Help with Naming My Twins Please!!?

I am in LOVE with the name Max! So I think Max and Bethany would be adorable! Maxwell (Max) Frederick and Bethany Rose :) For the bedroom, I think a beige or a light yellow would be pretty. Light, soothing colors are always nice. Aubrey

Help with Naming My Twins Please!!? 1

1. How to get the MAX row

Two usual methods: aggregate and ranking function.The aggregate works on SQL Server 2000. Both ways can use a CTE or derived tableFor performance, I've found the aggregate works better. However, it looks like SQL Server 2008 ranking functions run far better than on SQL Server 2005. I am not using SQL Server 2008 day to day yet (large dinsoaur corporate) so can not comment.There are 2 relevant SO Questions but I can not find them currently. One is a questions about high logical IO with ranking functions, another is testing of ranking in comments over SQL 2k5 vs 2k8. Sorry.

2. What is a good middle name for Max?

Max Lucas Max Lewis Max Alexander Max Ryan

Help with Naming My Twins Please!!? 2

3. SQL Max() revision number

I think what you are looking for is a correlated subquery:The subquery returns the max rev_num for each eventnum in the outer query. Since it's firing for each row, these can be expensive if mv_outage_duration is not properly indexed

4. Max heart rate questions

Many recommend the target to be 70-85% of (220-age) value, rather than value itself. See Mayo Clinic site and American Heart Association page. Moreover, trained athletes often have slower heart rates than those who are sedentary. Hence, slower heart rates are often sign of good exertional ability. Some drugs like beta-blockers slow the heart rate and prevent it from reaching target rate on exercise. Heart rate checking during exercise is more of a value for persons at extremes of exercise abilities, i. e. those who may be just starting an exercise program and those taking part in competitive athletics. Most other persons can simply exercise to the level that causes some breathlessness and sweating and that is not causing excessive exhaustion, breathlessness or chest pain

5. How Would you Solve the Max Acceleration and Max Velocity.?

x = amp sin (omega t) v = omega amp cos (omega t) vmax = omega amp = 2 pi f amp a = -omega^2 amp sin (omega t) amax = omega^2 amp = (2 pi f)^2 amp

6. buying nike air max online?

I actually have got a promotion email from this amazing online store and then purchased one there. Not extremely impressive about the delivery speed but did save money approximately 68% and pleased for this. The quality is actually great and right until now not spot a flaws.

7. Max or Milo? and Xavier or Valentino?

i have a dog named max, but i still like the name for a boy. and i like miles instead of milo. the middle names i do not care for.

8. Please help!! Max Points!!?

not everyone texts 24hrs a day, some have other things to do, and if you got to be texting every minute of the day, then get a damn life!

9. Pain from collarbone to shoulder?

Just an educated guess ... pinched nerve or slightly torn shoulder rotatory cuff ligament.? I play a lot of golf. I over did it it hitting long balls on the driving range going for max. distance. I developed similar symptoms. Hitting like 200 balls a day for distance. Lunatic me. I visited 7 different doctor and got 7 different medical "professional (M.D.)" diagnosis of what my problem was and what to do to correct it. I even tried acupuncture. The simple answer was to rest my shoulder and not play golf for a few months. Not one doctor told me that. Dah, stupid me. I should have figured that out myself. After resting my shoulder for 3 months, I was back on the golf course playing sensibly. Not banging long balls on the driving range. My pain has never returned again. That was 3 years ago. So much for MD's and all of their medical knowledge. They all could smell money. Several wanted to operate (surgery). Rest your shoulder and put hot compresses on it ... or a hot water bottle. You will be right as rain soon. IMHO

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