Is It Okay to Express My Opinion in This Research Paper?

It sounds like you are doing a compare and contrast paper since you have two different subjects. Therefore, you would be naming the similarities and then the differences. Yes you should express your opinion on which one you think is better, just do not make it personally.

Is It Okay to Express My Opinion in This Research Paper? 1

1. USPS express tracking not updating?

I used "exhibit mail with return receipt" receipt reads Scheduled transport day Fri 09/12/14 10:30 AM - money lower back assure it quite is Friday 09/02/14 and via my watch in Florida 19:00. "suggestion not available' I repeated as quickly as with the monitoring no. Exxxx and lower back with the receipt no. comparable reaction the different envelope I sent precedence Mail 2 day transport replaced into tracked with transport scheduled Saturday. precedence mail expenses approximately 6 greenbacks, exhibit mail 20

2. a word/couple to express eagerness to win

There is a perfectly adequate word which means "eager to win". And that's "competitive".And that's shows the redundancy in what you are trying to say, because it leaves you with:Before the event, of course, there are many competitive competitors Pretty much by definition, if they are competitors, they are expected to be competitive.If you want to say that some entrants are more competitive than others (and imply that some entrants are not serious competitors at all - maybe they are just there to make up the numbers), then say that. Or are you trying to take it down the route of saying that although there are many competitors initially, many get eliminated despite their best efforts?All in all, the question probably needs a little more context to make sense of it

Is It Okay to Express My Opinion in This Research Paper? 2

3. Is it illegal to express homophobic views in front of students?

This whole situation is f*cked up. Teachers should not bully students; ever

4. What are some slogans that express mathematical tricks?

If you want to show that a graph has few edges, prove that not too many vertices can have large degree. (The complementary statement is the main trick in the solution to this MO question, by way of example. It's also used in the proof of the Stanley-Wilf conjecture. ).

5. Unit testing async functions in node/express

Is it a bad practice to insist functions return a value, which is not required, simply to make testing easier? Are there any side effects of this?I would not say it's bad practise, having to provide anchors for test purposes is not uncommon. Side affects would really boil down to how & where it's being used, in this case it looks very much like Express middleware and nowhere in the docs does it mention any rules about not returning values. Furthermore, if you dig into the source you will find that middleware return values are ignored. I think in your case returning a Promise from the middleware is the ideal solution

6. Good Shoes to wear with Express?

If you want to be a guy with some serious style and class invest in a really well made pair of dress shoes either in black or brown...that way you can wear them with jeans, dress trousers, chinos, and even shorts. You say you are 16 so spending $300 on a pair of shoes might be a little steep, but if you check out magazines like GQ or Details you will see hip and classy, stylish guys wearing leather or wood-bottomed dress shoes with everything.

7. How do narcissists express sadness?

I find this a hurtful question to answer. And I am sorry, but no. They do not. As they do not experience the same emotions that we do.I will give an example. 9/11.My (Narc) ex husband had a very close school friend. This friend had twin brothers, one of whom worked in the second tower. I had known the three of them for many years. Phone calls back and forth on that day, we realised the floor "D" was on and there was no hope. I was devastated at the horrific death of a dear friend. My husband was cold, unemotional and chastised me.I could not comprehend why he showed no emotion, even at the memorial service in London.Now, with knowledge I realise that he is devoid of such. Sadness is not something a Narc feels. Along with many others that they push down. Its a weakness to them

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