How Can You Make a Black Woman's Hair Soft?

how can you make a black woman's hair soft?

How Can You Make a Black Woman's Hair Soft? 1

i use this really big tub of cholesterol hair conditioner and i sit under heat for about 15 minutes, then rinse it out yu have to rinse REALLY well though cuz if any product is left in yur hair it gets inchy :/ its called: Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream

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Why is it always a Black Woman who hates on me?

I do not know why but it does sound like you are running into some incredibly rude people. Sounds like they are the ones with the problems....not your hair!!

How Can You Make a Black Woman's Hair Soft? 2

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Can a black woman with a relaxer get a perm made for caucasian women?

If you already have a relaxer on your hair (your hair is straight), why would you want a perm? A white perm give curl, and a black perm straightens. If you want curl in a relaxed head of hair, then there are products that are made for that process. If you use a white perm on a relaxed head of hair, you are guaranteed to end up with no hair.

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Is Taffy a common black woman's name?

I never met somebody with that as their nickname or real name. I heard of daffy? As in Daffy Duck?

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Can a black woman get a break?

Yaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....Im sorry, did you say something? Oh yeah, the race card

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In all Honesty, what would it be like for a Black Woman in Japan?

I've definitely done lots of research with racism in Asia, even though I am half Caucasian half Asian myself, it's very doubtful I would encounter racism although it is very interesting to learn about You should probably do lots of research before moving to another country, especially one with completely different culture and a country that does not speak your native language. Might I add YouTube is a very helpful place to learn about real people blogging about their experiences in different countries, simply type "Living in Japan as a black person." Lots of information will come up. But as of my understanding yes, you will be labeled as a "gaijin" A gaijin in English translation simply means foreigner or none Japanese. Which is normal and should not feel offended. As for being black it's a lot harder, simply because in Asia, especially with countries like Korea, China and Japan you will see women painting their faces with white cosmetics or even holding a parasol in the sun to keep their skin fair and light. (This is because in Asia they see light skin as pure and dark skin as dirty) you will even find many southern Asian countries have racism. Another reason why darker people have such a hard time is because native Africans (not African-Americans) have the highest crime rate, so they are looked down upon for being criminals. Like I said, look up blog videos on YouTube they will give you a better example and experiences but this should not stop you from going and on top of this, I do not think it will be a problem with getting a job in Japan. Good luck.

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When will we have a black British royalty? Isn't it time for a black king?

For that to happen, there would have to be a few heirs to the throne coupling with black partners.For example, if Prince William had kids with a black woman. Their kids would then be heirs and half black. Their kids should also have kids with black men or women. The kids would then be three quarter black and only a quarter white.I am sure that the royal family would rather couple with white people. Prince Harry was always a rebel and likely was just making a statement by coupling with Meghan Markle

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Why don't Brad and Angelina hire a black woman to do their daughter's hair?

Amen. I want to throw some Moroccan oil and a silk scarf at Angelina to use on her brown baby girl. what is going on?. she will not have any if she keeps it up. am biracal and my mom let my sisters do my hair. . she should at least try to find out what to do

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Is Michelle Obama the stereotypical black woman with an attitude?

I have only ever seen an attitude like hers with black females in education, not in ordinary life. Interestingly, I have also seen much sexism from black males. I am not sure white people today deserve all their animosity.

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