How to Promote a Placement Business?

One way is through below the line advertising. You could have road shows, or join job fairs and the like. Come up with posters to announce the event you are joining. You would need brochures also informing potential clients of your company history, your services, your rates, etc. Another way is to come up with a professional sales kit, do not forget to include your business card, then give these to potential clients, set up a meeting with them to discuss your services. For printing needs, check out Uprinting, they have great offers for printing services for these materials.

How to Promote a Placement Business? 1

1. 4 pictures with a title in one frame?

Do you mean that you want to have this done? Technically, making such a collage is not difficult. You could even do that in a wordprocessor. Making it look professional and good on 25x35 (inch I assume?) will take some more skill. Otherwise you may find the pictures to be grainy, to have little constrast etc. Even if the originals look great in standard size. I would try to find a professional for this. I would check the phonebook for graphic designers. Or photostudios which work digitally as well. They should have access to both photomaterial as well as printing services.

2. Create a head bust (maybe plaster or paper mache)

Decide which media you desire to use. A good choice for a beginner would be the inexpensive medium of Papier-mch, a composite material of paper pulp and binder. One can use newspaper, shredded office paper, cardboard, just about anything cellulose.As the link suggests, you can create using the strip method, but for your sculpture, you would want an armature (structure) on which to base the primary form. Additionally, it's advantageous to use chopped pulp to build up the design shape before applying the strips.Think of molding clay over an inverted funnel. The funnel reduces the amount you have to "fill" while providing a basic shape. The chopped pulp would be the clay that shapes the curves and bulges of the head, while strips of paper provide a closure of the more coarse pulp, allowing for a smooth finish overal.It's typical that a sophisticated creation will have a sealing coating of paint, glaze or similar, along with painted features not visible in your Blender creation.I am confident you can find many videos regarding this type of sculpting. The above is what I consider to be the least expensive option. One could certainly create the head with modeling clay that does not harden, or use a polymer clay that can be carefully baked to be permanently hard. Neither of these would be inexpensive, but the results could be more detailed. As you already have the creation in Blender, you could also have the model 3D printed. Unless you own a large printer, it would be chopped into pieces, printed and glued together. 3D printing services exist which will create this plastic model, but for a substantial cost. Our makerspace promotes sharing of services of this sort. I have in the past taken another member's creation, chopped it into six pieces (in Meshmixer) and printed the individual parts.Once the model is printed, it can be sanded and painted and used as-is. It could also be used as the primary for a silicone mold, which would allow you to resin-cast multiple copies if so desired

How to Promote a Placement Business? 2

3. How to use Illustrator to Create DIN A4, six-sided folder-flyer?

In AI CS5, you can select File > New From Template and under the Japanese section, in the Marketing folder, you will find that j-brochure1.ait is an A4 template for a trifold. Just delete the artwork and keep the fold marks. If you have a European version of AI, you may find that the regular Blank brochure template is A4. On my US version, it's US Letter size, which would not be much help to you. The folds are not evenly spaced, so there's an art board for the "outside" and one for the "inside" of the piece. There are many companies that offer printing services to "the trade" and consumers through their websites. It's become a very common business model for companies offering standard commercial jobs such as postcards, fliers, booklets, etc. Every one I have seen has templates on its website available for download, and the kind of trifold you describe is a very standard item so you should have no trouble finding numerous templates. The print shop you are planning to use may also have one, so it's worth asking them. (Rule: Always ask your printer!)A jpeg can be dropped into Illustrator and the artwork built on it, or you may find a native Illustrator or EPS template

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