How to Accept Being Unattractive?

ok nicely there is not something u can do approximately being short so u could chillax approximately that. yet u can positioned on heels. not too intense tho cuz undergo in innovations its highschool. ok yet first u might desire to apply a reliable facewash, toner, and moisturizer combination. yet make sure the moisturizer doesnt have oil in it. then after a bathtub so ur pores or open get an extractor device so u can sparkling out ur pimples. if u have the $$ choose for facials. and approximately ur character: im kinda shy so ik what ur speaking approximately. a reliable component to do is basically dont think of approximately what u say (till its reallly stupid) yet basically have exciting! snigger and stuff. an excersice u can do. if u watch a television teach that u are familiar with compliment a character that u can relate to, nicely while u watch an episode while that's her turn to talk basically mute the television and u talk for the character. say what ever pops into ur head :) reliable success and undergo in innovations: shop an open innovations!.

How to Accept Being Unattractive? 1

1. Courtroom attire for female attorney's?

I would expect any laywer in the UK to be wearing a skirt suit with nylons and heels (courts), certainly not trousers

2. what should I dress for V's day?

hhmm if I wore that I would pair it with some black leggings or really dark jeans and some black shoes, like black boots, heels, or flats. It's cute btw

How to Accept Being Unattractive? 2

3. Can someone give me a list of outfits to wear everyday of the week?

monday- skinny jeans, converse, retro/graphic t-shirt tueday-floral skirt, black top, tights and boots wednesday- leggings,ankle boots, t-shirt that goes below your waist thursday- a bright pair of skinny jeans, black converse and a matching t-shirt and cardi friday-black pencil skirt,blazer,tank top, and boots or heels saturday-shorts,tights,long sleeve,blazer and converse sunday-purple skinny jeans,blue converse,and a greyish or black hoodie this is pretty random but i hope it helped=] (this is just my sort of style)

4. I have a shoe fetish, is this normal?

Above pic was the last heels bought.Let me give you a quick overview of myself, I am a full-time crossdresser in my 30's.Told you was quick. When I started to dress as a female my biggest obsession and still is my obsession were women's shoes, where some people say its a fetish.I go out to buy new pair of heels mostly open toe like sandals with a heel height up to 5. 5 inches tall. The height of the sandals above is just over 4.5 inches tall and some people say that I look kind of goofy (mostly men) because I am 59 tall on flat and bare feet and adding the extra 4.5 inches more makes the whole body look weird????I did a survey on myself wearing the 5. 5 inch heel height and asked a total of 150 women on their thoughts on the shoes I am wearing and the rest of my body 100% of the women answered and 100% said (basically the samething) that as long as leggings, slacks, or a miniskirt I would be able to flaunt my hips creating some type of illusion that I would look shorter with just very long legs???? What?My point is that yes having a shoe fetish is very normal and it gets better when you try to make a whole outfit work with the new pair of shoes. When I buy new pair of heels whether its pumps or sandals, whether it's party heels, casual heels or business heels I buy a new outfit to go with it.So, enjoy your shoe fetish cause I am enjoying my heel fetish and there's nothing wrong for having a shoe fetish. I have a shoe fetish, is this normal?.

5. Ladies: Do you own a pair of CFM's?

i refuse to wear heels, and trust me i get more than i need

6. do you think these items are tacky or sexy?

I wear french glue-on manicure nails, i like leopard print shoes, polka dot shoes (heels & flats), ugg boots are too cute!, chanel bag and over-size sunnies

7. Is it alright if i want to wear leggings though they are out of style now?

in season now: outsized clutches intense waisted skirts (pencil no longer mini) artwork deco elaborations down jackets apartments and heels are constantly widespread formidable jewerly bright colorings for the spring and summer season seasons: shiny colorings scarfs (the gentle weight ones) animal/ safari prints gladiator sandals Ikat independent colorings (beiges, creams no longer white!) gentle denim long attire elaborations image jewerly formidable florals ombre (a dipped tye dyed look) yellow intense waisted pants sequins snake epidermis apartments!! loose attire platform footwear day clutches

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