Indoor Cat Vs Outdoor Cat?

i have both-2 outsid and 3 inside-best of both worlds.the outside ones are mousers

Indoor Cat Vs Outdoor Cat? 1

1. How to give myself a complete makeover over the summer?

You sound pretty already, and I would not change yourself for anybody, but if you want to, here is some advice. Do not eat too many sugary foods and drink plenty of water. You are not big so do not worry. Go for glasses that suit your face shape, and maybe get some cute designs or colors on them, whatever suits you. Go to the doctors for acne cream/medicine, it will clear it right up. In the meantime, try sudocrem and lots of water. Do not change your style it sounds cute. Try really light foundation, and cat like eye shadow, with peach lipstick/ lip gloss. Wear mascara too. It will look cute and unique. Try wearing dungarees and girly clothes, and avoid black. As you are pale and with dark hair, you do not want to look too dark. Brush out your hair every night and add hair oil to make it silky. You can grow it but curly hair is nice as long as it is not too frizzy. Never change yourself for anyone, but if you are uncomfortable, then make sure you take care of yourself so you feel good. I hope I helped :)

2. Is there a risk for my child with my pet?

I would say, thank you for asking before you get a pet.A pet is a big responsibility with a small child and a pet (rat, snake, dog, cat) is a further one. And, I would say all pets can be dangerous with small children, and all children can be (very) dangerous to pets. If you do not know the answer to this yourself, please familiarize yourself about the animal kingdom. It's fascinating from the ground up, especially when you decide on the type of pet. Read everything before acquiring one, please! Best of luck.

Indoor Cat Vs Outdoor Cat? 2

3. I have a cat who is cr*apping on my couch. Is there any formula I can find to keep the cat from doing this?

One thing to consider is that your cat may have a urinary tract infection. I know this sounds ridiculous because he or she is crapping, not peeing on your couch, but it can often be the case! I manage a vet clinic, and in the past two weeks we've seen two cats who were pooping out of the box, and both cats happened to have UTIs. You might be able to save your couch and your sanity with a simple round of antibiotics from the vet. Have a urinalysis run at your vet clinic, just to be sure. If your vet rules that out, a few tips we give to clients with cats who do not use the litterbox reliably is to make sure you have a litterbox per cat in the household, plus one. In other words, if you have two cats, have three litterboxes, if you have six cats, have seven litterboxes. Also, make sure there is a litterbox on each floor of your home, if there are different levels. And, of course, keep the litterbox immaculate. My sister's cat is so picky, she wo not go in her box if she's just used it once! So, my sister has four litterboxes lined up in her basement, and that works! Best of luck!

4. What kind of toys do you give a cat that has no interest in them?

my dog is like that, you should try playing with you cat with that toy so he finds it interesting

5. Is my cat abnormally stupid?

This is normal cat behavior. - Scratching is instinctual in cats. If you do not like them scratching your furniture, purchase a scratching post. - If you cat is not fixed, it is likely that he meows and humps your other cat because he has male urges. In other words, he is horny. Get him fixed. - My cats have torn up toiler paper rolls before; it is play. If you dislike this behavior, do not give your cat access to toilet paper. - Your cat most likely ripped open the bag of cat litter out of boredom. He defecated in its content because he has been taught to "go" in litter. - My cats used to get up on shelves and such. Cats are curious, by nature. They like exploring high-up areas. If you do not want your cats climbing on your shelves, spray him with a spray bottle every time he jumps up on one. - Cats like gnawing on cords, strings, wires, etc. If you dislike this, get some rubber cord protectors.

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