Is Ivanka Trump, Going to Be First Woman President of US?

No, kid. No bubbleheads for prez

Is Ivanka Trump, Going to Be First Woman President of US? 1

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We as American are about to have our First woman President. The majority of Americans want her as President. How about you?

Ok Hillary, jeez you've made your point

Is Ivanka Trump, Going to Be First Woman President of US? 2

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Whats the highest position a woman can currently hold in the US military?

A woman can go as high as promotions will take her. The current superintendent of the US Air Force Academy is a woman, a lieutenant general. When I was on active duty, many years ago, one of my contemporaries was the first woman general in the USMC. I also served with the first female sergeant major in the Marine Corps.

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Ordination of the first woman

When King Suddhodhana, died, Mahapajapati Gotami decided to attain ordination. Mahapajapati Gotami went to the Buddha and asked to be ordained into the Sangha. The Buddha refused and went on to Vesli. Undaunted, Gotami cut off her hair and donned yellow robes and with many Sakyan ladies followed the Buddha to Vesli on foot. Upon arrival, she repeated her request to be ordained. Ananda, one of the principal disciples and an attendant of the Buddha, met her and offered to intercede with the Buddha on her behalf. Respectfully he questioned the Buddha, "Lord, are women capable of realising the various stages of sainthood as nuns?" "They are, Ananda," said the Buddha. "If that is so, Lord, then it would be good if women could be ordained as nuns," said Ananda, encouraged by the Buddha's reply. "If, Ananda, Maha Pajapati Gotami would accept the Eight Conditions it would be regarded that she has been ordained already as a nun."Gotami agreed to accept the Eight Garudhammas and was accorded the status of the first bhikkhuni. Subsequent women had to undergo full ordination to become nuns.

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Who was the first woman Supreme Court justice in U.S. history?

Sandra Day O'Connor, appointed by Reagan in September of 1981, was the first woman justice of the Supreme Court. She just left the bench in January and was replaced by Samuel Alito. Now she's currently the chancellor of the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

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Wouldn't you prefer Sarah Palin as our first woman president rather than a feminist chauvinist pig?

Yuck, yuck, and more yuck! Why would anyone with half a brain want to inflict half-governor Palin on this GOP-damaged nation?? Sarah Palin is an egomaniacal entertainer whose looks will probably last another five years or more, so let Faux (sue-to-lie) "news" have her. She is the Zsa Zsa Gabor of politics---no talent whatsoever but easy on the eyes.

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First woman ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand

Kenney was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the first female U.S. Ambassador to Thailand on September 29, 2010. In her confirmation testimony before the Senate, Kenney noted the long U.S.-Thai treaty alliance "based on a common set of values that define our two peoples" and noted that the relationship "provides important benefits to both countries in health, security, trade and investment, in law enforcement cooperation, and in humanitarian assistance to refugees. As Ambassador to Thailand, Kenney managed the bilateral relationship and led a large U.S. Mission during the consequential 2011 Thai elections, historic 2011 Thai floods, and the 2014 Thai coup. Kenney was known in Thailand for her active use of social media for official and personal diplomacy and use of Thai language for social media messages and videos. The Thai public reacted positively, with her outreach called a "charm offensive" and resulting in a great deal of social engagement with the U.S. Embassy. In 2011, she was awarded the National Thai Language Day award by the prime minister for her high-profile use of the Thai language.

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Marriage and Training of Canada's First Woman Dentist

In 1879, he married Emma Gaudreau Casgrain. He was 15 years older than Gadreau. He trained his wife in dentistry. In 1898, she became the first woman in Canada to be admitted to the profession of dentistry, when she graduated from the College of Dentists of Quebec and obtained her license. She practiced until 1920. Casgrain and his wife had an office on Rue Saint-Jean from 1898.

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Who was the first woman to throw out the first pitch at an MLB baseball game?

i agree with Mrs. Roosevelt, since F.D.R. was ill and confined to a wheelchair, which is why Mrs. Roosevelt might have had the honors,

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