Is It Possible for a NYC Yellow (van) Cab to Move a Twin Bed Mattress?

the cab driver may not be inconvenienced, but the problem is that even a twin mattress and box spring may not fit entirely into a minivan cab. you might want to see if ZipCar has anything big enough to fit (or maybe even Hertz on an hourly basis...)

Is It Possible for a NYC Yellow (van) Cab to Move a Twin Bed Mattress? 1

1. What's the best type of bed and mattress to buy for a 5 yr old? I don't like anything plastic, disney,etc...

Bless you for banning that junky stuff from your house and not polluting your child with it! I had graduated to a regular bed by the time I was five. Because beds do not wear out, I would say go for the highest quality you can possibly afford, and plan to keep this bed forever, using it as a guest bed after your child is grown and gone. You will change out mattresses (also go for the best quality you can) from time to time, but if you choose carefully, you will be happy with the bed forever. While the child is small, you can do things to dress it up if you feel the need. Bed covers of course, but you could also put one or more hooks in the ceiling and hang something to make it tent-like. A five-year-old might even be mature enough to help decide what it should be and participate in the making. A little project! Have fun with this. Do not buy something your child will outgrow right away.

2. i just got a new single bed mattress but now i want to get a double bed in my room what can i do?

Sell the mattress, use the money to get full-sized mattresses and a frame

Is It Possible for a NYC Yellow (van) Cab to Move a Twin Bed Mattress? 2

3. How can I remove cigarette smell out of a bed mattress?

sprinkle some baking soda leave it for a couple of hours, vaccum it

4. How do I get my son out of the crib? And into a toddler bed, or mattress on the floor?

I took my daughter to the store and let her pick out sheets and a blanket for her new bed. Just make it fun for him

5. Can you fill a water bed mattress with air?

You would have to keep it under pressure somehow. The rubber is too thick and heavy for a water bed to remain expanded with just air

6. What is the best way to clean a Twin Bed Mattress, Young child sleeps on it.?

My dog gave birth in the middle of my bed while I was at work. Needless to say it was a mess and I could not afford to run out and buy a new mattress. So I took it off of my bed..took it outside, layed it on my picnic table and sprayed houshold cleaner on it and blasted it with the hose. It came out cleaner than it was to begin with. It took an entire day for it to dry (out in the sun) but it was worth it. It was like I had a brand new mattress again.

7. How long does it take to completely dry a double bed mattress?It was outside and got soaking wet, needs to dry?

haha welll try blow drying it, cause it is gonna take forever for it to dry. i suggest that you keep a bunch of fans drying it for a while... and put a weight on it, so all the water inside slowly squeezes out.

8. Can a MAGNETIC BED/MATTRESS PAD cure lower back pain?

if you have a department store or drug store in your are you can purchase patches to place on your back. i am sure you have seen them on t.v. they smell like bengay but they work

9. What is the typical price range for a full-size bed (mattress and box spring)?

We have inexpensive, reasonable quality full size mattress sets starting at $169. This would be ideal for a child or light adult--175 lbs or less that is a back sleeper. If you are a side sleeper--$2-300 range for guys and $3-400 range for women. The difference being, most guys are pretty straight on the side, where women are more curvy at the waist/hip line. Women therefore require a thicker pillow top to absorb the hip and shoulder areas--to eliminate pressure points. Also, this allows a thick pillow top to conform to the waist region, thereby supporting the spine and preventing that lower back ache in the morning (in L4, L5 and S1 vertebrae).

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