Is It More Economical/wiser to Cap a Composite Slab Or Jackhammer It Out and Pour a New One?

cement and pour new cement down. After all, you will need to pour footings and a foundation anyway, and you stated your current cement is not even - that way you do not put down cement on a surface that is going to be shifting

Is It More Economical/wiser to Cap a Composite Slab Or Jackhammer It Out and Pour a New One? 1

1. home on concrete slab with uneven floor?

Shoddy workmanship stay away. This house should be demolished. I live in Christchurch , New Zealand and with the Earth quakes we have had, house with less distortion than this house will all be demolished. As when will this house stop shifting on it foundations

2. What is the cost to repair/replace a house foundation (concrete slab) in the bay area (Saratoga, CA)?

Hire a home inspector who is also a general contractor. He will be knowledgeable of local conditions and should be able to recommend someone who specializes in that kind of repair

Is It More Economical/wiser to Cap a Composite Slab Or Jackhammer It Out and Pour a New One? 2

3. There is a vacant home I am looking at, approxamately half the home is on a slab. ?

the air vents at ground level may mean that part of the house has a crawl space or it could be for central air

4. Why does my concrete slab is grayer (darker) in color than the rest of my walkway?

Concrete Companies never guarantee the color of the concrete. Your concrete will become lighter with age. You may want to seal the concrete to prevent freeze thaw damage due to chlorides. Cheers and good luck!

5. How can I determine if I have cracked drain pipes under the basement cement slab

If you have some idea about what pipes may be broken, and they can be accessed from somewhere, you can check the pipes with a camera. It's like an endoscopy for your house.Some plumbers offer this service, search for it online

6. What kind of carpet would you use on the ground floor, right on the slab?

Any carpet can be installed on slab just as it is on wood. I would suggest a 8# rubber padding. It will give you a little protection against moisture and make it warmer as well. Being 8# it will also give you some protection if kids fall on it. Mils.

7. How to make concrete slab level?

There probably is not a good fix I can recommend here. The best fix would be to break out the two added slabs, then to do proper ground preparation and dowel into the existing slab in case you do get some differential settlement, so the two will stay together. Unfortunately, at this point any patches you try to apply will probably not last. One last thought, you could make a portion of the patio at a higher elevation (like one step up). This would allow you to do it to areas away from a door. And you would have enough thickness of concrete for it to last.

8. How best to repair 24 sqft dirt hole in concrete slab

Probably low-stress, may not need anything much, but in the "better safe than sorry" mode I would drill half-inch holes around the edges and stick reinforcing rod into them anyway. Steel is cheap compared to the rest of the job (labor and concrete cost.) That also deals with the "lock in" aspect better than chiseling. You wo not change the drainage under the rest of the slab by adding stone here, so do not bother. You wo not change the thickness of the rest of the slab either, so unless you have a heavy machine you are mounting on this particular spot that needs a sturdy foundation, 4" should be plenty

9. How to add to my Concrete Slab Porch?

By what you said ...the porch will be 20' x 8' when you are done. "or might there be any better or less permanent way "... Concrete is pretty permanent. By what I mean is it is harder to remove then to install. Hanging porch swings are dangerous. They tend to fall at the most impromptu moment. Most ,if not all, lawn and garden stores have "glider" swings. I got one that seats two adults for $99. It is allot safer and you get the same effect.

10. What is the preferred method of installing an engineered wood floor over a concrete slab? Float or glue & why?

float. It allows for expansion/contraction. The glue isnt actually necessary.

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