Heat Stroke in Dogs

Dogs sweat mainly through sweatpads on their feet, but heat regulation is done through panting. Because of this it is not often evident when dogs are overheated or require water. Staying cool is especially important if your dog is brachycephalic (flat faced such as a Pug, Pekinese or Boston Terrier). It is crucial to keep them in a cool environment because they cannot pant as effectively and are more susceptible to heat stroke. So, the best place for these types of dogs is in your home in the coolest spot available to them.

Heat Stroke in Dogs 1

What are some safety tips for the dog park?

If you want to take your dog to dog parks, he has to have a 100% recall so you are always able to call him away from dogs you feel uneasy about. YOU have to have enough dog skills to be able to recognize a potential problem before it escalates. So you need to be able to read a dog's body language really well because there's lots of people who take their dogs to dog parks who have no business being there.

Baby diapers on a dog?

This could be a medical problem, stress,or.age related incontinence. In any event there are tablets available from the vet which prevent this. After you get the first prescription, you can always get the same tablets on the Internet and they will be much cheaper. It will help your dog if you can re clean your carpet. After a dog has urinated or defecated in the house, obviously you will clean this up. Perhaps you think that you have got rid of the smell and your friends will possibly confirm this, however your dog will still be aware of a smell. Your dog thinks that your house is a bathroom; dogs have a much greater sense of smell than we have. In the UK there is a washing powder to use in washing machines called Ariel get the BIOLOGICAL version Or get some special cleaning solution from the pet shop and clean your floor with this. NEVER EVER USE PINE DISINFECTANT BECAUSE THIS ENCOURAGES A DOG TO URINATE,

Heat Stroke in Dogs 2

Canine Ear Medication Also used on a Cat??

Just call your vet and ask. It's probably ok, but everyone needs to keep in mind that cats are not small dogs. They are a different species and some things that are harmless to dogs can be very harmfull to cats

my dog again. should a vet or i yank the tooth?

in the pet stores they have real bones that have been smoked dogs love them and chew alot to get to the marrow try and see if it works a super large one runs about 10 bucks a vet bill would be alot more costly

i have a real bad problem with fleas - what can i do to kill them?

You did not give much information.. such as you have problems or the dog(s) have problem? If you have dogs or a dog and they are the ones having the problem then you would have to do what I had to do two times in the past year.. I first dipped the dogs with a sponge and mange medicine that you buy at an animal store and then I sprayed the total area where the dog goes.. where it sleeps.... where it eats.. sprayed the total area to include the walls. Then I repeated that in a week later(giving the time for the eggs of the fleas to hatch)

Im a new dog owner and I left my dog in her outside kennel a few times without incident while I left.?

If you knew they were dog haters why did you get a dog? Poor dog. Dogs do not like being left outside or left for extended periods they get lonely and bark and howl

Why do some people (mainly girls) put animals before humans in a sense.?

I do not dress up my ferrets. I only carry them around in my purse at PetSmart. I would NEVER kill my ferrets! Not only because I have spent over a grand on them this year (and killing them would be like throwing that money out the window) but because I love them. The only way I would ever consider "killing" my ferts would be if they were extremely sick. In which case I would humanely euthanize them. Just because you bought and own a pet does not mean you have the right todo what you want to them. Because you conceived and bore a child does that make it okay to beat them? To a lesser level, that's what you are saying. I do not put my pets at the same level as people, but I put my animals *above* people like you. Because my ferrets do not ***** and moan like you. Or ask stupid questions. Or judge. Or ridicule. None of the pets I've ever had in my entire 22 years of being has ever attack me. And cats and dogs have been domesticated for thousands, say it with me, THOUSANDS of years. Yes, there may be the odd "bad egg," but for the most part, it's nurture over nature and the only bad animals are that way because people made them that way by teaching them to be hostile, aggressive and mean. I am not sure what "endurce" is, but wolves are not dogs. Wolves are wild animals. And if you do not like Yorkies, then do not freaking get one. No one is making you. We are not treating them like gods nor are we worshiping them - we are caring for and loving them which is what we are supposed to do. What we agreed to do when we got them.

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