Is It Bad to Just Feed Your Dog the Wet Dog Food Or Should You Just Give It Dry Dog Food?

yea dry dog food is the best

Is It Bad to Just Feed Your Dog the Wet Dog Food Or Should You Just Give It Dry Dog Food? 1

1. Hi! My friend says that she has a problem with her dog.?

I once had a dog that did not even like their food. so i tried Cooked hamburger and rice mixed with wet dog food and she was eating again.. Hope this works.!

2. should i keep my dog off of table food for a while and just feed him his wet dog food?

You are not supposed to feed dogs table food at all let alone on a regular basis. Everyone does it but only give it to him everyonce in a while. Dogs should have dry food in their diet as well.

Is It Bad to Just Feed Your Dog the Wet Dog Food Or Should You Just Give It Dry Dog Food? 2

3. how good is purina pro plan wet dog food?

The very best is nutripet, it is organic and grown in a special place specifically for that, it's about the same cost as those others that you mentioned except it's a lot better for them and you do not have to feed them as much of it. But it is only sold privately so you would have to get with the people that sell it to order some. 850-766-6549

4. Best wet dog food for dogs with bad teeth?

It is true that the chinese crested breed is notorious for losing teeth. Its a genetic thing. That said, its always a good idea to check with your vet to ensure she does not have any lingering periodontal disease. As for wet food, it is high in moisture so you will have to feed more than dry. Personally I feed my puppy Natural Choice cans in a variety of formulas. They contain no corn, no wheat, no soy, no animal by-products and they are all made in the US. Hope that helps :) Olivia Pet Nutrition Specialist Nutro

5. what is best wet dog food?

Ol'Roy Strips in Gravy with Savory Beef

6. What do you think about Trader Joes Wet dog food ingredients? Look ok?

I live in Pottstown Pa. and can not find a Trader Joe's that carries pet food. Do you know of one near by ?

7. Can Hamsters eat abit of wet dog food?

I would not give a hamster wet dog food. Hamsters need their own kind of food which you can find at your local pet store

8. Is it ok for dogs to only eat wet food?

mix the pupperoni into the kibblewet food. IF your dogs lack of appetite is due to his meds and post-op recovery, the problem will solve itself soon. IF your dogs lack of appetite persists, gotta consult your vet. I assume the vet did not recommend that you stay on the prescription dog food he was eating while at the docs yes a dog can eat only wet food. it's a myth/old wives tale that eating wet food only causes tooth decay - a myth aimed at people who do not want to bother brushing their dogs teeth and getting professional cleanings - who would rather hope that simply feeding kibble solves their problem. Kibble does not help. Pure marketing bulloney. Yeah - right now its extra important that your dog stays hydrated. To that end, wet dog food is 80% water.

9. Is wet dog food good for dogs?

Wet food is not good for your dog. There are heaps of reasons including promoting tooth and gum issues, dietary concerns and bad breath. Spend some time on google and research

10. When can I feed my puppies wet dog food?

You can put wet puppy chow in their pen when they are about 5 weeks or so. Unless you think they are getting too skinny before then. If you think they are getting too skinny then you can put some in before that. But it will get soggy quick and after it is soggy they wo not eat it

11. Is there anything in wet dog food that can hurt a baby?

Assuming the baby is old enough to eat solid food, there's no harm in eating dog food. I am not recommending it as a baby diet or anything, but nothing in dog food is toxic to people or otherwise likely to cause any illness. Not only that, but it will make your baby's nose cold and her coat shiny. (Not really, I am kidding.) Of course, anybody might be allergic to some ingredient in the dog food, but that's equally true of food made for humans

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