How Can I Get My Mom to Be More Supportive?

How can I get my mom to be more supportive?

How Can I Get My Mom to Be More Supportive? 1

I understand how you feel but your mom is probably very stressed out especially since she drives an hour, has to support your family on her own, and has a troubled son. I think you should talk to her and express how you feel. If she's not willing to listen then maybe you should try confiding in another relative. Her actions can not be justified because after all she is your mother but she's stressed and probably frustrated

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Is it possible to grow apart from someone you love?

It is possible to grow apart from someone you love but u never stop loving them no matter how good or bad they are. IF ur wife suffers from depression try to help her because obviously that is affecting her greatly.SHe really needs you.Dont leave her when she needs u the most.It seems like you feel have done everything for her from the materials things but she really just needs more support from you emotionally.

How Can I Get My Mom to Be More Supportive? 2

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I am almost positive that I will need to use a tampon this week. I'm so scared and confused!?

You know what, I was 8 when I got my period, and I think I was 19 when I finally became comfortable with tampons. I was about 10 when I tried them the first time, and it was because my family and friends were all planning to go swimming that day, of course. My mom was in the bathtub talking me through it while I was freaking out on the toilet trying to make it work, and I was so embarassed, I made her keep the shower curtain closed. I did not even want my mom in the bathroom with me at all, and I did not want to put my hands anywhere close to that area, so it was pretty awful. That said, I think if you really want to do this, you should try it in the bathtub instead of the toilet at first. You might be able to relax better, and it's true, you HAVE to relax. Also, before you actually get your period, you should probably sort of try finding the slight opening with your finger. I know that probably sounds awful, but it may be the only way to keep from hurting yourself or chickening out all together. You can even get a handheld mirror, which might be a good idea anyway. Do not be like me and wait for a guy to teach you about your own body. You can do this. Give yourself plenty of time to get it right, get the really slim ones, and email me if you need more support, ok? You are gonna be fine. ShalomRachel.

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How big is too big to wear a bikini?

You will look fine, do not worry. If you are self conscious you can always wear a tankini or a sarong to cover up a little. Im afraid there are not too many bikinis that offer much support. Again a tankini would be good as it offers more support. Try an hours walk everyday. If you are near a nice park it really does not feel like a chore.

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Why did the war in Iraq get so much more support than the Vietnam war?

When the US started supporting the Government of South Vietnam in the late 50s and early 60s there was a great deal of support by the American people. The presidential elections in 1964/68/72/76 and 80 were all about the American involvement in Southeast Asia. YES, I know there were OTHER issues. But I lived through those elections, and Vietnam was one of the main issues. Except for Carter in 76 every winner in these elections supported the Cold War idea of containment. And, in those years, Vietnam was where the rubber met the road in applying this foreign policy. The old antiwar crowd hates it when I bring this up, but Richard Nixon (who was supposedly the most hated man on earth since Hitler) won the largest landslide in American history up to that point over an openly antiwar candidate in 72. This indicates the American people were still behind the war effort. When Carter tried to back off with a more isolationist policy, which resulted in the Hostage Crises, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and the Soviet deployment of SS-20 missiles in Europe (not to mention all the trouble they were causing in the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, and Central America) he was thrown out of office four years later. Liberal revisionist historians have tried to rewrite the history to support their opposition to our involvement, but most of the American people supported the war in Vietnam, although they were confused by the politicians handling of it. Most Americans felt like we were attacked (which we were) on 9/11. Saddam Hussein had already made a bad name for himself with his invasion of Kuwait and then the attempted assassination of George H Bush. A lot of Americans thought Bush should have toppled Saddam back during Operation Desert Storm, and saw his son's invasion of Iraq as simply taking care of "old business." Wither there were any Weapons of Mass Destruction (and these seems to have been a few left over from the Gulf War) the infrastructure was there to produce them on short notice. So, the American people supported the initial invasion. They were a little more hesitant about the insurgency that developed in the wake of the military victory over the Iraqi Army.

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