I Have a Can of Tiny Shrimp,what Can I Make with It.?

Use it in shrimp-fried rice. Make shrimp salad and serve it in halved-out tomatoes. Make shrimp balls (just make biscuit dough, but add the shrimp and do not knead the dough...form into balls and bake at the biscuit temp) and dip them in wasabi mayonnaise.

I Have a Can of Tiny Shrimp,what Can I Make with It.? 1

1. whats a good recipe for..?

(NO BAKE) CREAM CHEESE MINTS 4 oz. cream cheese 3 c. powdered/icing sugar 1/4 tsp. mint extract 1/8 tsp. (green) food coloring You will also need:: medium sized bowl rubber spatula cookie sheet Mix together sugar and cream cheese well. Add in mint, then coloring. Roll into balls and flatten with fork onto cookie tray. Sprinkle on colored sugar. Chill 1 1/2 hours, flip, and chill another 1 1/2 hours. Enjoy!

2. Can I replace my 1/4" wheel bearings with slightly smaller ones?

Are you sure you are putting in the right number of balls? Generally, when a bearing is new there is about a half-ball space left when you have a full complement of balls. As the bearing wears this gets to be closer to a full ball's space. It's easy to see the space and think you should put in another ball, but you do not need one. (To hold the balls in place, of course, dab some grease into the race. Place the balls in the grease, and install the greased cone. This makes it fairly easy to reassemble a hub. ).

I Have a Can of Tiny Shrimp,what Can I Make with It.? 2

3. How Do You Clean Tennis Balls?

Scrub them with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Or try putting them in boiling hot water.( i dont know what will happen)

4. What is your baby/toddlers favorite toy out of these listed?

Ride-ons/trike and balls

5. I cant stop scratching my balls?

i like vanilla pie

6. How do you juggle with three balls?

nah, but i could juggle 3 baby llamas whilst holding a tennis ball on my lap,

7. Does anyone have the recipe for Peanut balls?

* 1/2 cup butter, softened * 2 teaspoons vanilla extract * 1/8 teaspoon salt * 2 cups creamy peanut butter * 2 cups confectioners' sugar * 2 cups chopped pecans * 2 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs * 1 cup confectioners' sugar * 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips * 2 tablespoons shortening

8. Where do lost golf balls go?

Balliclava??? Happens to all old golfers.... they do not die, they just lose their balls........ :-)

9. Where to find cheap, used golf balls?

Cheap Used Golf Balls

10. what vanilla flavored treats can i make with vanilla extract?

VANILLA CUPCAKES 200g butter, softened 1 3/4 cups (370g) caster sugar 2 tsp vanilla 4 eggs 2 3/4 cups (405g) self-raising flour 1 cup (250ml) milk Butter frosting 200g butter, softened 6 cups (900g) icing sugar mixture 1/2 cup (125ml) milk Method Preheat oven to 180C. Line 24 1/3 cup (80ml) muffin pans with patty cases. Cream the butter, sugar and vanilla with an electric mixer. Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat until just combined. Add the flour and milk in alternate batches and stir with a wooden spoon until just combined. Spoon mixture evenly among the patty cases. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through. Remove from oven and transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. For the frosting, use an electric mixer to beat the butter until very pale. Gradually add the icing sugar while beating. Add the milk and beat until well combined. Divide frosting into small bowls and colour. Use a small palette knife or round-bladed knife to spread the icing. VANILLA CAKE 1 cup white sugar 1/2 cup butter 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 3/4 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 cup milk Directions 1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour a 9x9 inch pan 2.In a medium bowl, cream together the sugar and butter. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, then stir in the vanilla. Combine flour and baking powder, add to the creamed mixture and mix well. Finally stir in the milk until batter is smooth. Pour or spoon batter into the prepared pan. 3.Bake for 30 to 40 minutes in the preheated oven VANILLA BUTTER BISCUITS 125g unsalted butter, cubed, at room temperature 80g (1/3 cup) caster sugar 1 tsp vanilla essence 115g (3/4 cup) self-raising flour 100g (2/3 cup) plain flour 2 tbsp milk Method Line 2 baking trays with non-stick baking paper or use non-stick trays. Use an electric beater to beat the butter, sugar and vanilla essence in a medium bowl, scraping down the side of the bowl when necessary, until just combined. Sift the self-raising and plain flours together into a bowl. Add half the sifted flours to the butter mixture and use a wooden spoon to mix until combined. Add the milk and mix well. Add the remaining sifted flours and, when the mixture becomes difficult to mix with the wooden spoon, use your hand. Mix with your hand until the mixture forms a soft dough that leaves the side of the bowl and does not stick to your hand. If the mixture is a little dry, add an extra 1 tbsp of milk. (There should be no dry bits of dough in the bottom of the bowl.) Roll tablespoonfuls of the dough into balls and then place the balls about 4cm apart on the lined trays. Use a floured fork to flatten the biscuits slightly. Dip the fork in a little flour every second or third ball. (You can also flatten the balls with a lightly floured hand or fingers, the base of a glass or the side of a grater. Any decorative edge can be used to press a pattern into the top of them.) Place the trays in the fridge for 20 minutes to chill. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 160C. Bake the biscuits, swapping the trays halfway through, cooking for 18-20 minutes or until the biscuits rise, are slightly cracked on top and are light golden underneath. Remove the biscuits from the oven and set aside to cool for about 3 minutes before using a spatula to transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

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What Should I Get for Them?
What Should I Get for Them?
Go to a place like walmart to the toy section. Little boys like hot wheel toys,action figures,and things from the company NERF. those would be for the 4 year old. The 2 year old should receive something that has no dangers at all. you could look for something for him to play with in the pool like the inflatable tubes fo kids,or the sponges throwing balls. You could also look for something for his room or clothing. I hope this helps!1. How do you make a meatball?Meatballs If you like, add beef buillion cubes to the milk and skip the liquid beef broth. cup unseasoned bread crumbs cup Romano or Parmesan cheese, finely grated cup whole milk cup low-sodium beef broth cup chopped fresh parsley 2 eggs, beaten 1 teaspoon dried oregano 2 teaspoons garlic, minced 2 teaspoons kosher salt 2 teaspoons ground black pepper 1 teaspoon dried basil teaspoon dried pepper flakes Pinch nutmeg 1 LB ground turkey or ground meat of your choice Combine all ingredients and stir thoroughly with a fork. Don a pair of latex exam gloves, and roll the meat mixture into balls slightly smaller than a golf ball. Bake at 450F for 25 minutes or fry as desired. Freeze excess meatballs.2. Rum Ball recipe that has chocolate coating on oustide please!?Rum balls are the perfect adult indulgence. As their name implies, these cookies contain rum and because they are not baked the alcohol flavor and kick are not lost during baking. Sylvia Lovegren tells us in her book 'Fashionable Food' that baked goods laced with alcohol were all the rage in the 1960s, especially Rum and Bourbon Balls. Essentially these two recipes are the same; the only difference being the alcohol. This cookie is especially popular during the holiday season. There are a few ways to maximize the flavor of these little gems. First, I recommend toasting the pecans to bring out their wonderful flavor. Then you can either chop them up finely with a knife or you can process them in your food processor. Just make sure you do not process the nuts to a paste. Do not feel you have to use pecans, for walnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds also make excellent rum balls. While many recipes call for finely crushed vanilla wafers, I have recently taken to using crushed shortbread cookies. Other ideas are to use graham cracker crumbs, crushed meringues, ginger cookies, chocolate wafers, or even leftover cake can be substituted for the vanilla wafers. When it comes to the other ingredients in this recipe, cocoa powder means either natural or Dutch-processed. Rum means dark, white, or light. In fact, although these are called rum balls you could make bourbon balls simply by replacing the rum with bourbon. You will probably notice that after mixing the ingredients the batter can be quite sticky. To prevent your hands from becoming a mess, chill the batter for about 30 minutes and lightly butter the palms of my hands before forming into balls. While I like to roll the cookies in powdered sugar, you could also roll them in granulated white sugar, cocoa powder or even chopped nuts. These really taste better if left for at least a few days so the flavors have time to mingle and soften. Make sure to store the rum balls in a covered container in the refrigerator but bring them to room temperature before serving. Note: Corn Syrup is a thick, sweet syrup made from cornstarch that is available both clear (light) and brown (dark). It is ideal in candy making as it does not crystallize when heated. It is sold in glass or plastic bottles. To toast nuts: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C) and have rack in center of oven. Place the pecans on a baking sheet and toast for about 8 minutes, or until lightly browned and fragrant. Let cool completely and then either chop up finely with a knife or place in your food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Transfer to a large bowl. Process the vanilla wafer cookies or shortbread cookies in the food processor until finely ground. Add the crumbs to the finely chopped pecans. To this mixture add the confectioners sugar and cocoa powder and stir until combined. Add the corn syrup and rum and mix well. Chill if necessary and then shape into 1 inch (2.54 cm) balls. Place the sifted confectioners sugar into a small bowl and roll the rum balls in the sugar. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. These are best if made several days in advance of serving to allow the flavors to mingle. Serve at room temperature. Makes about 4 dozen (48 rum balls). Rum Balls: 1 1/2 cups (140 grams) toasted pecans, finely chopped (hazelnuts, walnuts, or almonds can be used) 1 1/4 cups (120 grams) finely crushed shortbread or vanilla wafer cookies 1/2 cup (55 grams) confectioners sugar (powdered or icing) 2 tablespoons (12 grams) cocoa powder (can used Dutch processed or regular unsweetened cocoa powder) 2 tablespoons light corn syrup 1/4 cup (60 ml) rum Garnish: 1/2 cup (55 grams) confectioners sugar (powdered or icing), sifted Mom's Rum Balls Ingredients 1 c. crushed vanilla wafers 1 c. ground pecans or walnuts 1 c. confectioners sugar 2 Tb. cocoa 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 Tb corn syrup 1/4 c. rum or bourbon (more for cook if desired) Directions Grind the nuts in a food processor until very finely chopped. This will take a minute or minute and a half. Mix crushed (fine, but not to a powder!) cookies, nuts, sugar and cocoa. Add combined syrup and rum. Let sit for a few days in the refrigerator; the batter improves with age. Shape into 3/4-inch diameter balls and roll in confectioners sugar. Chocolate-walnut rum balls Bon Apptit | December 1997 These dense, moist treat are irresistible. Wrapped in a pretty box, they make a great gift, too. Servings: Makes about 45. Ingredients1 cup semisweet chocolate chips (about 6 ounces) 1 cup sugar 3 tablespoons light corn syrup 1/2 cup dark rum 2 1/2 cups finely crushed vanilla wafer cookies (about 10 ounces) 1 cup finely chopped walnuts Preparation: Stir chocolate in top of double boiler set over simmering water until melted and smooth. Remove from over water. Whisk in 1/2 cup sugar and corn syrup, then the rum. Mix vanilla wafers and walnuts in medium bowl to blend; add chocolate mixture and stir to blend well. Place remaining 1/2 cup sugar in shallow bowl. For each rum ball, roll 1 scant tablespoon chocolate mixture into generous 1-inch ball. Roll balls in sugar to coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate at leas overnight and up to 5 days.3. Why can't the USA make our own electric car batteries?Why can not the USA make a lot of things that they use? We can, but other countries do it better and/or cheaper. There's a lot of reasons for that. USA manufacturing has been falling down since the 1950s. I do not have an answer for that. There's no simple solution. Corporations are doing so much outsourcing, and it's great for the few guys at the top of the multinational corporations. The top 2% income bracket is living the sweet life. But for most of us it sucks balls. Cost of living is getting higher and higher and lower and middle income people are getting poorer and poorer. The trickle down theory ai not working. They are putting they are money into bonds and investments, or foreign countries, and it's not helping the american economy. This is a pretty big issue. The US needs a manufacturing strategy, and it has to start with green manufacturing.
Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me Remember a Anime with Orb/small Balls Like Robots (every Character i
Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me Remember a Anime with Orb/small Balls Like Robots (every Character i
Is there anyone who can help me remember a anime with orb/small balls like robots (every character in the anime have them) and at the beginning of every fight they throw 1 card at ground. Then those orbs will become bigger and change into big robots?BakuganIs there anyone who can help me remember a anime with orb/small balls like robots (every character in the anime have them) and at the beginning of every fight they throw 1 card at ground. Then those orbs will become bigger and change into big robots?— — — — — —How do you get rid of cockroaches?A cheap, non-toxic recipe which really works (I tested it in Houston many years ago) is: 8 oz boric acid powder (20 Mule Team Borax for laundry) 1/8 cup sugar 1/2 cup flour 1/4 cup shortening (or other fat) 1 small green onion, chopped fine water to make soft dough Mix all these and roll into small balls, about the size of moth balls. Put the balls into bottle caps and put where roaches might hang out, like under refrigerators, cabinets, etc. Replace every 6 to 8 weeks. The fat, sugar, etc. attracts the roaches and the boric acid kills them when they eat it. I am not promising you will never see another roach, but it will really thin them out. In order to get rid of every single one, you will have to use chemicals that are bad for you and really bad for your baby.— — — — — —How do you make meat balls for spaghetti i tried sites and got no anything from them?Good beef or pork mince mixed with breadcrumbs, 1 beaten egg and seasoning— — — — — —Any ideas on what i should put in aSmall balls that they can play in their rooms— — — — — —what are those small balls that appear on clothes after they have been worn alot?They are called 'pills'. It happens are clothes get older or they are laundered incorrectly.— — — — — —What are those packets of small balls in food stuff and shoe boxes for ? the ones that say DO NOT EAT?Silica gel packets made from sodium silicate. They are put in shoe boxes, meat jerky, vitamin bottles to remove moisture from the container. No moisture, no mold. Although non toxic, ingesting the gel will cause irritation of the digestive tract.— — — — — —what is the best felafel recipe?Mashed chick peas or broad beans kneaded in a paste with some finely-cut celery, rolled into small balls and fried in hot oil. Guaranteed to keep you farting until next evening, so watch out !!!— — — — — —has anyone ever made takoyaki?The pan was not hot enough, I have a stove top pan I bought when working in Japan in the 1980's was the batter cold and did you add much oil to the mix, I have abandon my pan and make small balls with an ice cream scoop (I chop the octopus medium fine, more like conch fritters) and deep fry them, even making them in a non stick pan into small patties works to, I do this for my falafel balls and Indian pakoras, there lower in fat this way— — — — — —I've been seeing these small balls in sex toy shops that you put inside your vagina?Metal Sex Balls— — — — — —I have lots of small balls of yarn left over from other crochet projects. What do you do with the leftovers?Look for crocheted amigurumi patterns. You could also make a "random" scarf. Start with a larger ball and make a long chain, turn and do double crochets back. When one ball is almost gone, pull another random ball out of your leftover bag and continue working with it. Keep going until the scarf is as wide as you want. You could sort the colors out to make sure you have no startling contrasts. If you do not want to make something as big as a scarf, do the same thing but make a small square, between one foot square to three feet square. You can donate this blanket to an animal shelter for use in a cat or dog cage. It will let you use up your yarn, and the animal will be calmer and more adoptable since it will have a nice "blankie" to cuddle on! The other benefit of animal blankets is that the animals wo not care about odd color combinations; they just like the warm softness to sit on, rather than concrete or metal wire.
In Light of Some New Information, What Is GENDER? I Mean, Really.?
In Light of Some New Information, What Is GENDER? I Mean, Really.?
har. Un PC all the way. Gotta agree with that awful comedian from the eighties, who I've forgotten the name of, who said (in a Jersey accent so thick it would clog a wastewater treament pump): "What is it wid dis bisexual crap - either ya suck c*ock or ya do not suck c*ock. Whadda they do, wake up in the morning an ask demselves, "what is it gonna be today, hair pie, or balls in my face?" And I still think people are born the gender they are. Know how crazy that sounds.1. How come basketball shorts have gone from short to long? I want to see the ball huggers again?I am hugging balls now2. What is a good recipe fora good recipe is called strawberry swirlies. ingredients flour water strawberry jelly powdered sugar 2 eggs almonds vanilla flavoring red food coloring - adds great color yeast just add them together , *** much *** you think you need. The roll them into balls put on a greased cookie sheet and bake until it browns. not black light brown . oh, you can also roll into a crescent shape .3. How can I cure buck fever when I only have doe tags?Carry a cordless sabre saw with you when you hunt. Drop a buck and then just saw off the antlers and put a bullet through the head to make it all blown up and gory. It will look just like a doe that's been head shot. Most likely the game warden wo not check for balls4. What's an easy cookie or brownie recipe?Here is an easy peanut butter cookie recipe: 1 cup peanut butter 1 cup sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 1 egg Cream the peanut butter and sugar together. Add the vanilla and egg and beat until combined. Roll into balls and bake at 350 degrees until the tops of the cookies are cracked. Enjoy!!5. Why aren't climate change supporters planting expansive forests?Because unfavorable laws are stalling the efforts needed to nationalize a 95% clean energy infrastructure needed to also desalinate water needed to keep all the certain kinds of plants healthy enough to convert CO2 into carbon that makes the soil better.Otherwise, the trees would just rot and put the CO2, or worse yet, methane, back into the air. There is a right way and a wrong way to use plants as the excess CO2 solution. I believe the right way is called regenerative agriculture. Look that up and also "the liquid carbon pathway" and "C4" plants.It wo not do any good if we keep on burning fossil fuels, however, we have no choice because this old fashioned infrastructure is what "they" give us. They will not go balls to the wall for the proven clean energy advantages! I am hoping China will sell all the clean energy parts and EVs to us, since we are to stupid to do all that. That might sound a bit traitorous, however, it's better than biofry...Why are not climate change supporters planting expansive forests?6. How do game makers come up with thousands of different levels (e.g., Toon Blast)? Are they computer generated or do they have to think them up individually?I'm not familiar with Toon Blast, but some games create their levels procedurally, so there's no human involved in their creation. Some games are known for this, such as Spore, No Man's Sky and many, many others.But for "packaged" levels, which is what I think you're referring to, computer generation can help, along with human curating. For example, a friend of mine developed a game called Pathstorm. Pathstorm requires the player to manipulate widgets on the board to get the balls to the correct location (image credit)A puzzle game, Pathstorm requires the user to manipulate widgets on the gameboard to get balls to their correct location. Sort of like a Rube Goldberg pinball table, the game required dozens of levels. Josh and his wife didn't want to create them all; it was tedious.So Josh rigged his game to create its own levels, with its own puzzles. He could tune the complexity and guarantee that all tables were solvable. Within a few hours, he had hundreds of "levels", all created automatically.He and his wife sifted through, picked their favorites and those are the ones included in the game.I don't know how Toon Blast created their levels, but it may have used something similar to this approach: computer generation and human curation.
Probability of Picking Specific Balls
Probability of Picking Specific Balls
Here's my thoughts, but it might be wrong:I. Solve the probability of getting one red ball with stars and one blue ball with stars for exact 5 times.1.1 Number of all possible ways of selecting 10 pairs of red/blue balls are C(20,10)*C(20,10).1.2 Number of ways to select 5 red-star balls is P_5r = C(12,5)*C(20-12,5)1.3 Number of ways to select 5 blue-star balls is P_5b = C(7,5)*C(20-7,5)1.4 Number of ways to select 5 pairs of red/blue balls with at least one ball has star in each pair: P_5r*P_5b -----anything wrong in this step?1.5 Number of ways to select 5 pairs of red/blue balls with only one ball has star in each pair: P_5r*C(20-7,10)C(20-12,5)*P_5b1.6 Number of ways to select 5 pairs of red-star/blue-star balls is P_5r*P_5b - P_5r*C(20-7,10) - C(20-12,5)*P_5bThe probability of getting exact 5 pairs of red-star/blue-star balls is [P_5r*P_5b - P_5r*C(20-7,10) C(20-12,5)*P_5b]/[C(20,10)*C(20,10)]II. To get solution for "at least 5 times", just use 1 - probability of exact 0 time - probability of exact 1 time ... probability of exact 4 time1. Should I take this as a compliment or a kick in the balls?In my opinion it is neither a compliment nor a kick in the balls. It appears to me to be a normal scenario of a Uncle (in his 30's) and a testing 7yr old boy; your dad just called it like he sees it, which may be somewhat true. I would lay money on it that much of your time spent with your nephew is having fun, rough housing, wrestling, playing sports. He may not have been in a situation with you as yet that he needed to restrain his curiosity and direct his focus. In his minds eye as your father stated you are a playmate, nothing wrong with that. Obviously with this inquiry, this is a new phase of your relationship, where he is seeing you as more of an adult with concerns and not just fun and games. Kids test their limits with everyone, perhaps he has not tested you in the past. It's not only about gray hair (kids might curb their wild side a bit more with "older" people), it's more about a mutual respect, a mutual admiration, wanting to please someone you care for. Let him know what is acceptable and what is not and why. Before venturing into a restaurant or any place that requires down time, take him to a park and have him shag balls or play catch with a football...in other words wear him out a little and try not to OD him on too much sugar. By the time you took him to the restroom, his second trip; he was probably at the end of his sit down, attention span time frame and itching to get up, again he probably was not expecting you to set any limits; hopefully you stepped up to the tee box and in the future he will know what is expected. Most important be consistent and be you. ..fun. I do not think your dad meant any harm, in fact he might of even had a twinge of nostalgia watching you two together. Some dads are still eager to play the role of dad even though their child is all grown up. Advice from a father is like food from a mother, unlimited. They feel it is still necessary to some degree, a part of parenting that's the hardest to let go. Soon he will ask for your advice. The table always turns. Take it in stride and set the example for your nephew, there's a time for chaos (pillow fighting) and a time for discipline for his and every ones elses safety2. System of three balls controlling a globeDont' know what you would call it but I've got a picture of a globe sitting on top of three computer trackballs( I find them far better than mice) Maybe use Gimbals for the three supporting balls . There's nothing stopping you putting extra "beams" between each bearing to fill in the space, and to keep the globe mounted level. Otherwise- if you take the ball out of a MECHANICAL (rather than optical) mouse/trackball you will see it has two rollers which are used to measure the balls rotation. You could drive those rollers to move the supporting ball. All you need to do then is drive the 6 motors so that a point on the surface of the globe will moves in the intendend direction. --- If the globe is really light you can maybe support/trap it in a jet of air. Slow the air flow on one side and the globe will spin.3. Hair balls - what, when, where and how often?Feeding a finger full of petroleum jelly once every week will eliminate them.I learned this from my vet it is completely harmless and helps them pass the hair in their stools.If you read the back of hairball remedies the main ingredient is petroleum jelly sugar coated with chicken flavor. Most cats will accept it and lick it willingly
How Do I Keep My Cat From Scratching Everything in the House?
How Do I Keep My Cat From Scratching Everything in the House?
well it depends on ur belief's on animal cruelty and such.. U can have their front claws declawed.. which people do not agree with mostly but I had my cat done they knock them out before they do it they are sore later but they will be fine. if you do not agree then try using a water bottle everytime ur pet scratched spray their nose or top of head cats hate water.. get him or her a scratching post (warning does not usally work.. they preferr the furniture) cat toys such as mice with catnip in them and other little things such as balls and the feather attached to the stick sorta toy. Try being commanding also when ur cat starts look at them firmly and state NO NO and their name show ur disappointment and anger (do not hit) keep staring him down until he stops U can also use a rolled up news paper to bang on something just to make the rattle noise (not to hit) everytime they start loudly rattle or hit the paper across something usually sends them running as they hate loud noises..1. Baseball: Have you ever caught a ball at a game?I've caught balls tossed at me but never a ball off of the bat2. VERY strong and good toys for adult dog?Rope toys are good for chewers, they have rings, balls and tires and good old ropes that are very hard for chewing dogs, I also suggest kong type toys but are not kongs, Whirleez are great toys! My dogs love them although they are not chewers3. What are some good tennis exercises at home?one good thing to do is to get someone to stand behind you and randomly throw balls over your head. you have to run and catch them in one bounce. it really improves your foot-work and its fun. you could get a tennis ladder, if you know what they are and if not google it or something. theres several different patterns to it and it helps your foot-work too. then, you could always put your raquet out in front of your foot and practice your ball toss. boring, but effective. hope i helped!4. whats wrong with my sony ps3 duelshock 3 controller?Your controller is trying to tell you that the PS3 sucks balls and that you need to get a better more awesome Xbox 3605. What is a really good sugar cookie recipe?Easy Sugar Cookies Original Recipe Yield 4 dozen Ingredients 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup butter, softened 1 1/2 cups white sugar 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Directions 1.Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). In a small bowl, stir together flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Set aside. 2.In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in egg and vanilla. Gradually blend in the dry ingredients. Roll rounded teaspoonfuls of dough into balls, and place onto ungreased cookie sheets . 3.Bake 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden. Let stand on cookie sheet two minutes before removing to cool on wire racks. also it as a very good rating you can drecorate them with mint on top if you want and not too many ingredients hope this helpes you allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-sugar-cookies6. Any recipe suggestions for frozen chicken meatballs?and I did not no chickens had balls -learn something new every day -now i can go sleep the rest of the day7. In baseball, what does it mean to throw a "ball" as opposed to a strike?What Does Balls Mean8. How does the Department of Defense impact American foreign policy?they blow balls9. 17 year old with some...hair...problems?Well, first of all, big ups for putting your story up here like that. It's not easy to unburden yourself on a forum, which in essence, can be read by anyone. However, you have a certain degree of anonymity, so it's not like everyone's gonna gatecrash your place and laugh at you. Not having much facial hair to shave - oh, how I wish I was in your boat. I find shaving a tedious boring chore. If I could avoid it, I would (and yes, I have grown a beard once in a while. Did not work either; my skin underneath got too dry). See, that's all down to genetics. No one can avoid puberty; how much hair you have or do not have has no bearing on you as a person. I also had body conscious challenges when I was younger. I used to do the towel dance in the shower room' thought everyone could see how small I was; and laugh at me for being skinny, etc. In the end, I took the plunge to overcome my shyness, and became a naturist. Let me tell you, once you see other people with wrinkles, saggy boobs, cocks and balls of all sizes, beer bellies, bony bodies, etc suddenly you find out what is real and what is not . I do not trim either. Just shave my balls once a month. You would not see them otherwise. Put another way: do not sweat the small stuff. And it's all small stuff, bro'.
Hedgehog Help? Lots of Questions, Just Answer the Ones You Know =)?
Hedgehog Help? Lots of Questions, Just Answer the Ones You Know =)?
Im not sure about the cage u have but i would say the size sounds about right because the size of the cage should be the equvilent for the size of a small guinea pig or rabbit. i have a Zoozon cage that i got from ebay i think its an excellent cage as there are no bars for the hedgehog to climb as its all plastic and i leave the top open. Some toys they like are The wheel which is their favorite because it helps keep them trim, a toilet roll tube cut up the middle so their quills (prickles) dont get stuck and also little cat toys like balls and stuff they like. I wouldt use a mesh wheel for it i think you would be safer with a 12" super silent spinner wheel which you can get from ebay. My hedgie loves his and plays on it constantly. It has no noise from it and again is all plastic and therefor it wont get its feet stuck. Some hedgies can be litter trained others just wont. Mine is still in the process as he is only 10 weeks old. He wees in his litter tray but tends to just poo where ever he wants but im hoping in time he will learn. One thing to do is if u see any poo liying around pick it up and put it in the litter tray and it may (not always) learn to go back to it, just the same as a kitten or puppy. Buy a small kitten litter tray so that it is easy for the hog to climb in and out of. I take my hedgie some places with me, but do not overwhelm him with different places, smells and things just not long after you get him home. I found that a few days after i got my hedgie home i took him to visit family and there were 5 people in the house and when i got him home he was quite scared and didnt want to come out or eat, he was fine the next day but i think it was maybe a bit to much so soon after bringin him home. They will bond to you, my hedgie has started to recognise my scent when i put mu hand in the cage and usually climbs on my hand but he is also good with anyone else holding him so as i say as long as u dont overwhelm him with new people he should be fine. but if your buying from a breeder, make sure they have been handling him regulary to get him used to being handled before u take him home. Any good breeder would do this but just ask them if they havent already said. They dont really chew things, well not from my experience anyway but im not sure if maybe he will when he gets older but at the moment he doesnt. You really really need to research hedgehogs before considering whether or not to get one because they do need a lot of care and attention and you should be preared to take on a daily routine of giving him fresh food and water, cleanung out his wheel and litter tray etc. I reccomend u go onto a site called hedgehog Central, it has all the information you need on hedgehogs. Just google it. Hope my advice helped.1. What do you plan to do when you retire to stay challenged and not get literally bored to death?Here are some guidelines...Set personal goals by retiring too early, so you can stay challenged figuring out how to not outlive your retirement funds.You will be so not bored, you may even stay up late every night, just to spend quality time thinking about your bank balance dwindling away.And consider how less stressed you will be, not golfing. No more missed putts, lost balls and sunburn. You will wonder if you are just dreaming.And the hassels of international travel will no longer be a concern. Even fighting traffic for a brief getaway, will be a distant memory, considering your car will likely be repo would . Having to carry all your groceries on and off the bus, will make it easier to save money, by limiting your purchases to what will fit into 2 bags.All in all, you will have little time to be bored, just think of all the new friends you will make as a Walmart greeter2. what is the best laptop to buy?An Apple macbook. Non-Apple computers suck balls3. How do I make Abondigas?In answer to your question (this is one that I modified as a "quick cook" recipe): ABONDIGAS SOUP 1 large container of chicken broth 1/4 chopped onions 1/4 cup carrots (I use the baby ones, cut up) 1/4 cup celery (sliced) sliced zucchini (optional) 1/4 cup uncooked long grain or basmati rice 1/3 - 1/2 potato (cut into cubes) 1 bay leaf 2 tablespoons mild or med. salsa 1/3 bunch of fresh cilantro (whole, DO NOT cut) 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 heaping tablespoon CUMIN powder (found in the spice section or Latino section too) 1 teaspoon oregano (dried) Uncooked meatballs (See below for "how-to" with the meatballs) (Optional) Few splashes of green Tobasco sauce for a slight kick In a pot, add chicken broth, garlic, oregano, cumin & bay leaf. When it comes to a boil (about 5-7 minutes), add onion, celery, carrots, cilantro, salsa & uncooked rice. Lower heat & simmer (covered) for 20 minutes. Add potatoes, co not . for 5 add'l minutes, then add zucchini and meatballs. Continue for an add'l 10 minutes, until the meatballs float to the top, then it's ready (Oh, remove the cilantro & bay leaf when it's done...or if you like cilantro, keep it in the soup)....it's even better the next day! MEATBALLS 1/2 lb. beef (lowest fat possible or 85/15) 1/4 cup cooked rice 1 tablespoon cumin 1 tablespoon garlic powder salt & pepper 1 egg (beaten) 1 heaping tablespoon salsa Mix all of the meatball ingredients and shape into balls (I use a small cookie scoop for uniform meat balls....however you can use a tablespoon size measuring spoon). There are many variations out there, Hope this helps! I make this all the time, plus it's EASY & FAST! Good luck!
Other Than Mothballs Is There a Repellant for Moths?
1. Do you think Farve is lying in bed, having a nightmare about a gap-toothed Giant stomping him into the ground?Do you think u are in bed letting the tooth fairy pull out all of your teeth. I did not think so. So dont make fun of other people2. what helps get rid of pimpls and blackheads?That is the T-zone and its very common to have problem skin in that area. Firstly, you shouldnt be using any oily products on your face, including makeup. Use a gentle oil-free facewash - Simple make good ones. A gentle toner will be good for that area too - just make sure its alcohol free because that tends to be too harsh on skin. You need to moisturise plenty, even in the oily T-zone as it helps keep skin soft and supple instead of tight and dry. If you have scattered blackheads/pimples, you can spot treat them with a more powerful treatment like Clean and Clear Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel- this reduces spots in just a few hours so I usually apply it before bed and in the morning the spot is dramatically smaller - it works for my blackheads too - just appy it ONTO and in the area immediately around the spot but not on your normal skin as it will irritate the skin. Home remedies are a hassle as they take time to make and arent very hygienic as you dont have the same facilities that the companies have in their labs. However, there are some useful things like cucumbers or tomatoes which both contain antioxidants that are excellent for skin. Just slice them and rub all over your face, concentrating on the T-zone, leave on for 15 mins and wash off. Lemon is also good but it tends to sting. Toothpaste always works as an emergency treatment ;) Good luck!3. Why can't I wake up?!?Try going to bed earlier, maybe around 10 or 11 instead of midnight. Some people need more sleep than average. Also, avoid caffeinated drinks in the evening. If you can find some flavors you like, drinking some warm herbal tea before bed might help you relax enough to fall asleep. Try to avoid doing things in bed other than sleep - no TV, no laptop, no texting or cell phone usage; maybe just reading a few pages of a novel to help you relax till you get sleepy. The first guy's suggestion on moving your alarm clock to a place where you have to get up is a good one, as is setting two alarms - maybe one by the bed and the other across the room. If this is a persistent problem, consider going to the student health clinic or seeing your doctor. Good luck!4. Calling women who are past 17 weeks?Oh wow that's a lot... :) 22 weeks A baby boy Looking at the names Christopher, Flynn, and Lucas right now Most excited about him being here Most anxious about him being here too Most fearful about something happening to him in the womb or him being premature Daddy is very excited :) Baby boy will be my first :) Do not smoke Do not drink I just somehow knew I was pregnant, and when I missed my period, I got all my positives :) I was laying in bed and my boyfriend comes in to check on me when he gets home from work. I go I went and bought a pregnancy test today and he goes oh..yeah? you know all hesitant and then ...what was it? I go they were both positive and he drops his phone and his mouth practically hits the floor too. ;) I just said "I am pregnant" to my friends but, you know, kind of led them on at first. My mom had already known I would been thinking I was pregnant but I officially told her when I invited her to my first ultrasound. I just said "IT'S A BOY!" :) I can not remember how big he was... I know she said he's measuring perfectly normal though. :) People said I was having a boy. I agreed because my mommy's intuition told me I was having a boy. Nope, thank GAWD nobody called me fat. When I do not wear a jacket to places though practically everyone stares at the belly. I am still really nervous but I feel more love toward my baby boy now than I would've ever thought possible, and I absolutely adore every single time I feel him move.
Distribution Table for Number of White Balls Without Replacement
Here is the distribution from R software. Here $P(X = x)$ is the probability of getting exactly $X$ white balls when three balls are drawn without replacement from the box. Obviously, it is impossible to get no white balls, because there are only two non-white balls in the box. So $P(X = 0) = 0$ is the first entry in the PDF table. each is a fraction with $6 choose 3$ in the denominator.1. Anyone else hate cotton balls...?Omg! I get that too! I hate it so much! Its just the feeling of them is ugh:/ and when I go to the dentist and they put them in my mouth; I hate it2. Throwing curve balls make your arm sore?To be totally honest with you, I think you need to put the curve ball, or the way you are throwing that particular curve on the back burner for now. I think if your elbow muscle is sore it could mean there is a flaw in your mechanics, which very well could have something to do with your curve delivery. I think you have matured to the age your arm should be able to handle a curve but, you need to tweak the way you are throwing it if there is pain and loss of velocity. I just wonder exactly how you are throwing it? I hurt my arm when I was your age too. I was throwing mine like a fastball with grip, but i was twisting my elbow, basically spinning one side of the ball as hard and fast as I could. Very dumb and I did it to try to compete with guys that were a little older and better than me. so be careful.3. whats the best way to hit a guy in the balls?lol what are you planning??? let me be a part of it, it sounds like fun! lol my best reaction to pain is the front slap. it sounds like it wo not work but damn everytime i do it they drop to the floor in seconds!4. Where to find cheap soccer balls?They are the ones making the balls5. Where to find cheap, used golf balls?ebay.com =]6. A game where starting with 3 boxes, with 10 balls in each, the goal is to remove as many balls as possible following the rulesPerhaps the most elegant solution is to take all $10$ from the $10$-box and deposit the excess $7$ in the $7$-box. Then remove those $7$ and deposit the excess $4$ in the $4$-box. Then remove those $4$ and deposit the excess ball in the $10$-box. Now apply the same idea to the $7$-box: remove all $7$, deposit the excess $4$ in the $4$-box, immediately remove them, and deposit the excess ball in the $10$-box. Finally, remove the $4$ in the $4$-box and deposit the excess ball in the $10$-box. You now have $3$ balls in the $10$-box.The key observation here is that you can reduce the contents of any box to a single ball (not necessarily in the same box) by depositing the excess balls in successively 'smaller' boxes.7. $8$ distinct balls are randomly distributed among $4$ boxes. What is the probability that each box has exactly two balls?A natural interpretation is that you have a sequence of eight steps: at step $n$ you take ball number $n$ and put it in some numbered box.You can then choose two steps among the eight at which a ball will be placed in box number $1$. There are $C(8,2)$ ways to choose the two steps, which is tantamount to choosing which two balls go in box $1$.Next you choose two steps among the remaining six at which a ball will be placed in box number $2$. There are $C(6.2)$ ways to choose these two steps.Next you have have $C(4,2)$ ways to choose the two steps at which to put a ball in box $3$, and finally $C(2,2) = 1$ way to choose the two steps at which to put a ball in box $4$.Notice that among the $C(8,2) C(6,2)$ ways the balls could go into boxes $1$ and $2$, one way is to put balls $1$ and $2$ in box $1$ and to put balls $3$ and $4$ into box $2$. Another way is to put balls $3$ and $4$ into box $1$ and to put balls $1$ and $2$ in box $2$.That is, by the time you have multiplied $C(8,2) C(6,2)$, you not only have counted the number of ways to choose two pairs of balls from the original eight balls, you have also counted the number of ways those two pairs could be placed in the two boxes by switching which pair goes in which box. You do not have to multiply by any additional factors to account for the ways to distribute the pairs of balls between the two boxes after selecting the pairs. In fact, if you do multiply by any additional factor other than $1$, you will produce a wrong answer.Similarly, by the time you have multiplied $C(8,2) C(6,2) C(4,2) C(2,2)$, you have already counted all the ways to assign the pairs of balls to specific boxes, for example, balls $1$ and $2$ in box $1$, balls $3$ and $4$ in box $2$, balls $5$ and $6$ in box $3$, and balls $7$ and $8$ in box $4$. Given any set of four disjoint pairs of balls, you have already counted each permutation of the pairs. If you now start shuffling pairs of balls among the boxes, you will be multiply counting outcomes that you have already counted.
Back to School Help!Read Details! Get 10Points For1 with Best Outfit!?
Back to School Help!Read Details! Get 10Points For1 with Best Outfit!?
go to www.polyvore.com and type in first ay of school and people make collages of what to wear and on the side it tell you wear you can buy it i love that website go check it out• Related QuestionsHow do you like my first chapter?It sounds just like Twilight only difference is the chick is the vamp. I bet next chapter will feature a boy who has an 'aura' that makes her want to suck his blood or something equally ridiculous.Your originality staggers me.------Is this an incredibly stupid idea?technicality you shouldn't get in trouble for that... but i have gotten in trouble for similar things when i was in school... they called it a distraction to other students (i was doing the goth thing before it was popular).------What to wear now in Miami?TRAVEL LIGHT AND ALWAYS BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR A NIGHT ON THE TOWN!! tHE BEACH IS THE NECESSARY BIKINI REGARDLESS, AND THE NIGHT LIFE IS NOT MUCH MORE IF YOUR LOOKIN FOR A GREAT TIME...........iT IS MIAMI!!!!!------Should I wear a dress or a skirt on Valentine's Day?It depends upon the weather for me really. Within the fall I like to wear longer skirts and in the wintertime I wear longer ones with my boots, however in the spring and summer I prefer to wear short summer dresses------am looking for a wedding gown that i saw in a magazine years ago, fell in love with it. now cant find it help?Have you gone to a bridal shop yet? There may be some that have an archive of sorts of wedding gowns (photos, magazines, etc) that you may be able to find something close if not 'the one'.Good luck & Congrats------Can anyone read about these dreams for me please?Well, i think you like this guy. But you may be scared and unsure of what your friends think of it. try talking to your friends :)help me? thanks ------how do i look cute with my dress code?oh gosh...wow, that must be tough but one word ACCESSORIES! i now leave you to think...try: hope you find something you like :)------Ladies what is a good outfit for fall weather?girl jeans--ripped.((makes guys look so effin sexy))brown and red colors.((to make you blend in with the season))and some nice high heels that are so god damm gourgous it makes girls jeloushahahhope this helpssexy bioch------How is my intro for my story?i don't think you should say "all the more scary looking" in paragraph # 2. and in paragraph # 3 maybe u should say the doll looked most appauling afyter seeing the red yarn stiched over the mouth. Other than that AWESOME!------How would someone with this personality look/dress like?So if she is wealthy and artistic, probably like beige trousers with a navy blue jacket and white top. OR mayeb this outfit jpg.------This is the first half of chapter 1 in my book I'm writing. Can anyone read it and tell me how it is?omfg that is such a good story it makes me think of the twilight saga i love how you give so many details and describe his face i love the names and you need to keep on writing keep me updated------What shall i do about my daughter starting middle school???!?Woah, when I was that age I went to bed at 9:00 and read for an hour. I would say 8:30 - 10:00. Take her on a shopping spree at Justice. They have 40% off sales and cute clothes too. No more movies and chocolate------does anybody want to make me an outfit?Age: 15 Gender: woman form: in maximum circumstances Skater with incredibly Like, Prep colors: Any shade of green, Black, pink, Blue, pink clothing: T-Shirts, Hoodies, skinny denims shops: PacSun, Delias, heat concern count number, Abercrombie shoes: communicate, autos upload-ons: Necklaces, rings------Back to school clothes shopping list!!?I like girls in jeans. It makes them look more home town like and it doesn't look like they try too much but if you are looking to get this men attention, this might not be what you would like------beauty tips for young teen plz?were just the same but im tall not short lolthis is what goes on menavy blue, tan , dark greensskinny jeansflats or kitten heelst-shirts on long vestslongs coats that elongats your figuehope this helps------shorts and a band-aid, or should i cover it up.?Shorts Shorts Shorts.Oh god Please Do Not Wear A Long Sleeve ShirtUnder A Spaghetti Strap Dress.Just Wear Shorts and Everything Will Be Fine,I Mean If You Have Your Ankle Brace,Then Why Does A Band Aid Matter.------Can i wear a long sleeves dress to prom?Hello:Yeah go for it. but if you'd like to be in style try making one out of clean unused plastic garbage/trash/bin bags. That material is in style these days. I hope I helped, if not I'm sorry.------Can i just wear a t-shirt and pants for ice skating and not a long sleeve or with jacket?well it depends if your a good skater or not ....if its your first time ... wear jeans ... it don't hurt as much when you fall over ... and also wear a jacketthe temperature is normally 0-3 degrees in indoor rinks------Winter mommies...what type of outfit?i live in michigan. so it may be a little different. plus my son was born in march. but he went home in a university of michigan sleeper. we had a huge snow storm the day my son was born too------fashion/dress for teen girls in boston?Boston gets very cold in the fall/winter so make sure you pack a lot of warm clothes such as jackets, sweatshirts/pants, jeans, long sleeves, etc...In September, you could probably wear shorts if it's early in the month------Cute Ways To Dress For School?This Site Might Help You.RE:Cute Ways To Dress For School?I really like blue jeans and layering shirts , what are some things i can use as comfy assecories and some cute casual things to do with my hair THANKS------At a traditional Catholic wedding w/o communion at 7pm, do I have to wear a long dress??I like girls in jeans. It makes them look more home town like and it generally does not look like they try too hard but if you are looking to get this men attention, this might not be what you want------I think one of my students is being neglected/abused?well...don't you have an obligation to report anything out of the ordinary?? I would talk to the guidance counselor at your school and see what the next approach would be...they are better equipped for situations like yours. good luck------I'm fashionably challenged please help?well, 10 things that a teenage girl must have in her wardrobe are1) a little black dress2) a trench coat3) heels4) neutral coloured flats5) neutral coloured handbag6) a cardigan7) a blazer8) a day dress9) good pair of jeans10) an all occasions top------What is your school's dress code?bottoms, below fingertips3finger sleeveswe are allowed to wear any type of shoes, including flipflopspajamas are not a problem, (besides by style)those saggy type hats are acceptable, but not like sports capsheadbands everyone wears themhoodsno------Which of these dresses do you like the most?hey, i like the first one which is pink. It will really suit your age. If you changed the color to Black would also be nice. I have noticed that all of the dresses are short. Yet they are really pretty!------Anyone else have a daughter/s like this?Well u cant get her all dresses because school starts in the fall which means winter is right around the corner and you just said that she'll wear pants wen its cold so yes get her some pants as well :)------Why do females athletes wear tiny clothing and males dont?Sad to say but I think they want to make a fashion statement. Who knows maybe it's an endorsement for the clothing and so they get money for it. You are right others do just fine and even win some!.------Do women care how a man dresses or is that only shallow immature girls who do?Clothes do matter to me, because they tell you a lot about someone.I just know that I'm going to probably get along better with a guy who has really casual style and dresses for comfort and function rather than fashion.------What is the Disneyland dress code you must have to work there?I really like little skirts and the real way i fix it being brief is leggings and coloured tights. Not the methods with holes however the ones that virtually look like leggings but are obviously tights as a result of material------15 year old girl always comes to class with injuries?Yes, because if there is an abusive parent, someone needs to intervene. Same case if this student's injuries were self-inflicted, which would indicate depression.Unless she secretly fights criminals in her free time and picked up injuries from there.------what can i wear over or under this dress to be warm at a New York evening Wedding? Shoes - Or if you don't like them look at the rest of the shoes on the site.------What kind of hairstyle will look nice with this dress?Angel,it incredibly is a quite gown,yet as a guy,i think of somewhat like the type interior the image,it exhibits the gown and your self greater powerful,in case you spot my factor,so have an astounding time to------Why am I the only one to dress for the cold appropriately at school?I asked myself this same question when I moved to CT. In the winter it gets cold. However, I see many people in shorts and a zipped or pullover sweater. No lie, I even seen this one girl in flip flops.------Anyone with a sense of fashion... please help?I have a good look Somethign like that.------Wearing A Cherry Red Dress To A Wedding?I like females in jeans. It makes them look more city like and it generally does not look like they are trying too hard but if you're trying to get this guys attention, this may well not be what you would like------What would you call my style???? :)?It's really cute and laid back. I think it's more of a girly style with a slight edge.Also, if you want to add details, you can. It's under the edit link on your question or something.------I need a new wardrobe for fall I'm 23. I want advice on what basic essentials I should get to mix and makeGet classic clothes that don't go out of style, and accessorize. The accessories can change with time and you can wear the same clothes as a base. You keep up with fashion trends this way, and save money too.------Where can I find a sweater dress for a reasonable price?urban planet, urban outfitters, costa blanca....those are the only ones i can think of, and i dont know if you have one near you or not.also, a good suggestion, thrift stores! cheap, and you never know what youll find:)------Fall wardrobe for school aged children?my daughter wears uniforms, so i replace them as needed. i never went heavy into shopping as they had plenty of clothes from the summer to last a few months into the school year. i replaced clothes as need then, too------I'm 15 and going to a Georgia wedding in November. What should I wear?!?This is a pretty dress, it's short so not too dressy, but still elegant. Forever 21 has lots of cute dresses...and cheap! ------Why do people think that western riders are pur redneck hillbillies that don't care about their horse?Same reason people think english riders are stuck up snobs that wear their jods so tight so the sticks don't fall out of their butts. Ignorance and bigotry.There are amazing riders of both disciplines. And total jerks in both.------Survey: What is your style? (GIRLS)?1. jeggins and pumps and top and cardigan2. demin skirt and tank top (if its actually hot)3. jeans/jeggins or skirt with tights, uggs and hoodie4. jeggins and hoodie, pumps or uggs5. hollister, river island, primark..random ones6. pink7. down and straightened------What do you think? I'll answer yours if you answer mine. A little bit long, but please help. I'm confused!?It does sound like he likes you, but he may be shy about it or unsure of what to do. You may need to make the first move if you really want something to happen between the two of you------for grae 8 grad i have a dress its like not straps or tube tops its full length and full sleeves but all the?Psh no,it sounds like there trying to be too grown up and to slut-like.As long as your dress is pretty and is not covering your body from the top pf your head to the floor, u should be fine.------Have no idea what to wear on first day?!? would work well :) I suggest lose fitting but not baggy shirt with shorts or boyfriend jeans :P------what is this fall's fashion?cuffed high boots, skinny jeans, and stripped long sleeve sweaters. Thick belts around the waist with a long white shirt and black leggings, kimono styke dresses and peep toe shoes... Try looking at this months issues of Lucky fashion magazine and glamour.
Design Scheme of Multi-channel Voltage Measurement Based on Stm32
Design Scheme of Multi-channel Voltage Measurement Based on Stm32
This design proposes a design scheme of multi-channel voltage measurement based on STM32 chip, and the measurement range is between 0-10V. The built-in A / D of STM32 samples the multi-channel voltage values to obtain the corresponding digital quantity. Then the corresponding analog voltage value is obtained according to the proportional relationship between digital quantity and analog quantity, which is displayed by TFTLCD display equipment, and the multi-channel collected data is stored in SD card.1. IntroductionIn recent years, data acquisition and its application have attracted more and more attention, and data acquisition system has developed rapidly. It can be widely used in various fields.Data acquisition technology is one of the important branches of information science. Data acquisition is also a process of obtaining object information from one or more signals. Data acquisition is an important link in industrial control systems. It is usually realized by some single chip microcomputer systems with relatively independent functions. As an indispensable part of the measurement and control system, the performance characteristics of data acquisition directly affect the whole system.Voltage measurement is the most universal. It is of great significance to study and design methods and instruments to improve voltage measurement accuracy. In the design of voltage measurement, single chip microcomputer as controller is the core of the whole design. In addition, there must be an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) in the design. ADC is used to directly collect analog voltage and convert analog signal into digital signal. It directly affects the accuracy and speed of data acquisition.2. System overviewThe microcontroller of this design adopts STM32 single chip microcomputer.STM32 Series MCU is designed based on the Cortex-M3 core of arm company. Its clock frequency reaches 72mhz. It is a high-performance product among similar products. It has the advantages of high performance, low cost and low power consumption. It is a good choice in embedded application design. The A / D converter in the design adopts STM32 built-in ADC. STM32 ADC is a 12 bit successive approximation analog-to-digital converter.It has up to 18 channels and can measure 16 external and 2 internal signal sources. The A / D conversion of each channel can be performed in single, continuous, scanning or intermittent mode. The conversion results can be stored in the 16 bit data register in left or right alignment. The maximum input clock can reach 14mhzThis design can measure the voltage value of 8 channels, the measurement range is 0-10V, and the display error is ± 0.001V. LCD displays the voltage value and waveform in real time, and microSD card synchronously stores the data. The system principle block diagram is shown in Figure 1.Design scheme of multi-channel voltage measurement based on stm323.3 LCD control circuitThe LCD used in this design is 2.4 inches, 320 & times; 240 resolution. The LCD module is controlled by the FSMC interface of STM32.FSMC (flexible static memory controller) can be changed into static storage controller. It is a unique storage control mechanism of STM32 series high storage density microcontroller with internal integration of flash of more than 256Kb and suffixes Xc, XD and Xe. By setting the special function register, FSMC can send corresponding data / address / control signal types according to different external memory types to match the speed of the signal, so that STM32 series microcontrollers can not only apply various external static memories of different types and speeds, Moreover, it can expand a variety of different types of static memory without adding external devices, so as to meet the comprehensive requirements of system design for storage capacity, product volume and cost.In STM32, one end of FSMC is connected to core Cortex-M3 through internal high-speed bus AHB, and the other end is an external bus for extended memory. After the access signal of the kernel to the external memory is sent to the AHB bus, it is converted into a signal conforming to the communication protocol of the external memory through the FSMC and sent to the corresponding pin of the external memory to realize the data interaction between the kernel and the external memory. FSMC acts as a bridge, which can not only convert the signal type, but also adjust the signal width and timing, so as to shield the differences of different storage types and make them no difference to the kernel.FSMC can connect devices such as nor / PSRAM / NAND / PC card, and has FSMC_ A [25:0] has 26 address buses and FSMC [15:0] has 16 data buses. In addition, the extended storage space of FSMC is divided into 8 blocks. Select the block of the operation through the address line. In this way, the LCD will operate as a memory with one address space.3.4 SD card drive circuitThe SD card used in this design is microSD, also known as TF card. MicroSD card is a very small flash memory card, which is mainly used in mobile phones. However, due to its small volume and the continuous improvement of storage capacity, it has been used in GPS devices, portable music players, digital cameras and some flash memory disks. The pin diagram of microSD card is shown in Figure 9.MicroSD card, like SD card, has SPI and SDIO operation buses. Compared with SDIO bus, SPI bus has simple interface, but its speed is slow. We use SDIO mode.MicroSD card has 4 data lines in SDIO mode.In fact, microSD has 1-wire mode and 4-wire mode in SDIO mode, that is, 1 or 4 data lines are used respectively. Of course, the speed of 4-wire mode is faster than that of 1-wire mode, but the operation is more complex. The 4-wire mode of SDIO is used in this design. The hardware connection diagram of microSD card is shown in Figure 3.STM32 MCU Chinese official websiteSTMicroelectronics / St / STM
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