How Can You Shrink Polyester?

Hot driers work well on most things

How Can You Shrink Polyester? 1

1. How can I shrink a hoodie that is 60% cotton and 40% polyester?

Yeah, it probably fade before it shinks, go to a dry cleaners and see if they can alter it for you

2. Will my 50/50 Cotton Polyester Shirt Burn?Please Help!!?

Only if you do not follow the instructions

How Can You Shrink Polyester? 2

3. Sewing rayon/polyester/spandex blend.........................?

I love long skirts, probably because alot of folks like short ones. Not that a nice set of legs isnt nice to see, I simply have always prefered just a little mystery

4. Am I allergic to Polyester?

Did you wash your new clothing? It could be the dyes that are bothering you. Polyester in general does make me itchy but I do not get rashes from it

5. how do i get nasty wrinkles out of 100% polyester?

not sure if this will work, but you could hang it in the bathroom while taking a nice, hot steamy shower. the steam may get the wrinkles out. you can also get other members of your family to help or even use the steam from an iron

6. Is it possible to iron-on a patch to polyester material?

Put a thick cotton cloth folded twice on the polyester patch, sprinkle some water on it then iron. the steam will do the hot ironing part. I idea to 1. not heat the polyester patch, 2. not to heat it with any thing on which it is likely to cling / stick even if heated. if it sticks it will tear. hope this helps.

7. Is it safe for men to wear underwear that is 85% cotton and 15% polyester?

Of course it's safe. That fabric is still quite absorbent and breathable.I myself wear nylon/Lycra all the time and have no problems but I'm severely handicapped and not very active..Is it safe for men to wear underwear that is 85% cotton and 15% polyester?.

8. How to shrink a 65% polyester, 35% cotton sweatshirt?

To keep the shirt from shrinking, allow it to be in the dryer just a minute or two, remove it and lay it flat on the top side of a vacant bed to finish drying. Pat it out nicely so that it dries wrinkle free

9. Which fabric would be best to wear in cold weather?

Hi Randy, 1) Cotton,.is best,.because it can "breath" ,that it to say, that it will absorb, the moisture from your body, & then evaporate it into the air, thusly keeping you dry, You need to have multiple layers, because the air space between the layers acts as insulation, & outer layers can be removed as needed,..Wool, which is not on your list is very good for outer layers, but "scratchy" next to your skin... 2) Polyester,..Is not good, because, it can NOT "breath" , so as you perspire, the moisture, stays inside your clothing, so you will become damp, which is not good,. . Polyester is a little better than silk, because,, it is at least thicker, so it can provides, at least some insulation,.. 3),..Silk is worthless, in cold weather,.. My advice ,,get cotton underware & socks & T-shirts,..Outer cloths should be more cotton and/or wool,. .avoid polyester & silk,. .And all clothing is better to big, than to small,..,..If you absolutely, positively, need to ware some polyester, then ware as many layers of cotton, as possible under it,..& under NO circumstances ware polyester socks, or underware,.

10. Quick drying shorts

Get shorts and underwear that are made of polyester, spandex, rayon, etc. No cotton. Obviously the thinner the better

11. What is the fabric that a sweatshirt is made out of?

The fabric is called "sweatshirt fleece", and is typically made of cotton or cotton and polyester

12. Are 100% polyester sheets comfortable?

Comfort is subjective. No one here can tell you what would be comfortable to you. No

13. can i dye a 50% polyester/50% cotton shirt?

the dye will not take enough, it will go pink

14. What is the difference between 190T polyester and 210T polyester?

170t Polyester

15. What would you want to wear to a music festival? (girls 18 - 23 year olds - Questionnaire)?

1) What size do you wear? 6 (UK) 2) Which would you prefer to wear to a music festival: Can i pick other.. i would wear short denim shorts, wellies with knee length socks, a straw festival hat and a fringed jumper.(maxi dress out of the list) 3) What colours would you like most: Mixed colours. 4) What kind of patterns do you prefer: - paisly 5) What is the price range you would buy the garment for: - 100-200 6) What fabrics feel the most comfortable: I do not know polyester 7) Would you want the outfit to look: - comfy and loose 8) How much reference to the 60's would you want your outfit to be? - a medium resemblance to the popular fashions of the 60's

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