My Cat Won't Eat Canned Food. She Only Eats Dry Food. Is This Bad? What Wrong with Her?

my cat won't eat canned food. she only eats dry food. is this bad? what wrong with her?

My Cat Won't Eat Canned Food. She Only Eats Dry Food. Is This Bad? What Wrong with Her? 1

Nothing is wrong with her. :) She just prefers dry food. Just always remember to have fresh water nearby, as eating dry food will make her very thirsty sometimes!

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Dry food only for my dogs?

yes thats perfectly ok. unles it is a puppy. then you should try adding a little water to the food so that they can crunch the food up good. other than that yes its jus fine. most dog owners only feed their dog with dry dog food.

My Cat Won't Eat Canned Food. She Only Eats Dry Food. Is This Bad? What Wrong with Her? 2

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Wet vs. Dry food for a kitten?

Yes, it's VERY bad that she does not eat wet food. Dry food should NEVER be given to cats. The worst wet food is better than the best dry food. Dry causes diabetes, obesity, vomiting, diarrhea, kidney and urinary problems.the list goes on. That said, they sure, they love it. Like kids prefer bread, cereal, cake and pie (sugar/carbs) to steak, salad, nuts, and eggs (protein/fiber). I give her about 10 pieces of Wellness dry every day, jammed into the homemade grain-free chicken food I make from scratch. She ends up eating all the wet to get to the dry. I hate giving her dry, but it keeps her at 9lbs. Without the dry she drops nearly a pound, and she can not afford that. I would try out other brands of wet/canned food. Read the ingredients. There should be no grain (cats can not digest it) and the first 2 ingredients should be some sort of meat or meat broth, and not "by-products". I make my own cat food and supplement that 50-50 with Brandon Farms canned. I have 5 cats and any number of fosters (adults and kittens) at any time, so I simply can not make enough of my own food. And.

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wet or dry food for my cat?

i would give her wet food that way its more easier for her to digest.

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how to get my dog to eat dry food?

give him good food like Natural Choice as it has NO Chemicals Fillers or By-Products in it & has Ever thing a pup or dog needs it is the best for the money to date put the dry down & do NOT give in to him with any thing else he will not starve his self when he gets hunger enough he will eat trust me it's call self preservation ps in 70 yrs of life I have Never seen or had a pup NOT eat dry food due to teeth I start them on dry food about 4 week old and NEVER had one refuse to eat the dry food when hunger

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My puppy chokes on dry food.?

sounds like hes eating too fast try putting a big rock in his dinner bowl so it will so him down

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Why do owners always want dogs to eat dry food?

dry food is less expensive-does not need to be refrigerated-does not spoil when left sitting out-can be left in the bowl through out the day-provides some chewing exercise for the dog

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Raw and dry food diet?

I supplement my dogs' kibble with raw items. I feed chicken wings raw (I cannot find a supplier of chicken backs) I have larger dogs so, I also give turkey necks and gizzards, livers and hearts. I watch how much they get so they stay svelt. Organ meats are very rich and can pack on the pounds if your not careful. I choose these items since they tend to be cheap, availible and do an awesome job at cleaning their teeth. Something that kibble doesnt do very well. 2-3 times a week I also give them a pro-biotic dessert. Its 1 can pumpkin (not pie mix) 1 large container plain yogurt and what ever fruit is in season. Pumpkin is a good source of fiber and yogurt has enzymes and good bacteria.

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is dry food best for cats to eat?

Well I feed my cats dry food and would recommend the brand (Royal Canin) and prefer to treat the with occasional raw food (especially Yellow fin Tuna which Miyo loves) Wet food is good for cats who might not be drinking alot however as they abosrd alot of thier water from the food (I was prescribed specific food from the vet when Miyo was sick). I would say go with dry and give them treats of raw foods (that are recommended by your vet) Also if you have cats eating dry food and immediately switch them over to wet they will probably get diarrea

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