How Do You Remove Rust From a Cast Iron Skillet?

Scrub with plain steel wool.( no soap!) 2.wash out with straight water to get it cleaned and rinsed out good. 3.Hand dry as much as possible 4.Place on the stove burner. 5.heat up till all the water disappears(45sec to a minute) 6.Handle carefully! 7.I use Olive Oil to "season" mine,rub in all over the pan,even the outside and the handle 8.Put in the oven at 350degrees for 2 to 3 hours(cooking the oil into the pan is the "SEASONING") To clean after its seasoned ... 1.Dump out after each use left over breading and crumbs in bottom of the pan 2.Wipe it out after each use 3.Keep the sides cleaned up of excess build up.(this is nasty to have a pan with an 1/4 inch of goop around it.) 4.Season it as needed.(always keep a thin layer of oil in it) Hope this helps

How Do You Remove Rust From a Cast Iron Skillet? 1

1. How do I clean toner out of a cast iron bathtub?

If it is the tub, put on the shower head and let it go down the drain. A regular vacuum can be ruined and also make the toner go airborne which is no good for your lungs. There are special vacuums for toner. Toner is messy when wet so anything outside the tub can be picked up with a moistened paper towel.

2. Could a cast iron skillet change its ways and be kosher for a vegan?

Your issue revolves around 2 things:Some (not all by any means) vegans have a tendency to be a bit fanatical. Whatever cleaning you may do is strictly based on whether or not they want to 'accept' it. There's no 'official' guidelines, especially considering the different types of veganism. If you are worried about cross-contamination of fatty oils (which is the only thing I can think of that would be be an issue), then a very light wash with soap is your best bet. A salt scrub wo not take care of the oils. If your pan is well seasoned and the coating is solid, a light wash definitely wo not hurt it. The kosher part is going to be trouble. Koshering is a very specific religious thing and effects all parts of the food prep from pans, utensils, even storage containers* on the way to and from the plant. Compliance with cooking fully kosher is quite difficult to achieve if you are not set up for it. The process is pretty specific and changes depending on different things in the kitchen. It appears to take at least 24 hours as well. Some other sources seem to imply that you can not , but on further inspection, you can. It's just if you kosher an item, it must be kept with other kosher items. * For my job, we even monitor and help with the rabbi that comes out and inspects the rail cars shipping the product to make sure that they are kosher

How Do You Remove Rust From a Cast Iron Skillet? 2

3. how do you cure a cast iron skillet?

heat it really hot and let it burn. Works best on a gas stove

4. What's important to consider in choosing an replacement oil furnace?

first, is it really a furnace, or is it a boiler? if you have hot air heat, it's a furnace, but many people with a boiler call that a furnace, too. if you have radiators and hot water heat, you've got a boiler, which is what i also have. that said, that is what i can give you some advice about. one thing to consider re; your electric hot water heater is, how much it costs you to heat your hot water with electricity. for not a lot more money, you can buy a boiler that will make hot water, while you heat your house anyways. depending on where you live, that's almost like free hot water, for better than half the year. this is called 'indirect hot water', and can pay for itself in just a few years. you will have to replace your existing electric tank with a new holding tank, and your new boiler will have a second circulating pump on it, to circulate hot water thru the new tank for heating the water. it's kind of like having a radiator inside the new tank, that heats your hot water. as far as the new boiler itself, look into getting a cast iron boiler. two that i was impressed with were weil mclean, and dunkirk boilers. i would only buy a steel boiler, if money was a problem, or you were planning to sell the house within a couple of years, because they do not last as long as cast iron. also, check with fuel oil dealers in your area, most will finance the job at pretty good rates. good luck, hope this was of some help, and gives you some food for thought

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