this point too

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I am sacred need advice?

Honestly, you are either lying or have some serious family/outside support.

If you already have 2 kids and you're nervous about having more that's a little odd...seems like you should have learned something by now. No?

I don't care how much you love your kids, how much you take care of them, support them, your family, girlfriend, whatever. You guys need to take a break from kids, you're not rabbits. Use birth control. That would show you actually care.


I fear if our child is hurt my marriage will fail?

I can't advise you without the age of the child.

If you're talking about a 6 month old...then I'd kick your butt too.

If you're talking about a 3 year old...then they do need to explore a little.

And it also depends on what these "small accidents" entail.

Is she bumping herself and NOT bruising?

Is she bashing herself and having a massive bruise?

I need more information to help you.

My Neighbor Beats His Wife? 1


What all should I do to get smoker goop out of the house?

Well done you for stopping smoking

You will realise while cleaning what smoke can cause

For painted walls use 1/4 cup vinegar 1/2 cup sugar

and 1/2 cup laundry detergent in hot water use a sponge to clean

then wipe dry using a dry cloth

for wood use dish soap in hot water to create suds

Use these to clean wipe on wipe off to dry

Also use warm soapy water on your windows

Then use squeegee


Twins.No job.Controlling parents, what should I do? LONG story?

I'm 21, go to school full time and work AND take care of my son. Its possible to do all three things.

Its actually illegal for them to be using your food stamps and WIC. Those things are for YOU and YOUR children. I know where you're coming from with the baby sitting deal, that's how I felt til I moved out. Its rough, but my son and I do a lot better bonding wise.


Questions about my six month old lab puppy?

i have a 5 month old lab puppy as well...

i do not let my puppy run loose in the house without my presence, even if i am upstairs and he is downstairs, in this case, he will be crated. my vet and some friends who have owned lab or golden retrievers suggested me not to introduce stairs to him until he is about 8 month old and even so, do not let him running up and down crazily cos his joints are not well developed to be able to let him do that.


When does your baby move from a highchair to a booster?

My son uses a booster when we go to restaurants and what not.(he's 18 months old) Honestly though it's something to really think about. Do you plan on having other children ? I'd get a new highchair that converts into a booster seat. I seen one the other week at Toys R us. That way you can have both :) P.

s Your son/daughter can plenty well sit up on their own at this age. I'm sure he will do fine in a booster seat :)

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How do you keep baby safe when they start pulling up on furniture?

there really cant be by his or her side allday...unless you let nothing get done....

to learn they have to fall a few times...

thats how mine learned.

One thing you can do is make sure no pointed furniture is daughter was walking at 6months on her own...and tripped..and hit the point on the end table..and knocked herself out...

end tables are no no..when your kids are walking...and toddlers...they like to crawl on them,,,stand and jump...they are no no's


I'm 19 weeks should I start buying baby furniture and clothing?

I would suggest that you begin after finding out the sex of your baby.

It's a good time to start looking at and comparing items that you may like. Especially with items like furniture and toys, you may want to comparison shop and see if any of the things you want have been recalled or is not recommended for an infant. It is also a good time to begin a baby registry--if you will be having one.


How do you know if your ready to have a baby?

It's due to the hormones changes in your body as your body is preparing to go into another stage of womanhood.

Having a baby take alot commitment, time and patience. It's not easy to be a mum neither a single mum.

Do have the whole issue re-consider and not act on impulse as the consequence is irreversible.

No hurry to chase the queue of having a kid now. Meet the man u love and u two will raise a bunch of loving kids in the later years. Enjoy your youth now.


I am fostering 4 cute puppie girls, but they keepgoing inside and chewing. Any ideas how to stop it??????

Contain them- if they are small, you can use a baby pool, if they are too big for that, a play pen or x pen. You will still have to clean up after them (obviously) but it will be kept to one area and your furniture or whatever they are chewing on will be safe. If they are old enough to start housebreaking, you can also start crate training them if you have access to 4 appropriate sized crates.


Using a Crib or Bassinet?

A bassinet can be used for a very short time, maybe a month or two! I have a 8yr old & a 10 month old & I used a crib from day 1 for both of them. Make sure you tie the bumper pads an inch above the matress to avoid SIDS. You could also use the infant pillow with attached bolsters which prevents the babies from turning over. The baby is placed inbetween the bolsters to avoid SIDS. This is what I had done. Good luck!


my daughter turned 1 in february 2009 and she's still not walking.?

Your being a good mom and I think she will be fine. Maybe you can help her by sitting across from her and having her try to walk to you. But like the previous comment, if she isn't walking by 18 months, call your doctor. If you want to know sooner, just set up a well baby appointment and then talk to your doctor about it. Or you can do some research online.

Good luck!


How do I change the color of a crib?

In general, yes you CAN refinish any wood furniture by either painting it over, or by stripping and staining ...

BUT ...

For a crib, you have to be extra-careful about what you use. Babies will chew on anything they can reach, so whatever you use, it MUST be non-toxic. For that reason, I'd recommend that either you use the crib as-is, or if you're really set on refinishing, have it done professionally by someone who can use the correct products and sealer to make it safe for your baby.


what age should a child start wearing shoes all the time?

Children should only wear shoes once they start walking and only when you are leaving your home. You floor in your home should be clean so they dont need to wear shoes. You only put shoes on them when you are out and about because the ground is gross. I dont put shoes on my daughter unless we are leaving the house (she cant walk yet) but she wont keep socks on so I have to have shoes on her so that I keep socks on her. Good luck


How do I keep my baby from rolling off the opposite side of the bed?

well i think your son should be in the crib, thats the safest place for him, and probobly the most comfortable, you could roll over and suffocate your son, or he can roll off and hit his head, BUT if you really really want him to sleep with you that bad they sell these wall sort of things that clip on the side of beds, look them up on the internet or something, good luck


Should I declaw my kitten?

I've had cats most of my life . Some were declawed . The ones I have now are not but if I had to do it again I would . One is good with the scratching posts but the other one is ruining everything . I did research ( after the fact ) & it isn't as cruel as it is made out to be if it is done very young . The bone is still forming . Only do the front & if needed they will use the back claws & bite


Help! BABY COMING! I need to know what type of furniture does a baby up to 1 year need?



play chair

high chair

changing table




little closet

that's it..........

My baby is 8 month tomorrow and that's what he usually needs , well food and clothes too of course.

But when he turns a year then i will start making he's own room that's waiting for him. With a new bad, closets, toys, etc.

About websites, there is a lot of them , just go on google and start tiping babystores, babycenter, babiesworld, oh got there is a lot..........


My 8 month old loves pulling things off the shelf, how can I get him to stop?

This is what young children do. It's completely normal. The only thing you can do is move everything you possibly can to levels he can't reach. Or you can store your things in drawers with child-proof locks. If things are too big to move, like a tv, then you should tell the child they cannot touch thing & explain why. If you think it's bad now, wait until Asa starts walking


6 week old standing on own?

my daughter did the same and everyone also told me the same thing. i tried not to let her stand anymore but she had already discovered it so she would cry until i let her stand and then she gets tired. she's over 3 months now and she gets only stronger! in my opinion it's totally ok to do it but not for long. make sure your lil guy gets to do a lilttle bit of both! good luck and congrats


how old was ur child when he or she started to walk ??

My 1st child was 1 yr when she started walking alone and my son was 10 months. Every child is different. Both mine held onto furniture etc. for a few months before walking on their own. I used to let them hold onto my fingers and walk with me!!! It worked really good for me!! Don't rush the walking stage!! You'll be wishing they stayed in one place sooner than you think!!!!

Good Luck!!


I need to clean my leather bag?

I use leather wipes. I find them at target by the furniture polish for about $3.00 and lasts for a really long time. Also Bed Bath and Beyond sells a lot of different leather cleaners I have used they are more like $9 and up but I like the wipes better. I saw Martha Stewart use baby wipes once but I have never tried it, I feel safer with the leather wipes it conditions the leather.


Fleas in basement? Can't vacuum and newborn in the house?

Can you spray some Flea Raid and take the baby out of the house for a few hours? Or close a door to the basement and put a towel or something underneath so the chemicals don't seep out? If you are infested, you need chemicals to kill them off. I have been there and had a baby along the ride. Since the cat is gone, once you kill them, they shouldn't come back. Good luck.


What is better in this situation a crib or a bassinet??

Maybe you should look at moving to a bigger place?

I'm sorry im not too sure about the first question..

But about the second one, i'm sure the dresser would be fine. Just make sure you have something padded on top of the dresser. Maybe some towels or soft blankets, or even a little matteress. A cot matteress maybe? Just so its not a cold hard surface for baby.

Congrats on the baby :)

Its wonderful news.

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Help She Wont Sleep in Her Bassinet?
She's only a week old - and she's still adjusting to her new life, too! She definitely won't be self-soothing at this point, and you certainly won't "spoil" her by holding her.Try swaddling her so she feels secure. Try some anti-gas medicine. Try letting her sleep in a more upright position, like in her car seat; she may have a medical condition that makes it uncomfortable to lay flat - or she just might not like to lay flat. Play soft music or white noise in the background to help her sleep better. Get some suggestions from your doctor.You have some long weeks ahead of you, Mama, but that's what parenting is about. Make sure you and Daddy take shifts to help each other get through it.• Suggested Readingmoving out on my own for the first time? im scared please send advice?You will be OK, I promise!Look at the bright side - you are ONLY 20 minutes away from your family. At the same time, you are on your own! You are embarking on a new adventure!Talk to the management about your questions. Yes, stack-able washer/dryer units are still available. I know what you mean about grocery shopping because I live on the 2nd floor. I try to go to the store every couple of days so that I don't have more bags than I can carry in one trip.The 2nd floor is great because no one lives above me! (no "elephants" walking overhead). The downside is that I can't practice line dancing or do any aerobics to dvd's because I don't want to be the "elephant" to my downstairs neighbors. lol------Toddler climbing INTO, not out of, crib?Sadly there is not much you can do about climbing in general but there is something you can buy at called a crib tent. I bought one for my son when he was newborn to keep the cats out of the crib and to keep him in. It attaches to the top of the crib in a tent like fashion and zips and unzips. It will keep her out and will discourage her climbing it. It will also keep your younger one safe from falling out later. As for the climbing of other furniture you could try time outs when you catch her or distracting her from what she is doing by getting her interested in another activity but if she is a monkey like my son it will be hard. Good luck. You are not alone.------Putting a mattress in a play yard?I thought the same thing when I got a pack and play with changing table for the my newborn to stay at Grandma's house. I found out from several people that they are supposed to sleep on firm surfaces. You will see if you set them on anything too soft how easy they roll. I would be careful about adding a mattress bc the bassinet feature has a weight limit. You need to make sure that the weight of it and the weight of your son aren't over the limit.What I did for my daughter was wrap the mattress pad in one of the many fluffy blankets I got as a gift and then wrapped that tightly with a receiving blanket. If you do this be sure all the ends of the blankets are tucked under and you have a taut surface. It will feel more cushy and will still be safe for baby.------MIL wants us to use her son's old baby bed 22 yrs old.?Do some research on the safety of the baby bed. If it has slats like a crib, check that the slats are close enough together that the baby's head can't fit through it. If it's not safe, you may be able to find a handyman or carpenter to adapt it. Could even make it into something else -- like use the head and foot of it to make the ends of a nice new heirloom toybox / trunk.If you do find that it's safe, and you like the idea of the tradition, embrace it! It will please her, and be a nice tradition for your baby.If you hate the idea, just let her down gently... I'm so flattered by your generous offer, but I really had my heart set on this other bed... Why don't we set it up at your house so we can use it when we visit?------Fleas in basement? Can't vacuum and newborn in the house?Best, absolutely best bug control...diatomaceous earth. It is a naturally occurring substance, not man made or a reactive chemical. In minor amounts it is harmless (for liability reasons pretend you didn't read that) except to bugs. It is microscopically sharp crystals that will cut the outer shell of bugs and then they die. As far as I can tell, it kills all bugs. You can sprinkle DE with a salt shaker all around your basement, behind your furniture, on your dog (not in eyes please), on your carpets and rugs, in kitchen and linen cabinets, pretty much anywhere (I wouldn't put it in the baby's bed, but I wouldn't mind it between my mattress & box springs or in pillow cases & under sheets). It lasts as an effective bug killer until you remove it, and is very cheap at any hardware or pool supply. Only downside, it is visible on dark surfaces------My parents are adopting a 2 yr old girl?Hey!Congrats to you and your family! This is a great choice for ANY family, adoption is a wonderful thing and I'm sure you will all be a great family to the child.Your check list of things looks pretty good. Make sure that some of the toys have an educational purpose, however--and since you didn't give your age, I'll have to guess that you're a teenager. Little sisters can be veryyy annoying sometimes, but don't take any anger out on her. Be the big sister that SHE wants to be...don't party a lot, don't disobey parents, do well in school. Lead by example! Talk and play with your younger sister a lot, because it helps develop emotional and social skills. :)When it comes time to enroll her in school, be part of her education! She'll like that, a lot. Help your parents out with what they need. :)Good luck!-Lish------How can I incorporate antique furniture in a little girls room?It must be a large room I hope and is it going to be shared by both as your little girl will grow and need more space than at this present time in life.Just because the fashion mags have all white at this present time. Colour scheme change from season to season with them as next year it will be pink or blue.Nothing wrong with going all out in antique look. Like match the whole room in say Edwardian or Gothic look what ever as children's rooms can be adapted that way. I nice old fashion rocking horse and dolls house wouldn't go astray. Nice sturdy children table and chairs with a Queen Ann bed and dresser to match bringing out the beautiful wood grain would look nice.Anyway have a Happy New Year.------How can I introduce my new baby to my two dogs?After you've had your baby and dressed him/her give your husband/partner the baby's gro/hat/mits/blanket etc to take home before hand to let the dogs have a good sniff therefore they will be used to the smell when you bring baby home.When your home introduce them separately and work form there only you know your own dogs i would invest in a dog gate between rooms to so you can lock them out the room but they can still see.I would also suggest not letting them sleep/sit on the furniture its not nice the baby will get full of dogs hairs euch !!Don't be offended either but Please never leave your baby alone whether in the crib/pram any were alone with the dog(s) no matter how much they grow to love him/her.------Should I get my teacup Chihuahua spayed?It is much safer to get her spayed. Toy dogs have frequent problem pregnancies and if she were to get pregnant it could kill her. There are also potential diseases that occur in unspayed dogs. Going into heat every few months is messy and gets blood on your carpet. She will be frustrated and tend to mark territory, that means pee around the apartment.1 less risky than pregnancy or diseases2 male dogs are incredibly sneaky and single minded. A friend brings their dog over... Plus being inside is unhealthy. She needs walks as much as any other dog. Otherwise she will be overweight and have joint problems.3 Ask if you can leave her at the Vet's overnight and an extra dayLast there is no such thing as a teacup Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are, according to the breed standard, 2 - 6 pounds. If your dog is already 2 pounds and not yet fully grown, she will be larger than the breed standard, not smaller.------Im 18 live in an apartment with my boyfriend and 6 month old baby.He keeps throwing my furniture out telling .?Why don't you try getting in touch with your family in other states and see if you are able to move in with them? Or ask a friend if you can stay with them just until you get things settled. As for your boyfriend you deserve better no matter how much you may love him don't put you and your baby through that. Call your local police station and get a restraining order on him. He will more than likely get arrested depending on your states policy on domestic issues. Arizona is extremely strict and some one gets arrested on the spot. The police station can also help you find a shelter if its needed. do you and your son a favor and leave while you can it may be hard but in the long run it will be worth it best of luck girly------How to get rid of Roaches??Exterminator! If it the big ones; you don't have a problem yet! If it's the small ones that you see, that means there are more babies running around; that's a problem. The exterminator is your best bet!! My dad's house is surrounded by huge trees; which means the big tree ones. He keeps his house exterminated; and it's not a problem. If you want to go cheaper...get the 'house bombs'! You can get them at Wal-Mart; you set them off in your house and it's get in the nooks-n-crannies! Take your family to the park for the day and bomb the house. Come back, mop, dust, clean as usual! Check the label there is a certain amount of time you need to stay out of the house while it gets bombed! Good Luck!!!------How do i get my dog to not chew thingd? Joe the above link might be of some help however all pups chew because they are bored or are in pain with their teeth coming through. Your parents need to understand this because they would'nt get rid of a teething baby would they? You sound vey worried so make sure you pup has a safe bone to chew on and keep him away from a room that has lots of furniture with wooden legs. My GSD is 9 months old and so far all he has destroyed is a duvet that I bought for him, he has a nice bone and I tire him out with walks and such he also has an indestructible ball. Your Vet can give you a pain killer and once the pup's teeth are through he will stop chewing everything in sight. Pick up clothes and shoes Joe so you are helping the dog.The best of luck to you both.
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Help She Wont Sleep in Her Bassinet?
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Design Scheme of Multi-channel Voltage Measurement Based on Stm32
How Does Temperature Affect the Speed of Sound?
What Is WiFi? Just Tell Me What It Is, and What It's Used For.?
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