Hell's Kitchen New Season on Tonight!! Who's Watching?

Hell's Kitchen New Season on Tonight!! Who's watching?

Hell's Kitchen New Season on Tonight!! Who's Watching? 1

I am recording it. It's a great show

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Who watched Hell's Kitchen Last Night?

Looks like a set up. I was getting annoyed with the shouting and cursing. I would rather see some actual food prep and cooking.

Hell's Kitchen New Season on Tonight!! Who's Watching? 2

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Hell's Kitchen USA - how much of this show do you think is staged?

sorry i do not watch the show

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Anyone watch Hell's Kitchen, Bones, House, or Lie to Me?

hi 'roy911' : there is in basic terms one television prepare it incredibly is crammed with laughter for me. optimistically you have kit to tape television shows. this actual prepare is in it extremely is 6th or seventh season. The prepare ? . .. "2 and A 0. 5 adult men". Stars :- Charlie Sheen and Jon Crier it extremely is totally hilarious ! desire you like it ! roy911 !

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Where is Hell's Kitchen located?

The real Hell's Kitchen is located in Chelsea, England. That is where Gordon has his real resturant!

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what happen to Jean-Philippe Susilovic in season 8 of hells kitchen?

I do not know if it's true, but I just read on Facebook that Jean-Phillipe is overseas opening a new restaurant for Ramsey. It said he's skipping season 8, so it sounds like he will be back for season 9

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Is anyone else grossed out by Hell's Kitchen?

That's nasty, one of the things I like about Top Chef is that after the taste test you see them put the spoon aside. And on one of the episodes a chef put it back in the food and later the judges ripped into him about it

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Vinny Accardi Jr. gone? Views on Hell's Kitchen tonight.?

I did not see the drive in Vinny, but it still surprised me all the way up to the end, like Hell's Kitchen usually would. During the scene where the decision was being made between him and Gale, I thought Gale would go home for being more of a background chef, but after the decision I knew that Vinny became a background chef AND the weakest link on the blue team simultaneously. You see, in the end, Vinny was not a strong cook. I think he showed signs of losing conviction, despite whatever arrogance. He always seemed to be the helper (in gamer terms, I would say healer) and never the leader. He lacked the leadership and willpower that Russell possesses and he slightly lacked the drive that I saw in a few of the other chefs. No doubt, he was a great cook, but I think Ramsay was right in saying that he was on "a decline." About Trev, I do not think he should have been treated the way he was. The women hated him for a reason that is still sort of unknown to me. I think he's been the girl team's red herring ever since he got dumped onto their team. He was the red herring from the beginning. Still, part of me thinks that is deserved, as he is one of the weaker chefs in my eyes. Just because he can pull a one-hit whammy once every other episode does not make him the best player on the team. He deserves better treatment from both teams, though. I think he's just sick of being the guy that gets caught in all the heat. Albeit, the look on his face all the time is one of confusion. I can see how that might aggravate everyone else. Sabrina... okay... this is hard for me to say... but I think she actually deserves it. I only think she deserves it for her cooking performance if she really is doing as well as Chef Ramsay says she is. I think her attitude is very immature, unprofessional, and straight-up unkind. She's juvenile, but I see that huge passion to stay on. That's why she deserves the spot. The only thing that will determine whether or not she wins this season is what she is so passionately devoted to... is it cooking, or is it to please Chef Ramsay?.. we will find out. I really like this show. =]

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How much does it cost to eat at Hells Kitchen?

Probably a lot. The question is, why would you want to pay a lot to wait a long time to eat at a place where the chefs can not cook?

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