How to Handle a Big Capacity of Oil Seals?

There's nothing wrong with doing this, as long as you make sure to structure your code cleanly. You can even serve the static content from e.g. an Apache rather than your web service

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VMWare various disk type advantages/disadvantages

5 : compressed disk optimized for streamingNotably, the stream optimised format does not support random reads or writes, and is thus unsuitable for a general purpose filesystem that expects to be able to do random seeks


Approaching a multi-class classification problem but without labels

Your specific problem can be solved by Googling.Here is a solution that I have changed "romantic" to "romance", and "emotional" to "drama" to match the IMDb vocabulary.OutputThis solution could be improved byetc.


How can I get distribution name and version number in a simple shell script?

lsb_release -a. Works on Debian and I guess Ubuntu, but I'm not sure about the rest. Normally it should exist in all GNU/Linux distributions since it is LSB (Linux Standard Base) related


How to make the mouse a priority for cpu processing(mouse freezes)?

open Taskmanager (CTRL SHIFT ESC),In Windows 7:

Under tab 'processes' find the process called explorer.exe, right click, and set priority to 'high'.In Windows 10, you'll find explorer.exe under the tab 'details' instead.


Remote Desktop performance issues in Windows 2008

I've seen this and asked a related question (how-do-you-diagnose-a-server-temporarily-freezing). Have a look at the following article. it may help, but I still don't know exactly what is going on


Should we flag comments that only praise an answer? duplicate

If it's a single one, just leave it be. It might be an additional useful indicator of the post's quality. If it attracts tons of such comments however, you could flag the later ones


Rest API request timeout

You can set REST API call-out time to maximum 120 second. If your .NET application is unable to process request in 120 seconds then you will have to optimize .net webservice. Default timeout is 10 seconds.Sample:


How to perform small value approximation for sqrt(x) on FPGA

Try $x(yd)^2 approx y^22dy$

so let $d(x-y^2)/2y (x/y-y) gg 1$

and next $yyd. $

If MSb is n from right, let first $y1 ll (n/2)$. Converges in ------

Why can't I email myself at: MyEmail@ is not a Gmail gateway. If you go direct yourself to the IP address in your browser it won't go to the Gmail website; it'll go to Google, so that could be one point


Which file system to use for portable hard drive shared among different operating systems?

use ext2 and put the drivers to access it from non linux systems on a device partition in fat 32 not only will you have >4g criteria sorted but more important you'll have file atributes


Element of string at specified index

In K, list access (as function application) is implicit. As such, we can do But that's not really in the spirit of things, so we'll make the application of 0 on "abcdef" explicit for 1 byte:


How much swap is a given Mac application using?

As ridogi said, open Activity Monitor. Navigate to the process you want to inspect, and click... Inspect! Then click memory; this will tell you how much swap the given process is using.Have fun!


How do you search your codebase? closed

Two ways:The built-in "Search in source code" on Github which is very fastThe "Find in files" function of the IDE if I'm looking for locations that were not pushed to the repository yet


New Post Notices rollout on Stack Overflow

feature-request status-completedIn past we had duplicate notice in the body of the question. Now with the new notices we see both of them. Are there any plans to remove the old in-body notice?Example:.


Troubleshooting (or tracing) Windows network logon problems

Do you have any specific error IDs from the logs, and when do you get them? (e.g. one error when the user logs on vs. periodic errors the entire time theyr'e logged in)


Evolution of Powers of Two

Finally, a command

line shell for the 90s(c) fishshell.comNote that this does not work on TIO Nexus due to lack of white space in ...45#2..., but works just nice on my fish, version 2.0.0.


How to randomize letters in a word

props to @dr jimbob for the "import as" bit and for catching my non-conformance with the spec.

props also to @user unknown for getting the spec clarified.Edit: updated to conform to short-words spec.


SSH login using Active Directory credentials

I would try something like:Space did not work for me, also when i do groups. I see all the groups with lowercase and system is case sensitive, so try to use correct case


Using a standard deck of cards, what is the probability of drawing 2 cards that sum to 10?

As @Mathsmerizing has said, you have double-counted the first part.You want $frac frac C(24,1)*C(4,1)2C(4,2)C(52,2)$You don't need to halve $C(4,2)$ because that has already been halved in its own calculation


Changing to env:flex in app.yaml introduces a redirect

EDIT: See Adam's comment below this answer for newer information.This issue is currently being tracked in the Public Issue Tracker for App Engine. Feel free to follow that thread for updates on this.


Music player with random song command

Clementine box is best GUI media player probably, fully-featured, which supports random playing mode, can be controlled through dbus interface or command line.Check clementine --help for help.Otherwise check rhythmbox, shuffle is supported,


Adding texture to one side of a mesh only ( based on axis)

The best way to do this is by using "UV Project" Modifier.

It allows you to control the texture orientation based on the camera.Try this link for ------

Exchange replacment for Linux? duplicate

To be pedantic, Outlook would be the frontend, not the backend.To be helpful, probably the most full-featured product in this space is Zimbra, though some people are turned off by the open-core model


Ways to get a bounceback report for my newsletter application?

We have considered using Atomic Mail Tracker ( ) but haven't made any decisions. It looks like it has all of the features we want, so it might help you, too.


How to make mailto: links open in Gmail instead of Outlook

You can also search "file type" in the windows search box, and select change the file type associated with a file extension. Then scroll down to MAILTO. Double click on it and select chrome


Wake on lan hosts file

Some minor bash:This uses bash arrays: site can probably help more with doing this script and the one that processes arp output


Best way to Word document files to image and then image to PDF conversion?

How about Windows' Snipping Tool? It can capture portions of the screen and save in many formats. Another program called Snagit does the same but I believe it can save directly to a PDF


Two smtproutes for one domain in qmail

Both? Probably not, at least with stock qmail. If you're happy to recompile qmail, you can define QUEUE_EXTRA to anything you like, and then route the local ones to a second local server


Produce an unexpected word closed

Round 2:Improved Solution:53 charactersOld Solution: Prints the same but in more short char length:60 charactersRound 1:I am going to Joe's place, he is sick, even computer says that:162 characters.103 characters."Joe is not fine"


7-zip cannot open file on double click

You could try to reset the associations from within 7-zip File Manager. One thing to note, if you are using Windows 7, you need to run 7zFM as administrator so it can set the changes


When a sprite is rotating to follow an angle, how to prevent it from reversing direction after a point?

First, find the signed distance between the two angles:If it's negative, then subtract from the current angle to reach the other angle in the shortest time, if it's positive, then add to it


Finding Outlook messages with *****SPAM***** in the subject

For some reason, Instant Search does not handle search terms that start with special characters. To accomplish your search, you'll need to:I tried this on my copy of Outlook 2010 with success.Solution source


Any way to improve AD performance over a VPN?

Install a DC at the remote site.Set up ADS&S for both sites/subnets.Configure the Sharepoint server and clients at the remote site to use the remote site DC for primary DNS


Dynamic filtering and sorting with Entity Framework

I'd consider using EntitySQL as a replace to LINQ to Entities. With EntitySQL you would concatenate the sort field name with a statement. Although there is a big disadvantage of no compile time check.


gawk join two TSV by columns (a'la sql join)

It appears the join command can only join on one field 1,2, so:Update due to comment: since the given key is not unique, here's a technique to build up multiple entries from "a.tsv"


Intel HEX (.hex) viewer/readers

I've not used any of these, so I'm not sure if they meet your requirements or not:HexplorerWinHexThere also seem to be some links at the bottom of the Intel HEX page on Wikipedia


Binding a click event to document Lightning Component

Check this out: need to add a separate event to your actual picklist element to prevent the event from bubbling up to the document and triggering the handler


Would you see any use of a Trilean (True, False, ??) closed

Another option in your case might be to invert the control by applying the "tell don't ask" principal and change it to (sorry about the word adultness, brain blockage):where OnlyAllowAdultsToLoginStrategy implements an interface:


Lightmap overlapping error when importing to UE4

It's actually quite hard to detect the problem without having the .blend to check or at least having a screenshot of the model, but seeing your packed screenshot I guess that you have either


Home Print Server Recomendation?

A 4-in-1 FAX, Printer, Scanner, and Copier with an Ethernet port can be purchased for $150 on sale. Very tight foot-print for all that functionality with many functions that just work even without a computer


Holes on my succulent leaves

I've seen similar marks on the underside of lower leaves and they turned out to be snails. Would come out of soil at night to feed. Check for snails after dark with flash light


dsPIC 30F6012A will not read RD9, appears to be software problem

As past me (what an arrogant gasbag) points out, setting C1CTRL enables IC2, disabling RD9 as GPIO. Even if you manually disable IC2 after that point, RD9 still can't be used for GPIO


Repurposing A Cargo Ship In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Swap out the engines for electric motors, wire solar panels / windmills to batteries. Should be doable by an electrician and a mechanic, I just don't know what kind of capacity it will be needed


Have local admin privileges on Windows XP, but getting Error terminating process: Access is denied. How to kill the process?

What is the software? Sounds like it's running as a service. You'll get that error when you try to kill a process (from Task Manager or Process Explorer) that is running as a services


Users entering the wrong decimal separators for US$ amounts

You could create two fields - 1 for dollars and 1 for cents. In this way you don't need any formatting logic and you can strip out any non-alphanumeric characters when you save to a database


Is this number a prime?

This can converted to the standard graphical version using the included Encoder utility, or run directly by adding the -x flag.Hex dump:The original image:Zoomed in 100x with color value lables:Explanation:


How strict should we be with our 14-month-old boy?

Just be consistent. And be strict about your consistency. Like afrasier said "If those books are off limits, then they're always off limits. Not sometimes, whenever you're feeling up to dealing with it. Always."


Space of Differentiation Transformation

Hint:A polynomial $a_0a_1x a_2x^2 cdots a_n-1x^n-1$ living in $P_n$ can also be viewed as a vector $(a_0,a_1,dots,a_n-1)$ living in $bf R^n$


Web log files analyzer

I like Flashstats: download my apache logs via ftp to my machine and then run the Windows Executable version of flashstats. It produces tons of useable reports


How to make horizontal scroll obvious?

Have an overlay on the top of it.Or You can go with a background color with some opacity so that it gives a faded look.Gradient also is a good option to try


Is 802.11g wifi enough for 2Mbps videoconferencing? closed

Your problem is that 2Mbit is 250 KB/s, which is not enough for streaming audio and video.You're seeing serious packet loss because the packets are presumably being dropped to stay under that limit


(KevinC's) Triangular DeciDigits Sequence

Ungolfed:Explanation:I could save some bytes by exploiting the way the compiler tokenizes: By calling the argument &, you can write 1 to&map instead of 1 to n map. The same rule applies to def?


What is the best Big-Data framework for stream processing?

Apache Storm and Apache Spark are more popular than the other ones, there are already many discussions on Quora(Storm vs Spark, Use cases for comparison).Personally, I think Spark is a better choice


Does less have a feature like tail --followname (-F)

In Fedora at least less has a F option that follows the contents of a file just like tail -f does.. Update, try hitting F in less to toggle to follow mode as well


Reduce string to a snippet of the alphabet

Run as pipe with -nR or try it online.Apart from the usual tricks: When $c reaches Z, $c results in AA,

and &__ keeps that length untouched; so $n will match no further $c.


Nagios: Is it possible to have multiple IPs for a host?

With a little bit of work (or a lot, if your system is large), you could put every check inside a wrapper check script that tests the service in question on both possible addresses


Remove Downed Exchange Server from First Administrative Group

Open AD and do a search for all users who have Exchange Home Server attribute set to the dead Exchange Server. Remove Exchange mailbox association if you find any users using the old server

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