Gentlemen, Meet My New Friend Mr Porter

The latest discovery I've made is Mr Porter.MRPORTER.COM is the award-winning global retail destination for men's style, combining the best international menswear with editorial content.You can browser their site for some of the more 'high-end' fashion brands but they also offer probably one of the most captivating YouTube channels I've discovered in some time. It not only captures my attention completely but also offers some inspiring videos and insights into everyday life. This can range from learning about how the great Magus Nilsson (one of the worlds top chefs) cooks outside in his local forrest, to how to pack your suitcase correctly.Highly recommended for your viewing pleasure. You can view the YouTube channel here. Also, here's some of my favourites:.

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Should I trust a girl again if she friend-zones me because she wasn't clear about her feelings, and now she wants to be a friend?

Yes, I am a girl, and I often wish a guy is more patient and not just so self-centered focusing only on what he wants from me, but rather be patient and wait till I am ready to feel more than a friend, or at least start being a friend first. Friend-zoned does not mean no chance, and I have seen so many guys saying friend-zoned means a guy should give up and move on, and that is really not the case, unless she finds you completely unattractive. You can not even be friends with her, getting to know her and developing trust? What is wrong with being friends first and more later? It is much safer for both people involved getting to know the person as a friend, so if she/he turns out to be a crazy, immoral, disrespectful or wrongful person, you can stop it right there, without sleeping together. Why guys these days are so self-centred and only thinking about himself and not about the other person? If you are so selfish to the point that you can not even be a friend with her, do not be a friend, let her move on to some nice guy out there, at least he would respect her enough to be a person, and not an object of sexual desire. You do not just trust someone, you develop a feeling of trust after getting to know someone and you earn someone's trust, not an instant thing.Should I trust a girl again if she friend-zones me because she was not clear about her feelings, and now she wants to be a friend?.

My sister lied to her friend. What should I tell her?

Gentlemen, Meet My New Friend  Mr Porter 2

we all know that one day, any relationship will end so....i just think that ur sister should end this dating thing because when i was in 5th grade something like that happenned and they kissed too and guess what... the guys just forgot all about the girls and they cheated on them and forgot how much they used to love eachother ur sis's friend is a true friend and she should not let her go out of reach because she's the one that will stay and her bf is gonna be the one that will leave so should dump her bf and go to her friend apologize and tell her that she dumped him and continue their friendship (:

Food gifts for a friend in Peace Corps?

When our daughter was a PCV in Peru, she sent us a list. I would suggest you ask your friend what she would like in a "Care" package. She knows better than we do what she yearns for and what is available in her village. When I was a PCV, years and years ago, I asked for that stuff you add to simple syrup that makes it taste like maple syrup, sort of. I made pancakes every couple of weeks. What almost any volunteer would like would be short, chatty letters, on paper, sent with commemorative stamps, with a picture or two of her home town, friends and family. If you and she grew up in the same town, for instance, a picture of the park as the seasons change, for instance. Pictures of you and some of her other friends; pictures of her pets, as well, if you can. You could also send her pictures of ordinary things in the USA, for her to show to her hosts. The inside of a supermarket, for instance. Chances are they do not wrap their meat in plastic at her post. I took pictures of the meat, produce and kitchen gadget section of our supermarket for our daughter. (Ask the manager for permission first, and tell him/her why you want to take the pictures.) I had a picture I took on the SF Bay bridge while my friend was driving; it showed one tower and 5 lanes of traffic. It always amazed my fellow teachers and students, because our school was 110 miles from the nearest paved road. The gravel road to our school was two lane, and not particularly busy.

I'm infatuated with my daughter's best friend. Do you think she's beautiful? Does she like me?

It's immoral and unethical to do anything with your daughter's best friend. I think you are already way pushing it by posting a picture and buying her a bear. It's wrong, and you know it is wrong too, otherwise you would not be posting this. And yes, the FRIEND OF YOUR DAUGHTER is very pretty. And I hope you are a troll. Edit: Infatuation is NOT love. LUST is NOT love. I am sure you are a kind person, I am sure she's sweet and pretty, but at the end of the day, she is 16 and your daughter's friend. I hate to bring it to you, but she is not going to stay with you, even if anything ever happened with you two. Do you think this could be a healthy relationship, supported by family and friends? Do not you think she will mature, not want to spend her time with the (in her eyes) old father of her (then former) friend? You are dreaming, and that's alright, but leave it with that.

Falling for best friend's wife?

A man should keep it in his pants. If you value this friendship and value your karma (what goes around, comes around, my friend) you will do what you know to be right. Do not betray your friend and do not get involved with his wife. I would put some distance between you and your friend's wife too, that way you wo not be constantly faced with the temptation. There are many fish in the sea, you do not have to go after one that's already taken, let alone one that's taken by your friend

I envy my FORMER best friend?

"He's very popular on FB, Instagram and stuff, while I barely get any likes." Which means he probably spends his life on social media and the internet and really does not do much else. Whereas other people also do things like reading, art, things that contribute to society etc.. "He has TONS of friends, and he goes out all the time - while I only have a couple of friends, and most of the time I am just staying home. " Jeez, between living on the internet and partying, when does this guy have time for school work? Also, although he has tons of friends, how many of them do you think he is really, really close to? How many of his friends would give their lives to save his if the time came? Whereas I am sure you and your friends are closer than peas in a pod c: "He has had 8 girlfriends so far, while I only had 2, and it was almost 2 years ago since my last relationship. He also gets a lot of compliments about his look, while people barely notice what I am wearing." Eight girlfriends? You sure this guy is not a player? Do not worry, in 50 years time, you will be the one with a wife who you love more than anything and he will be the one hooking up with random women he has never met. There is no need to be jealous over this guy!

Does my friend's boyfriend soon to be fiance like me? or is he just being nice?

What the hell? this guy seems as if he is into you, that is not normal behavior, if my boyfriend went kissing one of my girlfriend on the head when me him are a serious i would be pissed off like hell. Plus your friend's man should not care whether another guy touches u, that is not he's concern. My brother do not put he's hands on my thigh when he is talking to me. Please do not be into this guy only because of he's money because if someone else comes along who is richer than you will just go for the richer guy. Also keep your distance a bit, even though he seems to be the one initating everything, i am sure u do not wanna risk losing your friend and be called the boyfriend stealer, this guy trying to make a move on you and is covering by saying your like a sister to him, yeh right lol. Does your friend know that he bought you an expensive purse and kissed you on your head and touch your thighs while your talking? Does he act this way to your when your friend is around? now think about this, if your friend knew would she be ok with that? would she says "oh he is treating u in a sister way." I really do not think so, so this guy seem like think your attractive, if i were u i would keep a big distance, do not be alone with him when your friend is not there.

how much time is my friend lookin at?

First of all, it depends on what state your friend's probation was in. For example, I live in Texas, and when charged with probation violation in this state, you are held WITHOUT bond or the ability to bail out until you either get re-instated by probation to continue with them or a court appearance with your judge where you have to face either additional charges or reinstatement... Penalty for probation violation in my state is high... I was on probation myself in the state of Texas and violated... ( I had been sentenced to 5 years probation ). I was then arrested and had to see my judge to see if he would either a.) reinstate me and allow me to either continue on my current sentence or b.) charge me with new cases, in which case, I would probably get my probation revoked and serve the remainder of my original 5 years incarcerated in prison. One thing very odd though is that you say he has been OFF probation for 3 or 4 years, correct? I am very confused by this because the only way that you can get arrested for probation violation is if you are CURRENTLY on probation.. If your friend got pulled over for speeding and was not charged with anything else, and SUCCESSFULLY completed his probation a few years ago, then there is a SERIOUS mistake being made and your friend needs to contact an lawyer immediately... However, if he just stopped going or did not completely serve ALL of his probated sentence, then he has violated... in which case he faces the original charge he got arrested for when he got probation.. I hope this helps.. good luck. mols *updated... Hey, Just saw that you had added that his DWI was in Texas.... Basically, If he has been arrested for a probation violation in Texas for the reason of a pending DWI charge he received while ON probation, then he unfortunately will be looking at some time. Texas is really cracking down on DWI over the past year or 2, and they are notorious for violating probated offenders... To narrow it down anymore I would need to know: a) if he was on felony or misdemeanor probation and for how long b) was this probation deferred or did he take the straight probation with conviction and 3) does he have a real world lawyer or a court appointed.. If you can tell me any of that information, I can pretty much tell you what he's gonna get.

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Is a Homemade Bikini (made Out of Ribbon) a Good Gift for Your Girlfriend?
Is a Homemade Bikini (made Out of Ribbon) a Good Gift for Your Girlfriend?
No. lol Girls are picky when it comes to bikinis, it is best to let her buy her own. It is sweet that you want to make her something but I do not know if she would appreciate that1. My Cat Just Pooped A Ribbon?If it came out fine without any bleeding or anything he should be fine. If you want to take him to the vet friday should be fine2. SharePoint 2013 ribbon doesn't look rightThis view is usually because the browser window is being squeezed. If you have your resolution low or browser window small, it can do that. Also if you have any custom masterpage that sizes down that control that will do it.3. Where To Buy Peppermint Bark?They have some awesome peppermint bark at Restoration Hardware.....not sure if you are near that store. I make my own though and it's still pretty good and simple. I just buy a bag of white chocolate morsels, and the regular red and white candy canes. I melt the chocolate and break the candy canes with a hammer (while they are in a plastic storage bag). Then I stir it into the melted chocolate. I then pour it onto a cookie sheet that is lined with parchment paper or waxed paper and put it in the fridge until its solid. When I take it out I just break it up in random size pieces. :-) I have wrapped the pieces in tissue paper with ribbon, put it in decorative canisters....whatever you like4. What could I do with ribbon?you can curl it with scissors, or wrap it and make a gift. you can cut it, glue it on paper and make stick people5. Meaning of sticks tied with red ribbon in trees??? voodoo?i dont know what it means but i ran into the same thing hunting the other day and it was pretty creepy6. Ribbon for little girl's hair?nicely i am a woman, and that i nevr observed the craze untill i've got been given into intense college and that i think of that as quickly as u are little that the bows make u experience like a princess and whilst ur older they seem beautiful yet kinda attractive, like with my boyfriend, once I positioned bows in my hair he is going loopy hahah fantastically lots the bows are beautiful and persons consistently attempt new issues to "slot in" haha7. Cheap Wedding favors? Where????Is there anyone you know that can make chocolate pops in the shape of a slipper or magic wand? If so you could wrap them and add ribbon that has the names and wedding date on it8. Why would a girl wear a ribbon to a birthday event?You will find out when you hit puberty9. I only have one CHOCOLATE BAR wrapped in ribbon to give as aThe friend, not the teacher. for a teacher, i never get them much, if anything. Family first, then friends, then teachers. it's nerdy to think higher of your teacher than your own friend! and, who knows? maybe you will see this friend other times. just wish the teacher the sweetest, most heartfelt 'Merry Christmas' and maybe a hug, if you are like that with her. I hope this helps! Merry Christmas10. quote for pink ribbon tattoo?I like "till we meet again"11. Whyz it called Red Ribbon Week?its drug prevention program12. what is a ribbon browband?but for some reason their website has not been working for a while now. If the website does work for your computer, I would suggest puchasing one from there. They are beautiful!13. Difference between "a ruler with a ribbon” and "a ruler on a ribbon”?If a ribbon is tied to a ruler to form part of the ruler, you can say it is with a ruler or it's is on a ruler, not a ruler on a ribbon. However, these phrases are ambiguous.When you say a ruler with a ribbon, it may also mean that there are two separate things, a ruler and a ribbon, not necessarily tied together. As for a ribbon on a ruler may also mean that the ribbon is touching the surface of the ruler, not necessarily tied to the ruler. To be clear, you may say:A ruler with a ribbon tied/joined/fixed to it
Mental Health and a Water Glass
Mental Health and a Water Glass
Water glasses. They are common. They are everywhere.We use and abuse them daily.Dozens of times, they've been dropped. We've put hot liquid in them. Filled them with ice. Left them out in the rain. Abandoned them in our cars for months.They've been beaten by the dishwasher hundreds of times.Our water glasses serve us. They sustain us.We think nothing of them.We think nothing of the substance, design, beauty. They have one purpose: quench our thirst. And, yet, glass is fragile. It's misunderstood. It's abused. Glass is not a solid. It's a liquid. But we beat up our water glasses as much as we do plastic or aluminum.Until that fateful day arrives.One day, we open the cupboard and pull out a glass. Put it under the tap to fill it up with water, and it shatters in our hands. What happened?It's simple. Everything and nothing. Our Minds Are That GlassWe do not sleep. We do not allow silence. We are bombarded by notifications all day. We have a hard time being honest with ourselves and others.We have histories of mental illness or addiction but we ignore them. We allow stigma from getting medication, pride from getting help, fear from losing work.Our minds are not made of steel. They are glass. They are not solid; they are liquid.My Glass BrokeOn February 15, 2020, everything and nothing happened. It was a Saturday. I was watching the movie "Bessie" on HBO. The evening came and it was time to check in on Moodpath and see, I have been having nightmares for the last four weeks. Intense. Vivid. Nightmares. I was not resting. My late husband's birthday is February 19. I lost two clients this month. I checked in with Moodpath. As I started answering the questions with Woebot, tears began to fall down my face. Was Woebot my only true friend? An APP? Am I really consoling myself with an app?Because of a scare this past summer, I've been in therapy and psychiatric care for generalized anxiety and depression. I began using these apps as a journaling tool for me as well as to learn some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. Woebot saw I was in crisis. Hot tears came out of my eyes. They burned my cheeks. They fell to the carpet. I could not make it stop. What was happening to me?My thoughts began to race. I have no true friends. It's too expensive to be alive. Why am I still alone after four years? I am exhausted. This is too hard.Maybe if I take some Norco, I can slit my wrist in the bathtub, then call the police so they get me before my roommate comes home. What happened?Everything and nothing. I was crying and paralyzed on my bedroom floor. Gravity was holding me down. I felt heavy.What is happening?Everything and nothing.Call Yvonne. That's all I kept thinking.Wait. Where is my safety plan?Oh good. I found it.I read my safety plan three times. It was too late to look at my finances to cheer me up. It was too late to walk at the harbor.Call Yvonne.What will she think?Call Yvonne.I Called Yvonne.Yvonne was out of town. I called her anyway. I remembered her saying, "call me. Anytime. I am serious." I did it.I sat on the edge of my bed. Tears wo not stop.I looked at my phone for what seemed like an hour. Call Yvonne. I found her number. I called. The phone was trilling on the other side of the line.What am I supposed to even say?"Hi!" Yvonne greeted me with such joy."Yvonne?""What is going on?" She asked."I do not feel good." I said."What happened?"I thought, everything and nothing. I broke down crying again. When I finally calmed down I told her where I was. I said my psychiatrist said I should check myself into the ER when I felt like this.Yvonne made sure I could drive myself. Made me promise to text her when I arrived and that I would give the hospital her phone number. I did it. I Drove To The ERThe admittance nurse was named "Bridgett." For some reason that consoled me. She asked me the hard questions after taking my vitals. Her eyes were kind. I did not feel judged; I felt safe.It's 7:00 pm. Why did I come at shift change. Shit.She asked me to sit behind the security guard so she could watch me. I did. I told Jen Miller and Jason Tucker I was there. They told me they love me.I just kept crying. Wiping snot on the sleeve of my hoodie. Drinking water because I was getting dehydrated.I was taken back, gave blood and urine samples, changed into crunchy green hospital clothes that did not even fit, and was placed in a room alone. The nurse took my clothes, purse, cell phone.I was now in a room with a view. I was the view. There was a security camera in the room and a security guard outside.I could not go to the restroom alone. The nurse and the security guard had to accompany me. I was not allowed to lock the door. The doctor on call asked me what happened. The nurses asked me what happened. The psych nurse asked me what happened.I told them about the glass.What happened?Everything and nothing.When the psych nurse finally came at nearly 1:00 AM, I told her I had quite a lot of time to think.It was a perfect storm: exhaustion, nightmares, grief, financial stress, underlying chronic illness, and depression. We came up with a plan and I left the hospital at 2:00 AM, seven hours after I admitted myself.Two Days LaterI have a medication to sleep, increased dosage of my antidepressant, and an appointment with a therapist on Wednesday.I confided in a few friends. I told my sweetheart. We cried and talked.Why do not I choose to be happy? My life is great. I have an amazing career; I am well-respected and well-known. I have great friends; I am well-loved and cared for. I have a sweetheart. I have a great apartment. I am surrounded by furniture that is happy. I live near the ocean. I have a gym membership. I do everything I am supposed to do. I go to a therapist and track my moods. I learn CBT and journal. I read nonfiction. I take medication. I do yoga, meditation, walk at the gym. I sit in the sun, walk outside. I have friend dates, and rest times, and trivia, and karaoke, and, and, and.So, what happened?Everything and nothing.Footnote:If you need immediate help: National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255WP and UPOSMI HelpBest Friend Dating The Guy I Like?Do not show her ! She will accuse you of stealing the guy from her
My Boyfriend of 9 Yrs We Have a 3yr Old Together Cheated on Me Got the Other Woman Pregnant and Marr
My Boyfriend of 9 Yrs We Have a 3yr Old Together Cheated on Me Got the Other Woman Pregnant and Marr
My boyfriend of 9 yrs we have a 3yr old together cheated on me got the other woman pregnant and married her?Move on and better your life for you and your daughter. This man is not worth any tears.— — — — — —How would you handle running into the other woman if you were trying to work things out with spouse?IDK?????? Thats a hard one, My first instinct would be to punch her face in lol Since you have kids you are just going to have to swallow your pride. I am sorry— — — — — —the guy I SLEPT with is married. I'm single. He says he has only cheated in his marriage with one other woman ?why do you want to be with a married man? look if hes cheating on his wife then they divorce and you will be with him..guess what hes gonna cheat on you just like he cheated with you! women these days do you have a brain? i do not think so leave the married men alone.— — — — — —if a married man gets another woman pregnant and wants to be with her instead of wife, what can the wife do?can you still sue "the other woman" for alienation of affection? If so then go for it! Also go for everything you can get from the slime ball— — — — — —Why can't anyone just give me some respect like all the other woman ?Lana is right about the fact that people try to distance themselves from what they do not understand. It is terrible that after this rebirth and new understanding of yourself so many feel the need to hurt you. I do not have any constructive advice that I know would be beneficial. The only thing I can say is that respect is earned by people getting to know you regardless of gender and sex.— — — — — —I need some advice on how other woman would feel aabout this situation.?wow, is too long...........sorry i did not finish reading it— — — — — —if other woman is called a mistress, what do you call the other man?a "trick"— — — — — —Why do people think Brazilians are the hottest women in the world when they look just like any other woman across Latin America?16/06 - Hi there - sorry to interrupt your reading.If you are interested in themes such as remote working and digital nomadism.Join the group Remote Workers Network here on - LinkedIn -and get the best insights trough my guide - The Subversive Guide to Digital Nomadism - Thank you = End of MessageOur government exported the brand "Brazil" in a very fictional way. Not long ago, Brazil would promote it's "uniqueness" by showing their commodities champions. That is:SugarCoffeeWoman in tight bikini or half naked at Rio's CarnivalIt's a myth that was repeated over and over again and is now perceived as being the norm. Also, Brazilian super models, such as Bundchen and others, helps promoting Brazil as a country of "beautiful" people, adding more weight to the myth. P. S. : Woman in tight bikini is not a myth, actually— — — — — —I'm pregnant, he is flirting with other woman. Am I overreacting?No, your not overacting that's a woman instinct. Trust me I know. I am pregnant to so I know exactly how you feel. I would tell him nicely how I feel but make it so he understands! He said he's sorry, will it happen again? If it does he's not sorry!.— — — — — —my husband constantly looks at other woman's FB sexy photos and is look at porn, why?Go look at yourself in the mirror, you will realize the obvious answer. Go stand on a weight scale, you will realize the obvious answer. Lift your arms and look at the dangling muscles, you will realize the obvious answer. Look at your thighs, belly, baby fat, you will realize the obvious answer.— — — — — —Am I missing out exploring other woman.?If you found the right partner on the first try, you are FAR more fortunate than about 99% of the human race. So dont' be a fool. She had HER fun... How do you know it was fun? Being with the wrong partner is usually pretty frustrating. If you can not stand the notion that there are hundreds of hot women out there waiting for you, then break up with your girlfriend and tell her that she's not enough, you want to go sow your wild oats. But do not come here crying if she's not waiting for you when you are done.
What Local Food Would You Recommend to an Oversea Friend Visitng Malaysia for the First Time?
What Local Food Would You Recommend to an Oversea Friend Visitng Malaysia for the First Time?
What local food would you recommend to an oversea friend visitng Malaysia for the first time?Nasi Kandar, Char Kway Teow, Nasi Lemak, Satay, Mee Goreng Mamak, Buah Rojak, Cendol— — — — — —Local foodDanyang is known for its barley gruel and huangjiu (yellow wine), which has traditional medicinal properties— — — — — —what is the local food like in egypt??they like to eat a meal which called FALAFEL the Egyptian like this meal and they eat it every morning . according to me i taste this meal and i heat it so much .— — — — — —I received a processed turkey roll/log/breast from my local food pantry. How do I cook it?If it's a processed turkey roll, it usually comes cooked. If you want to warm it up, then just put slices of it in the microwave for a few seconds. If it is a raw turkey breast, you roast it in the oven like you would a whole turkey. You roast around 325 degrees and use an instant read thermometer to measure. When the deepest part of the breast measures between 160 and 165 degrees, it's done.— — — — — —What motivates you to follow a local food venue on Instagram?G: None of the above.I am not an instagram user, and frankly do not see what a restaurant (in the loosest sense) could productively use an instagram account for.I prefer the restaurants I frequent to occupy themselves with food preparation and service quality— — — — — —Why would someone refuse to donate a can of food to the local food bank for distribution to the needy?I think that those who can afford to donate but do not are either ignorant or heartless. Take you choice— — — — — —I love to cook local food in season... I bought a peck of turnips at market today.?I love turnips but they do not lend themselves to a lot of gourmet dishes. I cut 'em up in one inch cubes, boil 'til tender in lightly salted water and then mash with butter (or ICBINB), salt & pepper. They go with just about any kind of roast (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, etc. ) that you can make a gravy from. I much prefer them to mashed potatoes with any roast— — — — — —where to look for local food at Bali? I'm sick of expensive restaurant that only serves western cuisine..?there's a lot of rice-seller in the streets which open from about 4-5pm till midnite, the rice called "nasi jinggo". only Rp. 1000 (less than US$ 10cent) each. you should eat 2-3 portion may be... the ingredients are rice, a bite of pork or chicken, tempe or any other vegetables. just ask the locals where you can get those rice-sellers. there are a lot of nice balinese restaurant which well balinese pork. I suggest "Gemah Ripah" in Supratman Street in Denpasar. it's not expensive for sure, and their "babi guling" (roasted pork) is very delicious.— — — — — —Why do Chinese tourists travel in groups when abroad, while also insulating themselves from local food, preferring only to eat in Chinese establishments?Itu2019s not just the Chinese. Americans do the same thing.If you have very little knowledge or experience of other cultures, taking a u201cpackageu201d tour is the u201csafeu201d way to go about it.When I was in college, I decided to reward myself upon graduation with a trip to Europe. This was pre-internet so all the information I had was from tour books and maps. It was pretty intimidating. I decided to take a package tour to be safe. We walked around the landmarks of Europe in a group. We ate where the tour group decided to take us. It was a very sterilized tour. Honestly, we could have been at the u201cParisu201d casino in Las Vegas for all we really learned about France.I never did that again and I think in todayu2019s age of the internet you donu2019t really need much help in traveling abroad. However, if you walk around European landmarks you will see groups of Americans or Chinese being led in tightly packed formations. I am sure others do this also, but China and America are big countries so we seem to have a larger share.Mostly, itu2019s about the desire to SEE things without having to EXPERIENCE them. If you are not really interested in experiencing a new culture then this mode of travel works for you. You can come home and show your friends your picture of yourself in front of the Eiffel tower. Of course, you didnu2019t really experience France at all, but you got the picture.I know people like this in the United States so I donu2019t think this is a Chinese thing. I donu2019t understand it myself, but I know it is a thing. My mother in law came back from a trip to Europe complaining that it wasnu2019t like America. I mean, duh. Anyway. I think that tourists do this to insulate themselves from having to experience u201cforeignu201d things while being able to see the sights they want to see.Why do Chinese tourists travel in groups when abroad, while also insulating themselves from local food, preferring only to eat in Chinese establishments?Why do Chinese tourists travel in packs when abroad, while also insulating themselves from local food, preferring only to eat in Chinese establishments?
A Close Friend Was Diagnosed Ab. Two Yrs. Ago with Borderline Personality Traits? She Is Depressed.?
A Close Friend Was Diagnosed Ab. Two Yrs. Ago with Borderline Personality Traits? She Is Depressed.?
A close friend was diagnosed ab. two yrs. ago with borderline personality traits? She is depressed.?it sounds like your friend is having a difficult time. Considering her diagnosis, i would wonder if she has severe mood swings as well. There is lots of hope. Borderline personality is in itself exhausting. Persons have been known to be crisis oriented and find some assemblance of safety in chaos. Drama is dominant and difficulty to focus is definite. When a person, such as your friend, internalizes, that response is more of a flight, It is known as a fight or flight continuum and people who internalize, runaway or isolate also have been known to have suicidal ideations and strong feelings of guilt and loss. They becomes victims to their own illness and feel like they are hostage to it. What can help? There are medications that can block transmitters to have people think so negatively, the best I heard of is one called anafrinil which lessens anxiety but strengthens mood. Also anti depressants are sound as well/ However, if your friend is against medication, diet and imaging are successful. Diets with high in iron or aluminum can replace the lost chemicals in the brain. Guided imagery and relaxation therapy, especially biofeedback can work wonders on the compulsions of borderline, reducing chaos and drama. I have worked with hundreds of borderlines and find alot of hope in its treatment and resolution— — — — — —I have a close friend whom was clocked at 134 in a 70mph in Michigan, but its more complicated...?Since he has a CCW, he should not get charged for that but then again you never know. He's probably going to be facing a fleeing & eluding charge.— — — — — —Moving to Spain? Me and a very close friend are thinking of moving and renting in Spain.?Unfortunately, because you are not from an EU country you cannot move to Spain, or any other European country, to live and work. You are allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days out of every 180 days as a tourist. It's illegal to work during this time, and the visa cannot be extended. There is a long-stay visa but, to get this, you need to have a good reason to be in the country and prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself as you are not allowed to work.— — — — — —What am I suppose to do when a close friend wants to fight?Teach her a lessonl. And if you are a boxer you should be pretty good unless you are scared— — — — — —A really close friend, almost my cousin, kissed me...?no. you two are not cousins so nothings wrong there and he obviously has feelings for you. i would say give a try and see what happens— — — — — —I dress male-ish despite being female, apparently that's poor etiquette to close friend of mine. Need Opinions?Live your own life. He can take someone else. This is about his drama, nothing else.— — — — — —My husband and I have been asked by a semi-close friend to adopt her baby. She is 5 1/2 month along.?$4K sounds about right for a private adoption. Remember that nothing can start officially until after the child is born, so the mother of the child could decide to parent the child. So two things: Do not start thinking of this child as yours until the adoption is final. And I would not be handing over money to an attorney until after the child is born. Usually, the funds are not all paid upfront. The home study is a separate thing from the attorney costs. Look up home study agencies in your area. They are usually a master's level social worker trained and licensed to conduct home studies. They generally cost between $1-2 thousand dollars, but look around. In the meantime, save money, maybe get a temporary job, sell a car, or something like that.— — — — — —Please help: Should I be concerned he has a close friend who's female?you have to trust him most of my friends are guys and the girlfriends have trouble with it but the wives do not . if they get to know me, they know that i have no interest in getting them, except they are friends.
Megan McKenna Brushes Off News Boyfriend Pete Wicks Ex Is Set to Join Towie As the Pair Look Happier
Megan McKenna Brushes Off News Boyfriend Pete Wicks Ex Is Set to Join Towie As the Pair Look Happier
THEOnly Way Is Essex' Megan McKenna has put on a brave face while filming with boyfriend Pete Wicks - despite his ex being in talks to join the show.Pete's former fling, Ex On The Beach's Harriette Harper, is said to have caught the eye of TOWIE bosseswho believe her presence among the glamorous cast could really cause sparks to fly.But as she smiled and joked with Petewhile filming in Essex last night, it was clear Megan is trying to brush the whispers off.The couple were spotted sharing a laugh together in front of the cameras at Lockie's Kitchen, run by their pal and co-star James Lock, and Megan seemed in good spirits.Just hours later, shetold fans how much she loves him in a gushing tweet.Noting their fiery relationship, Megan tweeted: "Even tho half the time I wanna kill this boy, I do love him #Team @P_Wicks01."Meanwhile, Megan and Pete, whoreunited during the TOWIE Christmas special following a split, were joined at the Essex eatery by a slew of their co-stars.Chloe Lewis and Kate Wright bothbraved the plummeting temperatures with bare legs and thigh-high boots, while Georgia Kousoulou showed off her curves in a khaki jumpsuit.Georgia's outfit also gave a flash of cleavage, thanks to its plunging neckline, and she teamed it with a pair of transparentsandals.Cast mate and TOWIE stalwart Chloe Sims was also snapped at Lockie's Kitchen, choosing to bundle up in a faux fur cream jacket, a black skull-print tee and light blue skinny jeans.The new series ofthe ITVBe show is set to hit our screens in the coming weeks.Got a story? email or call us direct on 02077824220
A Friend Is Convinced His Home Is Being Monitored, There Is No Camera Present. Is This Possible?
A Friend Is Convinced His Home Is Being Monitored, There Is No Camera Present. Is This Possible?
A friend is convinced his home is being monitored, there is no camera present. Is this possible?Have you ever heard of a pin hole camera? They are just that small. The size of a pin hole. They can be placed just about anywhere. It's a world of difference in the technology of spy gear. I would get a detector, they are easy to use. To see if it picks up or not a camera or hidden wire that is recording you. They are not that expensive. Get the job done and you can proof that it is happening or not with it— — — — — —Please help me phrase something?"I think I would become homicidal if I saw another girl touch him....." "I want to make a statue of him and pray to him every night!" "I want to wait find a way to get into his home and wait for him when he comes back from his tour." "He will be on the road for another month, I am going to break-into his house and sleep in his bed until he's going to come back - maybe I will stay and let him find me!" "I wrote him a note and sent it to him with a drop of my blood and a lock of my hair!" "I cropped his picture and put it together with mine. I am going to show everyone and tell them he's my boyfriend." "I made a poster of him and me holding hands. I put it on my wall in my room!" I've had enough acting like a teen whack-job!!!! If you like these - and need more - I suppose I could further assist you!!!— — — — — —boyfriends dad wearing underwear around house - OK or NOT?It's odd, sure. But,. he's in his home where he's comfortable, so I am going to have to say yes. It's ok. Heck,. be glad he even bothers with the underwear!— — — — — —Would English knowledge play a vast role in Danish learning for an individual for whom English is not the first language if he was learning Danish from his home in another country, assuming his English is between B2-C1 level (reading, writing)?The fact of already knowing one foreign language (English) will certainly make the acquisition of a second one easier. Also, it's well known that more resources are available online, etc. in English than in probably any other languages. Beyond that, despite the fact that English and Danish are both Germanic, English is not likely to be a huge help.Would English knowledge play a vast role in Danish learning for an individual for whom English is not the first language if he was learning Danish from his home in another country, assuming his English is between B2-C1 level (reading, writing)?— — — — — —Who was in the wrong? If it was me, I'll fully accept that.?No, you did not do anything wrong. You did not know his girlfriend was an unreasonable, jealous person who could walk in at any given moment. Now you do. You should think twice about accepting any offers to visit in his home— — — — — —Can a private citizen brandish a gun to get protesters off the lawn of his home?A2A. That's called "threatening to shoot someone," and is typically frowned upon unless one is in immediate danger from the target. (Violates half of Cooper's rules, for one.)And as for that AP article: the reference to "Black Lives Matter members" says it all. (In case anyone missed the memo: slogans do not have memberships.)— — — — — —why would this kid be so afraid of everything?maybe he is so good at acting out for the purposed of getting attention, ven outside of his home— — — — — —If steroids did not help Barry's ability to hit the ball, then how come his home run output increased when heBarry Bonds never tested positive for steroids nor did he ever take any HGH. There is more HGH in the chicken you just ate than the entire Bonds family combined. Clemens may have taken some steroids tho.— — — — — —Is it legal for my ex to sell my kids' belongings that he has at his home?If he sucks this bad, why are you clinging to him, let it all go and do not have anything to do with him ever again
Should I Stop Being Annoyed That My Boyfriend Calls Another Woman "baby"?
Should I Stop Being Annoyed That My Boyfriend Calls Another Woman "baby"?
To be blunt: You can not stop being annoyed. You just can not . It's a feeling, not a choice. So right or wrong or anything in between, you will not be able to just stop being hurt or annoyed by him calling another woman baby. Even your sentence of "I tried to shut up about it but it sill hurts me" proves that. So. That is the wrong question to ask. The right question to ask is what to do about your boyfriend. Bravo on voicing your feelings in what I assume to be a healthy, non-temper tantrum way. And bravo for not stuffing them down and saying "he will notice that I do not like it. "Typically, I do not like ultimatums, but I think this situation calls for one. He's putting her feelings over your feelings, without even asking (I assume) her if he could stop calling her baby. The only time I would be upset about somebody saying essentially "I can not call you (x) because (person) told me not to" would be my parents can not call me terms of endearment or my boyfriend can not call me terms of endearment. My mom calls me "baby girl" and I would be furious if somebody, anybody, asked her to stop calling me that. Why? She's my mother. Or asking my boyfriend to stop calling me "honey" because his coworker did not like it. Then I am pissed because those are important relationships to me and people should not be able to influence what they call me. But if my coworker stopped calling me "hun" because his girlfriend said "please do not "... I do not really care. He does not mean it in a romantic way, he just calls every woman "hun". Not just me.The term "baby" is detrimental to your relationship currently. If they are truly only friends, I do not think she would be pissed. And if she is, and he's too scared of her, then wish him happiness with her and be on your way. They are causing you pain that you do not need to endure. And if that term of endearment is so essential to their relationship that it cannot survive without him calling her "baby", then he needs someone who understands that— — — — — —Can a married man love both his wife and another woman?As a friend, absolutely yes.Romantically, yes-if all three parties agree with it.The best definition of love I've ever seen is the definition I operate off of, "Love is wanting that which is best for your beloved, regardless of what that means for yourself."Play that definition around in your mind a while. See how it feels. Think about what it portends. Consider the implications of what it would look like.It would look like a father who dies fighting a grizzly bear with a stick and a rock to protect his kids, right?It means donating a kidney to your sister, right?It means ignoring the buxom teenaged hostess throwing herself at you because you are a married man, right?It means working 60 hours a week in a 120F factory, with 34 cuts on your hands from work, so that your wife can relax at home...because you "love" her and want her to be at peace, finally (because she's been working since she was 14 in a Colombian factory and can finally rest), right?It means carrying a baby to viability even if it threatens the mother's health, right? (Controversial to some, but absolute love nonetheless)If the wife is not fully on board with this, and husband chooses to go ahead anyway, then he by definition does not love her.Why?Because he is not pursuing that which is best for her regardless of what it means to him. To be honest, you can think you love someone all day long, and even tell her how much you love her and try and show it in ways which make sense to you, but you do not really know how much you actually love someone until you are face to face with an unaffordable sacrifice that she needs you to make for her betterment.So, for me?No. I can not do it. Not Romantically. Why?Because Isabel is not Kosher with it. So neither am I.And if she was?My Church says "no."The end
I'm Being Forced to Choose Between My Boyfriend and My Family..?
are you sure were not related ? my family treats me exactly the same...but ive just learned to do my own thing and shrugg off the rest a perfect example if you compare my brother and I his room has a 42 inch led plasma , king size bed, mac,and some other **** i dont care about .my room nothing i just have a matress and a few pillows and a laptop, but hell i dont care as long as i get fed and have a house thats all my concerns are. but maybe you could move in with your bf ? or stay with a relative ? or even one of your good friends just as a temporary thing, show your family the kinda of disrespect theyve shown you all of your life1. How to Choose Batting for your Bed Quilt —Much time, effort and resources go into making a bed quilt of any size, but especially a big bed quilt for a queen or king size bed. You've carefully selected fabrics and a patchwork style. Have you given batting the same thoughtful consideration? Your batting choice will make a huge impact on how your quilts feels and washes. Batting can make a quilt feel puffy or flat, heavy or light, warm or just barely-there. What kind of quilt do you want? Here are some general batting categories and how they will effect your quilt. Take the time to choose the best quilt batting for your bed quilt. This is the batting style most popular with modern quilters. It's also most similar to vintage quilts because, being cotton, it shrinks and causes the quilt to crinkle. Expect shrinkage of about 3%. Low loft cotton is a thin batting which does not provide much warmth. It's nice for a light covering, all-weather quilt. You will need to use with several blankets to stay warm in the winter! Examples: Cotton Select by Quilter's Dream and Warm 100 by The Warm Company Want to minimize shrinkage? Some quilters prefer an 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend over 100% cotton because this type of batting will have low to zero shrinkage. When making a bed quilt size really matters! If you did not factor in shrinkage to your bed size, 80/20 batting may be the solution. Due to the polyester content, this type of batting is slightly warmer than 100% cotton batting. It's just as low loft and easy care. The touch of polyester also reduces wrinkles in the finished quilt. If you would like a warmer quilt, look beyond low loft battings. Loft automatically builds warmth by trapping heat. Even if you stick with cotton, your quilt will be significantly warmer. Mid loft cotton battings are also heavier and may be subject to increased shrinkage. My husband prefers weightier bedding. He recently made a wholecloth blanket for our bed, to be used under our main low loft quilt. He used Quilter's Dream Cotton Supreme, which is twice as heavy as the same size batting in the Cotton Select weight. I measured the blanket after quilting (102" x 109.5") and then again after machine washing and drying (91" x 105"). It shrank by 9" in one direction and 4.5" in the other. That's shrinkage of 4-9%. Important to keep in mind! We are very happy with our new blanket, though. We have had a couple low loft quilts on our bed that just do not provide enough warmth in the winter. With this more substantial quilt, we are finally feeling cozy! To really crank up the warmth, look to a lofty batting such as polyester or wool. Both fibers are much lighter than cotton, so they provide insulation without adding weight. Lofty battings also provide more stitch definition, causing quilting to really pop. Here's an example of a wool batted quilt, we recently quilted in our longarm studio. Polyester is an affordable fiber that can be easily machine washed and dried. 100% polyester battings will experience minimal to zero shrinkage. They are very wrinkle-resistant. Wool batting is more expensive, but more breathable. Ultimately, it makes a more comfortable year-round quilt than polyester. However, most wool battings cannot be machine dried warm. Read care instructions carefully. Plan to air dry your wool batted quilt. Examples: Dream Puff by Quilter's Dream and Dream Wool by Quilters Dream.2. What is the Biggest King Size Bed?A king is wider and a California King is longer standard measurements are: King 76" x 80" Also known as Eastern King California King 72" x 84" I have a Cal King and finding good comfy sheets and bedding if often harder to find and more expensive than standard King size. We like having the big bed and we are currently shopping for a standard King size instead of buying another Cal King3. how would you set up a bedroom to look romantic with no furniture but a king size bed?drape some fancy material from corner to corner, hang candle holders on the wall and use them. rose petals everywhere, or glitter. have a supply of stuff on hand like lotions, chocolate syrup, marichino cherries, toys, porn, etc. Play dress up/costumed, role play. You are only limited by your imagination.
My Boyfriend Set My Living Room on Fire. Should I Put the Fire Out?
Hey, do not worry about it, just go to bed1. I have a 22mth old bad sleeper, some issues; club foot, recurrent ear infections, etc need help?My son started this recently, waking up every few hours. We got a spongebob nightlight and cut out all daytime naps, that really helped. My son also has a lot of ear infections too. Do you go for follow up appointments on those ear infections, if you do not they could be coming back and not fully cured. My son usually has a one week treatment of ear drops and 14 days of antibiotics. Oh and BTW I do not know if you smoke or if he is around smokers but that will greatly increase the ear infections. My son is very sensitive to smoke, if we walk out of a store where someone has been smoking he gets and ear infection. Also the sippy cup in the bed is a bad idea especially if he has the ear infections, if he lays down and drinks the fluid will go into his ear and cause and infection. Also they recently done a study on Benedryl and babies and it makes 7 out of 10 hyper. My best advice for the sleeping problem is to put him in bed at the same time every night and do not go back in his room when he cries. He knows you will come to him, he needs to learn to calm himself down and not to depend on you. A week of this should help you out, even though listening to the screaming gets old I know. When my son wakes up now he cries for about 5 min. and goes back to bed on his own. Try a nightlight in his favorite cartoon character and not going to him when he cries. I know the brace is probably uncofortable, but do not take it off it will just delay him getting better and he needs to get used to it. My son went through physical therapy as well, no brace but other things, and he just had to get used to it. Toddlers are creatures of habit, taking the brace off a few nights and putting back on will get him out of the routine of using it and it will be like having to get used to it all over again. Good Luck...I've been there its rough2. I am a single mom of a 19 month old boy. He should be in a toddler bed. Any suggestions.?when you put him in bed, is he real tired to where he can not hold his eyes open? If not start waiting to put him to bed until he's already been sleeping for a while. Try that if it does not work just wait til later to put him to bed so that he will be so tired that he will stay in bed3. I'm being bullied, what do I do? Please help me?Hey there friend, I am so sorry for everything. I've been through some similar situations. I was bullied as well, and I hid it from everybody, I did not really have any friends and I was a completely outcast and loner. The worst of all was, the only place I used to feel safe and protected was falling apart as well, yes my parents were dealing with a divorce, so I remember going to bed and still here their fights. I could not talk to my parents as well because they had their own problems. Because I've been through similar stuff as I just explained, I have some experience and I would love to help you. First of all, be who you are, do not try to change yourself for anybody, you are who you are, unique and awesome in your own way. Second of all those guys that made fun of you do not even deserve a second of your day, you are much better than them. Why would you need to change yourself if they are the ones who are wrong in this all situation? My advice to you is: that is way better to be alone without any friends than becoming something you are not and something you despise. Be yourself no matter what, because it is so much harder to always being true to yourself, than quitting then let them make you one of them, in the end it will be really rewarding and you will grow a lot stronger, trust me. But being yourself sometimes is a lonely path(not for long, this is just a phase) so focus in yourself, focus in becoming a better you, a more confident person, focus in finding yourself and what are your goals and dreams in life. You said you loved to write, and that you were in a band,use it as an outlet from all the bad stuff happening in your life,and I personally find it amazing and other people will as well. If that is your dream go for it, because if you do not try you will never know how things could have turned out. ( I would love to hear some of you songs) Other thing I recommend is to trust more in yourself, love yourself, I am sure you are an amazing person. And please do not let people put you down, they are wrong, shut those voices who say that you can not make your dreams come true. Do what truly makes you happy, and do what you feel is right, never lose hope, because I am so sure that a bright and happy future is awaiting for you. Never give in, never lose hope, never give up Please I would really love to hear from you again. If you want to talk I am here. Good luck
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