Is Cat Food Edible by Humans?

Well my one cat hates people food and always has but my other one LOVES people food. I do not give it to him very often because its not really that good for him, but when I do he loves it! (small amounts only ) Some foods I have given him in the past and he loves are : olives, cereal with milk, tuna, chicken, ham, beef, cheese, crab. Probably a few more things that I am forgetting. Oh, and my boyfriend gave him Dr. Pepper once. I do not recommend that though lol.

Is Cat Food Edible by Humans? 1

1. What is a temporary alternative for cat food?

Cats love cooked turkey and chicken, you can feed them that.. it wont harm them. some people say milk, only because theyre retarded. Cats are highly lactose intolerant, unless you wanna clean up liquid **** all day, go with poultry.

2. how to make wet cat food soup?

Cats should always be allowed to drink however in most cases they get all their needs from canned foods. Why are you feeding any dry and why not feed much more canned. It does not seem like you are feeding enough unless she is satisfied and not hungry with what you do No water would need to be added unless your cat has a problem. Stay away from sauce and gravy type canned foods (too many carbs) if you can afford it grain free canned would be best Most canned foods are 80% water and that almost matches what they would get in the wild eating small prey older cat at age 6? What does that make my 17 year old active cat? cats can live past 20

Is Cat Food Edible by Humans? 2

3. Anyone know of a cheaper cat food?

I use Meow Mix

4. Cat Food question!! ?

Try feeding is Friskers or Whiskers. That's what I feed my cat and he's very healthy. They also have kitten, adult, senior

5. What is the purpose of wet cat food?

Another reason nobody has mentioned (yet): if your cat gets chronic kidney disease (CKD) later in life, it becomes essential to get as much liquid into them as possible and wet food is highly preferable (dry is contraindicated unless they really wo not eat anything else).I fed my previous cat exclusively on dry food until he developed CKD at 14 years old, at which point it was a real problem teaching him (a) that wet food really was food; and (b) how to eat it tidily. (I needed to sponge down the wall by his feeding station regularly, as he would taste it then shake his head to dislodge the odd stuff in his mouth). (Wet food is also better for elderly cats with dental problems, I've found).We got there in the end, and he lived to almost 20; however, his successors are getting fed a mixed diet of wet and dry food -- I work on the rule of thumb that 85g wet = 17g dry, so they get 85g wet and 34g dry every day (they are hefty cats, so 50g/day of dry food is about right). As an added bonus they adore the wet food, and pester me for it in the morning. Once they've polished off the wet food, they get their ration of dry food to free-feed on all day

6. Is expensive cat food REALLY worth it?

NOT REALLY depends on you Depends on what you want

7. Can kittens eat cat food?

Some Kittens eat Adult Cat Food food. but, Its not healthy for kittens. Cat Food cannot complete kittens digestive health requirement. Adult Cat Food is complete balanced for Adult Cat not for Kitten. You can get here best kitten food & more info :- ***AGRITURA. COM***.

8. my new future puppy eating habbits- vegetables?

"Friskies" is cat food! Dogs dont really get much nutrition from vegetables.. most vegetables dont cause any harm tho.. my dog enjoys many different veggies as a treat! Your dog should be fed the amount of dog food according to the feeding guide on the package of food.. there is nothing wrong with adding extra veggies tho if you want.. its nothing more than filler tho. Most commercial dog foods are NOT good for dogs.. they are full of cheap ingredients and fillers. They stay in buisiness because people buy the garbage food. Iams, Science Diet and Eukanuba are garbage too. Many of the "expensive" brands are actually cheaper in the long run.. although the bag itself costs more.. the dog food has better quality ingredients, and no fillers, so you feed the dog less food. In the end, you spend less to feed the dog.. better quality foods also mean less vet bills.

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