Maintenance After Nail Enhancement

Maintenance after nail enhancement

Looking at my newly made nails, is it beautiful in my heart? However, do you know that your nails and fingertips will be damaged to a certain extent after nail enhancement? So how to maintain after nail enhancement?

1. Strengthen the repair and maintenance of finger edge

After manicure, you will find that your nail surface and finger edge are often dry, and cutin begins to grow around your nails, so it is recommended that girls should wipe more finger edge oil and nail nutrition oil after manicure!

2. Change your hand habits

After manicure, we need to change the stress habits of fingers in life. Try not to use the tip of fingers directly, but use "finger pulp" to do things, otherwise the nails are easy to break.

3. Wear gloves when doing housework

After manicure, you'd better wear gloves in housework, which can effectively avoid yellowing and fading of nails caused by daily necessities containing alkaline chemical reagents.

4. Pay attention to nail cleaning

Generally, girls in nail control will have long nails, and the finger core under the front edge of the nail is easy to hide dirt, so girls should pay special attention to the cleaning of nails. It's best to clean the finger core with a toothbrush when washing your face every night.  

5. Remove nails every 2-3 weeks

Because nails need "rest", it is recommended that girls not enter the dead cycle of "nail enhancement - nail removal - nail enhancement". It is suggested that you can go to the nail shop to remove your nails 2-3 weeks after the nail enhancement, and then rest for a period of time before continuing the nail enhancement industry!

Hazards of regular nail enhancement

The nails are painted with the color of blingbling, and you can successfully attract the eyes every time you stretch out your fingers. Is this the reason why you stick to nail enhancement? But do you make it? Regular nail enhancement will cause a certain degree of harm to nails! Let's look at the hazards of nail polish.

1. The nail color becomes yellow and dull

Because nail polish contains a large number of pigment components, including various mineral pigments, synthetic pigments and so on. If you use nail polish regularly, these pigments will slowly stick to your nails, which will cause the nails to become darker and shiny.

2. Nail edge inflammation

The manicure of Manicure shop should be noted that if the manicure is not thoroughly sterilized, it will indirectly cause fungal infections between the nails. And the chemical solvents in nail polish will stimulate the skin around the nails, causing the skin of the fingers to become hard and easy to develop inflammation and dryness.

3. Stimulate the human nervous system

If you use nail polish for manicure, if you add acetone and ethyl acetate, these two ingredients are easy to produce dizzy irritating odour, which is very irritating to the human nervous system.

4. Hinder the normal growth of nails

Regular use of nail polish will hinder the normal growth of nails, which makes nails become thinner and more brittle, and easy to break.

The right steps for nail enhancement

After reading various tips related to nail enhancement, do you find something missing? Yes, what you lack is such a detailed nail enhancement step! For those who like DIY manicure at home, encyclopedia specially presents the correct steps for manicure. Girls, come and collect it!

1. After washing hands, girls should trim their nails. It's OK to round or square them;

2. Apply nail softening oil on the surface and edge of the nail and gently massage for one minute;

3. Gently push the thick skin on the edge of the finger back to the finger edge with a dead skin push, and then trim and cut it off with nail clippers;

4. Gently polish the nail surface with a polishing strip and apply primer;

5, begin to use nail polish, start from the middle, to the left to the right to complete the nail polish, remember not to apply it back and forth;

6, apply second layers of nail polish, pay attention to wait until the first nail polish is close to all dry, and then second times nail polish.

7. The last step is to polish the Polish, which can make the nail color more bright and make the nail polish last longer.

What should you pay attention to when manicure

Manicure is a goblin. You can't help approaching her! Whether you like to go to nail salons regularly or DIY lovely nails at home, you need to mark the precautions for nail enhancement! Let's follow the Encyclopedia of mother's network. Let's have a look!

1, nail polish must be coated with nail polish before it can be used to protect nails effectively.

2, when choosing nail polish, it is better to use healthy nontoxic water nail polish, because common nail polish often contains carcinogenic toxic chemicals.

3. When you apply nail polish, do not smear the entire nail. Remember not to smear the crescent at the base of the nail, and to leave part of the edge of the nail to let the nails feel air.

4. When nail polish begins to fall, do not use your hands to peel. Remove all the regular nail polish. Remove the nails and breathe out the nails.

5. Try not to choose nail pieces to stick nails. Even if you really need to stick nails, the time should not be too long.

How can nail polish be unloaded?

If the girls' nails begin to fade and fall off, then you can consider removing them! But how should nail polish be unloaded? What should you pay attention to when removing armor? Look down together!

Nail removal steps:

1. Prepare nail wash and cotton pad;

2. Soak the cotton pad in nail washing water;

3. Wrap the cotton pad on the nail surface;

4. Finally, gently wipe the nail surface.

Precautions for armour removal:

1. Nail remover should be appropriate, because these nail removers contain certain chemicals, which will inevitably cause certain damage to nails. It is suggested that girls should use less;

2. The nail remover cannot wipe the nail forcefully, which will make the nail surface dim. The correct usage is to use it together with a cosmetic cotton pad. Stick it on the nail surface after dipping the cosmetic cotton pad with nail washing water;

3. You should choose mild and harmless nail remover. Nail remover containing acetone will hurt your nails.

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